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  1. Ice Turtle

    Arya will become Queen

    If I understand you correctly, you seem to suggest that being like Sansa and Margaery (as you understand her) is the only way for a woman to be successful in political world of Westeros. Yet you mentioned Lady Olenna too, a woman who is famous for being far from courteous or kind. Still, she is generally considered one the most successful political players and I have never actually seen anyone questioning her ability to function among Westerosi nobility. She is not the only one. Asha Greyjoy, Lady Dustin, Lady Mormont, Miranda Royce aren't exactly the hearts of courtesy and gentle manners either.
  2. Ice Turtle

    If Jon becomes King , who will be his Queen ?

    I haven't thought there could be a more random ship than Jon/Sansa but I should have known better. I agree that Jon might feel need to protect Jeyne, but marrying her is the last way he would do so. He can hardly marry every girl he wishes to protect. Will he marry Shireen too, because once Stannis dies her position becomes rather unfavourable. Will he marry Val as another wife to stop Selyse's men for courting her? Will he marry every orphan girl from Wall to Neck? I don't think so. Will he marry Jeyne Westerling as some fans speculated to take care of Robb's widow? Even that makes more sense, surely there would be more duty in that than marrying steward's daughter. Not to mention that as long as Ramsay lives Jeyne is legally already married and once he dies there won't be anyone who would give Jeyne a second glance. Some Northern lord might nurse a mild resentment her for her role in the farce, but they are too proud to declare a helpless girl their nemesis. We actually have at least three instances where Jon deals or thinks about finding place for a woman in need. He sends Gilly with Sam to Horn's Hill, he marries Alys Karstark to Sygorn and he thinks about sending Arya to be fostered in Braavos. Not once a marriage to himself crosses his mind, in case of Gilly and Arya that makes sense but he is actually fond of Alys. Even with Val he thinks that he is not the man to steal her. It makes hugely more sense for Jon to either find a place for Jeyne to be fostered, or some occupation as a helping hand of a steward or lady in waiting (she grew up as steward's daughter and lady's companion she would know how to fill those roles) or if she wishes to arrange a good marriage for her. For now Jon is either dead or a member of the Watch forbidden to marry. If he gets out he is likely to become a king and no noble South or North would have much regard for a queen Jeyne Poole stewards daughter and pretender. Why would Jon endanger thousands with weakening his position as a leader for a one girl he was never very fond of and who isn't even his kin? Jeyne is rather young and spend a long time being sexually abused, Jon is very unlikely to feel more for her than pity. If Jon ever becomes king he will marry either for a politician gain or some great passion. Marriage is a powerful tool for every king.
  3. Willas Tyrell Barbrey Dustin Weasel - I want to know what happened to her Edric Dayne Hoster Blackwood Howland Reed The Black Pearl Marwyn Myranda Royce Rhaegar Wylla the wetnurse ... and so many more, I want the damn book!
  4. my fellow Jon/Arya shipper! I loved the thread you made btw. too bad it's closed already.

    what do you think of this?

    "Oh, and take the Stark girl with you. Deliver her to Lord Commander Snow on your way to Eastwatch." Stannis tapped the parchment that lay before him. "A true king pays his debts."

    Pay it, aye, thought Theon. Pay it with false coin. Jon Snow would see through the impostesure at once. Lord Stark's sullen bastard had known Jeyne Poole, and he had always been fond of his little half-sister Arya. - Theon (Winds of WInter)



    It's doesn't mean much in the romantic stand point, but I'm glad someone else mentioned their close relationship

    1. Ice Turtle

      Ice Turtle

      :) Yes it was great that it was mentioned, but gift chapters still can be edited so I don't believe them entirely.

    2. BeeStark


      aaahhh yes... Your awesome!

  5. Ice Turtle

    [Spoilers] EP607

    Seriously people are complaining that Arya should be dead from injuries which aren't necessarily fatal even in the real world when Theon and Sansa jumped from a ten-storey-building-height into like one inch of snow and were no worse for wear? I don't think I saw much discussion about that.
  6. Personally I think that there is a good chance that by the end of the story the North will be lost and Moat Coalin will become the new border of the realms of men and even if not thematically neither Jon nor Arya actually belong to North. Arya named her wolf after Nymeria a woman who endured a perilous journey with her people and created something new in Dorne but never returned home. IMO I think that the conclusion of Arya's will be her accepting her responsibility as a high born woman Stark and maybe even Tully (doesn't mean wearing dresses and telling empty courtesies but caring about people and actually using her real identity and name for most of the time) She is in Braavos now, but she has story wise connection with Kingslanding and even more with Riverlands. Out of the 5 main characters and even counting Sansa she is the voice of Riverlands. As for Jon, if I knew the books will be finished for sure I would bet a lot of money that he will travel south at least to places so related to his parent's story: Trident and Harenhall. Most readers and POVs like Tyrion see Jon only as a Nothman but I see that as GRRMs intentional misleading. You have to look past looks. Jon was born in Dorne, he travelled trough whole realm from it's almost most remote south point to it's northern border that is something very powerful and symbolical in that. He did not belong to Winterfell he did not belong to the Wall, he is missing part of his identity and that missing piece lies south.
  7. Ice Turtle

    GOSU Chat

    I downloaded block site add-on for firefox and added gosu to my black list. It seems to be working as a sort of solution for now, I had to just disable notification window of the add, the only unfavourable side effect I know of for now is that is that the add seems to be blocking all sites which link to gosu. So for example while all the others threads on the forum work fine for me I have to disable the add everytime I want to go to this one thread. I am afraid to even look how the forum will look on my tablet however.
  8. Ice Turtle

    GOSU Chat

    Is there a way to make the chat window disappear permanently or disable the chat for my account? I really don't like that the window is visible and covering part of the page even when I minimalize it.
  9. Ice Turtle

    Future of Brienne and Jaime?

    Trying to save someone.
  10. Ice Turtle

    Future of Brienne and Jaime?

    I think that Brienne will die.
  11. No need for that with a girl who will likely know glamors. That said, I do not think Littlefinger is the savage giant.
  12. Ice Turtle

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    LF was likely on his way to Fingers at the time Lyanna travelled to Riverrun, he could have come upon Lyanna and Rhaegar by a chance or upon their messenger, or there was no messenger at all and he simply sent a false info to Brandon, claiming it was from Lyanna's guard or someone like that. Anyway if she was outside of castle, I doubt Lyanna would take handmaidens with her and it is very possible that she was separated even from her guards at the moment.
  13. Ice Turtle

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    I am starting to think that Sweetrobin might prove to be Littlefinger's son in a symbolic sense, even if his parentage is never confirmed. Littlefiger was younger and physically much weaker than Brandon when they both courted Cat and I am a fan of the theory that he was the author of misinformation which sent Brandon to King's Landing, so in the end he got Brandon killed. And even if not he certainly did for Ned. Sweetrobin is in a similar position, not to mention we as readers underestimate him. He hates Harry already, he will hate him even more for Sansa, he seems absolutely helpless but I am 99% sure he is up to something, and GRRM will shock most of us when he at least partially succeeds. He might find a way to get Harry killed or hurt. It seems to me that despite their less than warm first meeting Sansa is starting to be fond of Harry, it could be that she will start to care for him and that Sweetrobin hurts him. If she learned about it, she might be more willing to become an accomplice in Sweetrobin's demise. It would tie nicely back to the original outline, where she choose her husband over her family.
  14. Ice Turtle

    Which minor character's death hit you the most?

    For some reason the bear from Harenhall.