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  1. Meh the Lame Wedding would be a better description. Sandor not killing anyone, lame. Grey Wind dying in a cage with a fucking whimper, lame. Boltons fucking pitiful killing blow, why in the fuck was he acting like an Assassin, the full plate with cloak, striding the length of the hall and stabbing Robb with a sword is epic. That shit was just corny. Bunch of scene dressing characters get killed, we ment to care why? The Northern Lords have been nothing but one giant fuck up. Apart from Karstark and Greatjon before he vanished. The ridiculus prison shanking of Talisa. Could have used a goddam axe atleast a nod to Dacey then. The over use of fucking Knives, for fucking godsake, medieval fanasty, where the fuck were the Axe, Maces and Swords. Were they getting bonuses per throat slit or something. Not one single fuckin person got hit with a leg of mutton. I agree the Red Orgy Party from Sparatus season 2, was so much better. The rest of the episode was pretty good. Though where the fuck is the Widling story going, how the hell are Tormund and Ygritte ment to attack Castle Black? Jon and the Wolves killed off the other 5 or so Wildlings. Jon riding up to Castle Black. OMG Widlings behind the wall, coming to attack us and open the gate! How many?!?! Two! DON'T PANIC, DON'T PANIC!
  2. I found that the other day while browing Youtube on the Ipad. Warning! You will never see Otters in the same light again, although apparantly the monkeys were typical primate Arseholes.
  3. Jon can do a better job of fixing the North than Stannis, probably quicker and less blood spilled. Stannis would stay on the wall, so they wouldn't lack for a good commander. Jon on the wall is one man. Jon in Winterfell is one man with an army he can use to support the Wall. He is can do more for the Wall in Winterfell than he can on the Wall. He is following in Eddards footsteps from the first book, letting his honour get in the way of the Greater Good. Taking Stannis first offer probably would have been a bad idea, but he still could have negoiated. Hopefully he takes the Northern Lords offer when they show up or the news of "Arya" marrying Ramsay is the straw that breaks the camels back.
  4. Varys, the guy who hates magic, believes in prophecy... What Varys and Illryios game is in plainly laid out in one of the Tyrion spoiler chapters where Illryio pretty much tells him. Its not about Prophecy is about Money and Power and for Varys being able to pull it off. Varys is a fat, bald, ballless Locke Lamora. Only one Stark can pull off a comeback anytime soon and thats Jon and is too busy thinking with his honour(no I don't mean dick) and not his brain.
  5. Want kind of crappy God would accept a Cat for a sacrifice. You need something like 10 Good Slaves or a Prime Bull or a Good Stallion. If Ray Stevenson gets cast as the Hound, I will sacrifice a Kraken, which I shall wrestle to death with my bare hands.
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