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  1. I'm rating it a 9. I think it's my favorite one of this year. I have problems with Cersei + Jaime's scene. She was never ballsy enough to confront her father and she didn't have those romantic feelings for Jaime anymore in the books. Jaime's feelings also had dimmed at this point. The second thing that bothers me is the missing Tysha reference. It's pivotal to know why Tyrion turns so dark and pessimistic in ADWD's time frame. Tysha is too important to replace with Shae- in Tywin's final moments of life. The best surprise of the show was Stannis's beard. Damn I LOVE it!!
  2. Tyrion was brilliant for a couple minutes and Davos was too in his 1 minute speech. The rest of the hour was horrible to me and I give it a 3.
  3. 6 The Excellent: Arya and the Hound Oberyn and Tyrion's Elia chat Jon's sentencing hearing. Everyone was excellent all through that scene, especially Thorne. The Thenn's presence/music/attitude. Loved the warg reference. Ice reforging Dragon's graphics Ellaria Sand- Finally there is an epic beauty in an epic series! She is such a good actress and I hope they giver her some actual lines Tormund + Ygritte scene The Horrible: Every sentence Dany uttered so stiffly. The sword contest was stupid. The flowers were too (I don't care about the symbolism) Tyrion + Shae two scenes "Robb was better than me at everything" blunder that was compounded with Sam saying to Jon, " Sometimes I hate you too". "Did you let him touch you?" blunder from Jaime to Cersei. That was compounded by ," You took too long". So Cersei is giving Jaime hints that she sleeps around? Lady Olenna necklace scene Thenn's cannibalism Weepy Sansa in one scene and then smiley Sansa in the next. The acting was good but it was from one extreme to the other. Sexy!!! brothel scene with Oberyn was silly. The stabbing was silly. Tyrion's greeting party scene was a bit lacking. I think it was quickly and cheaply done to segue into the sexy!!!! scene.
  4. 10. I think the only other two I've rated this high was Blackwater and last week's episode. Both bath scenes were freaking amazing! Finally I saw a sex scene that was worthy of replaying over and over:) Ygritte's face when she said," we should" was sexy as all hell. I wish they had prefaced this scene with more back story from the books. They've really short changed Jon's character and story lines:( Jaime's bath scene acting was magnificent. It was sweet seeing the curve of Brienne's hip! She looked so feminine and I loved the angle they chose. It was elegantly filmed and it surprised me. I wish they had added the line ," Let him be the KIng over ashes and bones". Arya's ," I can be your family" made me tear up instantly, as did the line about a man without a head. Hound fight scene was excellent. YAY I saw a flaming sword! Beric is a gem of an actor. His speaking voice is captivating to listen to. Everything he says sounds important because of his speech patterns and resonance. Shireen and Selyse were excellent! What a sweet cutie pie Shireen is and she's a great actress. Great interaction with Davos:) Tywin's smack down of his kids was perfect. Lord Bolton shined in his scene. He's so scary it's freaky.
  5. The Excellent: Arya, Gendry and HotPie- "Winterhell", wolfie cookie and "Don't burn your fingers" cracked me up. I will sorely miss seeing Gendry by Arya's side in future seasons. He's a great actor, along with Maisie. I loved the humor:) Dany- This was a first for me. Her acting was AMAZING in this episode! I admired her and the storyline and that did not happen while reading. I was not pleased when she renegued in the book and torched the guy. I am looking forward to it in the show. Podrik and the whores: another first for me. This weekly T+A scene was great! It's the first one that I loved and didn't roll my eyes at. The humor here was also greatly appreciated. Robb, Blackfish, Edmure, Cat were excellent. Although, I didn't like the disrespect Brynden showed Edmure when he pushed him out of the way. That was written poorly by D+D. Side note: Damn,look at Blackfish! His face is glorious. Now I finally have someone my age I can ogle without feeling guilty for ogling 20 yr old Jon and 40 yr old Jaime. Brienne + Jaime- loved this week's acting and lines. Much more so than last weeks. It was nice seeing Brienne's face show other emotions besides rigid determination. Council Scene- excellent. Cersei's juvenile theatrics were a great touch. The Good: Old Bear and Sam at Crasters- I like how they are building up to the mutiny. The Terrible: Stannis- OMG STFU please. Terrible, terrible writing Talisa- weak scene Mance, Jon and the wildlings- The crop ring was interesting. I'm not liking Mance yet or his lines:( The North is my favorite arc in the books but it's very boring thusfar this season. I know what's coming of course, but it doesn't have to be tedious leading up to the Lake scene and the battle at the gate. I fear the directors think that cave sex will be all the excitement we need from episode 1-8. Let Tormund tell some wonderful tales or give us some old history to make these scenes more interesting! I can't rate Theon because I fast forward through torture scenes.
