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  1. my fellow Jon/Arya shipper! I loved the thread you made btw. too bad it's closed already.

    what do you think of this?

    "Oh, and take the Stark girl with you. Deliver her to Lord Commander Snow on your way to Eastwatch." Stannis tapped the parchment that lay before him. "A true king pays his debts."

    Pay it, aye, thought Theon. Pay it with false coin. Jon Snow would see through the impostesure at once. Lord Stark's sullen bastard had known Jeyne Poole, and he had always been fond of his little half-sister Arya. - Theon (Winds of WInter)



    It's doesn't mean much in the romantic stand point, but I'm glad someone else mentioned their close relationship

    1. Ice Turtle

      Ice Turtle

      :) Yes it was great that it was mentioned, but gift chapters still can be edited so I don't believe them entirely.

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      aaahhh yes... Your awesome!

  2. Seriously people are complaining that Arya should be dead from injuries which aren't necessarily fatal even in the real world when Theon and Sansa jumped from a ten-storey-building-height into like one inch of snow and were no worse for wear? I don't think I saw much discussion about that.
  3. LF was likely on his way to Fingers at the time Lyanna travelled to Riverrun, he could have come upon Lyanna and Rhaegar by a chance or upon their messenger, or there was no messenger at all and he simply sent a false info to Brandon, claiming it was from Lyanna's guard or someone like that. Anyway if she was outside of castle, I doubt Lyanna would take handmaidens with her and it is very possible that she was separated even from her guards at the moment.
  4. I am starting to think that Sweetrobin might prove to be Littlefinger's son in a symbolic sense, even if his parentage is never confirmed. Littlefiger was younger and physically much weaker than Brandon when they both courted Cat and I am a fan of the theory that he was the author of misinformation which sent Brandon to King's Landing, so in the end he got Brandon killed. And even if not he certainly did for Ned. Sweetrobin is in a similar position, not to mention we as readers underestimate him. He hates Harry already, he will hate him even more for Sansa, he seems absolutely helpless but I am 99% sure he is up to something, and GRRM will shock most of us when he at least partially succeeds. He might find a way to get Harry killed or hurt. It seems to me that despite their less than warm first meeting Sansa is starting to be fond of Harry, it could be that she will start to care for him and that Sweetrobin hurts him. If she learned about it, she might be more willing to become an accomplice in Sweetrobin's demise. It would tie nicely back to the original outline, where she choose her husband over her family.
  5. I have noticed three actors from AGOT in Poirot series: Aidan Gillen in Five Little Pigs - trough I noticed this only in the description of the movie Ian Glen in Elephants can remember Tom Wlaschiha in The Labours for Hercules From this topic I can add: Alexander Siddig in Cards on the Table Oliver Ford Davis in The murder of Roger Ackroyd Later I also found Donald Sumpter (maester Luwin) in THe ABC Murders Have anyone noticed anyone else?
  6. I really liked how Jorah was trying to figure out how much Barristan knows about his betrayal. Also: Child: Daddy, look what my friend Davos done for me. Daddy Stannis: Davos is a traitor he is rotting alive in my dungeons. Stannis really has his way with children :cool4: . Also conversation between Sansa and LF was great, she was smiling and talking about his well-being while lying right into his face and he of course knew it. Some interesting points: Is there even episode of season 3 where Volantis isn't mentioned? No other free city was given this much attention, not even Braavos. I wonder why Jon asked Orell what will happen to his eagle when he dies. Does Jon have any suspicion that he or his siblings are wargs? Why was Arya again mentioned in conversation between Cersei and LF? Build up for the "Arya" plot?
  7. Pod... that was beyond lame I hope Willas still exist in the show universe even if he isn't betrothed to Sansa, I think it will be hard to merge his plot with Loras' after ADwD. Maybe at worst he could be Mace's younger brother, or nephew or something like that but I have a feeling that he will be important in future books. I like the little bone they has thrown to the book fans about sigils. I actually liked Ros few episodes past when she mentioned how it was when Sansa was born, but not this week, she is given more focus that Jon Snow, Mance, Arya and many others. Besides if show needs it's weekly fix of nudity we we weren't given the scene from the Peach? Because there would need to be actually some character development of characters that actually matter? Watching Tywin with Cersei one has to remember his scenes with Arya last season, he had left her with the Mountain and has her taste he food he suspected to be poisoned but he still threated her warmer than his own children, or bannermen or well anyone else... A wish for the future: we never had it in the books but I hope for at least one Sansa/Tywn scene. For this episode, well not bad, some really lame moments but we are almost in the middle of the season and when it comes to Arya and especially Jon and wildlings I think that so far the show is wasting some big opportunities. PS: Parts with Joffrey, Olenna, Tywin, Margaery, Sansa Bran and Dany were good, but not being fan of torture and humiliation on screen, I didn't watch parts with Jaime and Theon. There was too little of Arya, "her" scenes so far seem to be more focused on other characters.
  8. Besides the Hound I can't remember anyone with ear sliced in combat, mostly they are frostbitten, burned or bitten off.
  9. First, thanks for the quotes, Azador! I wonder if this part is foreshadowing. There are speculations that some kind of epidemic is going to hit Westeros, most likely some form of greyscale, this could foreshadow that the North will remain untouched. The most interesting part for me is the note about Tyrion, it seems that the Second Sons were attacked before Plumm and Tyrion had time to switch the sides. I think that Tyrion was taken captive and I can't imagine Vic liking a dwarf and Lannister and the one with mismatched eyes like Euron on the top of all, on the other hand Moqorro is with him and he knows Tyrion is important. I can imagine that Jorah fares even worse.
  10. http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/67694-confessionssay-what/page__st__20#entry3253074
  11. Stannis being dragged from the battlefield though he still wanted to fight, even after everything was lost. Damn that is Stannis.
  12. I've always got the feeling that he choose Jon only because he has Ghost. So it was Ghost he choose not Jon :)
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