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    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    Everyone's noting the possible foreshadowing by GRRM with Cersei's repeated mention of Sansa being the future queen. Also note that she always said it as "IF you will be queen". Of course, the realization is not as exciting if you've read the books already.
  2. StarkWard

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    Come to think of it, yeah. He did give it to her when she was being beaten in the throne room.
  3. StarkWard

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    The helm he was wearing looked like that of the Kingsguard. Kind of like three curvy lines meeting at the face.
  4. StarkWard

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    This episode had me crying. How can my heart maintain a quick pace of 60 minutes?! At first, I was apprehensive since there was still no blood spilt a quarter into the episode. You soon realize that all that build-up had a purpose. Tyrion, once again, was a marvel. This is his episode as much as it was Cersei's. Some may take issue with the showrunners humanizing Tyrion too much, but I like him in this episode. He was afraid, but then it was a time that he was brave as well (See what I did there?). In his most unconventional pep talk, he tells the soldiers the truth rather than what they wanted to hear. He cuts legs! And he pulls off this gasp of what-the-F-just-happened when Ser Mandon attacks him. Stannis is as straightforward as ever ("Hundereds will die." "Thousands."). There is really no doubt that Stannis is a good war leader. Fearless and leading in battle, a stark contrast to Joffrey hiding behind his mother's skirts (Gleeson's facial expressions are refreshing, btw.), and his look of despair while his men force him to fall back struck a cord in people's hearts. Sansa and Cersei have such a great dynamic. It really is great to see Cersei slowly geting inebriated, like a foreshadowing of her fall from grace. In a way, Shae's presumption that the Queen is jealous of Sansa rings true, because she is a younger, more beautiful would-be queen. Headey was fantastic (as well as her armour corset. cue: "I should have been a man."). One second, her words send shivers down your spine, and the next, she is a vulnerable woman. As much as we all know her true nature, you really cannot deny that Cersei loves her children. For a second there, I was genuinely glad to see Loras and Tywin. I think it's amazing that audiences can feel a little romance tingling in the midst of a battle, and the SanSan dynamic is just that. This episode served for Sandor as well in seeing his two sides. He enjoys killing - he would've been quick to prove it in that heart-stopping confrontation with Bronn, but at the same night, he offers safety to a terrified Sansa, inspite of being afraid himself. I don't think I have to mention, but I will anyway, how amazing the far shot of the wildfire explosion is. A bit queer though on how Davos recognized wildfire, in the misty night, mind you. I now get what D&D kept saying about the individual things that happen to people in a war. I know this one will be compared to Minas Tirith, but the approach is entirely different. You don't just see the troop movements and flanks. You get to see the war from all the people involved: the soldiers, the women, the servants, the squires. Everyone! Down to the last random burning seaman. Blackwater had too many great lines that it would be a crime to mention any without quoting the whole script. It's enough to say that The Rains of Castamere will ring in my head for a fortnight. That and "DRUUUUMS!".
  5. StarkWard

    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion Mk. II

    (+) Bronn and Tyrion quabbling like spouses Podrick Payne! Lamprey pie name drop "You're beautiful." and Shae's look of doubt soon after Another mention of bastard at the Dreadfort Stannis' menu in Storm's End, and his exposition And Tyrion's question to Varys that we've all wondered: What do you want? Tell me. (-) Still no mention of chain, but I think Tyrion's invented plumbing history will matter soon. Robb/Talisa. I'm sorry, it's just... no. Backstory is good though.
  6. Let's still hope for seven books. Seven is a sacred number. Maybe he'll pull a Rothfuss and write a novel as long as four or five normal ones.
  7. I also remember TV LF telling Tywin "a proposition from Lady Stark about her DAUGHTERS" right after Arya left the room. Note the plural. I don't think Cersei wanted it known that Arya was missing, so she probably instructed LF as such.
  8. I really hope they still give the Halfhand a chance to give his last order to Jon. How else will they justify his turncloaking? I'm still confused if the change in circumstances for Cat's releasing Jaime makes her more or less of an idiot. Instead of only Cat getting the surprise (married Robb), Robb will have a shocker when he gets back from the Crag. Also, knowing that Robb's bannermen are very much aware of, and despise, Talisa, why hasn't she been assaulted yet? Raped, harassed, verbally abused, whichever. She's a "foreign bitch" getting the attention of war-torn men. Something should have hapened by now.