  6. I thought he called her "She-wolf" a lot. Could someone with a kindle check for "wolf bitch" and see if Sandor did use that term a lot?
  7. The Good: -Direwolves at the top of the list! The aggressive Summer moments were EXCELLENT! Shaggy was stunning looking. --Every line Jojen said- excellent actor choice. I think he is my favorite actor now in the entire cast. -Bran and Rickin waking simultaneously and looking at each other was very cool -Sansa and Queen of Throns whole scene was perfect- Sansa especially -Arya and her "Pack" bickering about her 3 choices. Gendry's flippancy was great. -"Tarly, I forbid you to die" -Karstark with Robb The Bad: -No solemn Reed oath was said to Bran -Joffreys scene with Cersei about clothing and Marg -Jaime and Brienne's fight scene was slow. Their walking scenes were pretty arduous to watch. -Robb and Talisa's stinking barberian scene -Cat's scene about Jon -Tyrion and Shae -Arya being 100% inept with a sword and acting all a tremble. Where is our little spitfire? The Boring: -Mance and Jon scene -Thoros's unburning sword -Joff's crossbow scene -The Bran and Rickon are "missing" scene with Cat and Robb.
  8. In the new series "Elementary' about a modern day Sherlock, I believe I heard a ASOIF reference. It was the 10th episode and it was called "the Leviathan". It was about a special bank vault that was supposed to be the most impregnable vault ever. The company that made this vault was "Casterly Rock"! Unless my ears were deceiving me. He does have a wickedly wonderful British accent so please forgive me if I am mistaken:)
  9. I think so too, maybe. Brienne has to see how Catelyn has changed into a blood thirsty creature that is barely human. I think she will enlist Jaime into freeing Pod. Swearing a vow to a zombie can't be like a true oath to a live person.
  10. 6 Bran, Luwin, Brienne, Jaqen scenes were excellent. Jon and Vary's were pretty good. I found Theon, Dany, Sansa, Tyrion (!!! 1st time ever), Joffrey, Robb, Stannis, Sam's scenes pretty uninteresting:(
  11. I was thinking the same thing David when I was watching it. Why the hell are they wasting precious time in the Blackwater episode showing us naked chicks in a bar? But it made some weird sense after Sandor had his meltdown. He was 2 seconds away from being killed by the flaming guy when Bronn shot him. Bronn gives him a shit eating grin and nods, like "Don't worry, I got your back Big Guy". The guy he was going to kill in the bar 5 minutes ago saves his life whilest he's frozen with fear. It added to Sandor's unraveling scene, I think.
  12. Wait! I'm pretty sure Sansa said she would pray for the KING. That would be Robb or Stannis, my dear Stargaryen:) Sansa would not pray for Joff. Tyrion got a slightly amused look so I think he knew what she meant.
  13. Agree!! That was an amazing performance. He looked possessed, fearless and deranged and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it. That was how Robert was described as a fighter and this was the first time Isaw that Baratheon warrior blood in Stannis. It was a wonderful surprise from the tv series:) Tywin scares me with his powerful swagger but his game face seems like a pose- something he does to look like a tough military commander. Stannis looked raw and out of control and real. He would scare the bejesus out of me if he came at me with that violent look on his face. God he looked fierce.
  14. They made her and Cat nicer last year too than they were in the books. This year they are making Jaime more evil and Dany more bratty.
  15. My favorite to date and my first 10. This episode seemed classier and better written to me! Arya, Osha, Xaro, Jon and Tyrion were amazing. Even Jacquen's 1 minute air time was a "10". Gosh, that fella has the best darn face for portaying a FM.
  16. Where do you paste that code into? Anywhere or do you have to insert it after a certain tab?
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