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  1. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    Riverlands house and military

    Where do the soldiers come from? From the peasants who work the land, and from the household knights and retainers. Each house controls land, and that land is worked by the peasants. Those peasants are the soldiers of the lord who owns the land.
  2. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    The "council" was simply a rubber stamp

    Not only that, but... Greyworm: He (Tyrion) needs to be punished. Bran: "...He will spend the rest of his life fixing his mistakes" Greyworm: "It is not enough...just kidding, it is enough. Excuse me while I fuck off to Naath."
  3. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    Is GRRM As Complex As You Believe He Is?

    GRRM said that he came up with a 'twist' involving a long-time character that he had never considered. is When Winds of Winter comes out, there will be people on this board swearing up and down that whatever the twist happens to be was actually foreshadowed all the way back in A Game of Thrones and will pull out quote after quote to 'prove' it.
  4. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    Death scene: Melisandre

    I think they definitely should have explained her mission better, but my theory is that Melisandre was deliberately misled by the Lord of Light (or she deliberately misled Stannis/Jon/Daenerys). The Lord of Light needed to get Stannis to the wall to save Jon, and sent Mel visions to make that happen. Once that was over, He needed to save Jon because he was necessary to unite the north and the wildings and for Daenerys to fall in love with. Then he sent her to push Daenerys towards Jon, so that their army would set up the situation needed to put Arya in the right place at the right time to kill the Night King.
  5. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    Manafort: We agree then, connections to Ukraine, not Russia. Also from years ago, before his association with the Trump campaign. Cohen, again, nothing in the indictment or court filings suggests there was anything illegal about the proposed business dealings with Russia. Stone: As is the recurring pattern, nothing in the indictment or court filings suggests that there was anything illegal in his communication with WikiLeaks, only that he lied about it under oath. Nor is there any indication that Stone knew the information given to WikiLeaks was from Russia, or even that Wikileaks itself knew the information was from Russia (To this day they deny the information was given to them by Russia). The timeline of events, even if taken at face value, consistently shows Russia attempting to make contact with the Trump campaign through the summer of 2016...because they didn't have any preexisting contact with it.
  6. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    These are facts based on court documents and not the wishful hopes of a conspiracy theorist.
  7. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    U.S. Politics: Impoverished In Squalor

    Manafort: Indicted for being an undeclared representative of the Ukrainian Government and associated financial crimes. No interaction with Russia. Cohen: Tax evasion, false statements, and improper campaign contribution related to hush money to a porn star. No Russian interaction Stone: Indicted for lying about his interactions with WikiLeaks. No Russian interaction. Flynn: Indicted for lying about his interaction with the Russian Ambassador, sure. But there is nothing in the indictment or court filings to suggest that his interaction with the Russian Ambassador itself was illegal. Also, the interaction was in regards to asking Russia not to retaliate against the US, that is, for Russia to take action that is in favor of the US, not the other way around.
  8. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    It will also depend on what happens with Arianne. If he decides to marry her instead of Dany (or in addition to Dany?) she'll probably be able to manipulate him, especially if he's separated from Griff. The question then is what she would advise him to do. Wait for Dany if she goes by what Doran would suggest, something more rash if she goes by the Sand Snakes. I don't think he would turn towards Oldtown, unless they mean to help Euron sack the city like Obara wanted to do.
  9. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    Heresy 218 a brief walk on the dark side

    While not a direct refuation, I've always found these lines... ...as evidence Jon was bigger than Robb as a child and they glossed it over by saying it was because he was a bastard.
  10. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    I don't think Aegon will be moving as fast as all that. Mace Tyrell's army is still camped outside of King's Landing, and Aegon has his sights set on Danaerys. He will likely wait for her to arrive before trying to take on the Tyrell's and King's Landing.
  11. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    I don't think Euron will destroy Oldtown, the Citadel and the plot there is too important. He will fuck it up though. After he is going to meet up with Danaerys at Dragonstone, but he'll find out Victarion has 'stolen' her in some regard, so he'll go to King's Landing and ally with Cersei as in the show.
  12. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    What are you least looking forward to?

    I'm not looking forward to Dany's detour with the Dothraki.
  13. The series would have been done by now if Dany had just accepted Yunkai's offer of gold to buy ships. Everytime I read that chapter I want to scream at her to say yes.
  14. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    US politics: Georgia on my mind

    Anytime. Back to the Good Samaritan, he helped a single traveler on the side of the road, and put him up in an inn. It was one person making a personal act of Kindness. If a Christian sees someone injured on the side of the road, then yes pull over and help. But it is a leap to go from there to saying that thousands, or indeed millions need to be let into the country so that other people (or the government) can take care of them. Your way removes all personal spirituality from the equation.
  15. Bold Barry Whitebeard

    US politics: Georgia on my mind

    It is hyperbole, but it should go without saying that you don't know what it is. Christ said many things. He said he would pit brother against brother. He overturned the tables of the money lenders. He said if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. You are reducing his entire ministry to the parable of the good samaritan, which is an error. As for "last resorts", you are the one who is unable to form any coherent replies and can only impotently sputter that you don't think I know what I am talking about.