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    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    I haven't been on the site in a long time so i just had to post and express how happy i am that Alexander Siddig was cast as Doran Martell. The reason is i posted in this thread years ago about how perfect Siddig would be for the show as either someone from the slavers bay area or Dorne.

    Board Issues 4

    This is only the second time i have been able to log into westeros in the last year. For months i attempted to log in from different computers and browsers and could never log in. The only way i was able to log in right now is by having both the "remember me" and "sign in anonymous" options clicked at the sign in screen. Is this a known issue that others have had because i know one other member of westeros has had the exact same problem.
  3. Wise man says forgiveness is devine, but never pay full price for late pizza!


    How would you rate episode 209?

    Ran, After reading your analysis there is something I must mention, im not sure if anyone else has mentioned it yet so I will. You talked about how the final Sandor/Sansa scene was missing something that happened in the book the giving of his Kingsguard whitecloak, the thing is she already has it!. In the scene where Sansa is being stripped by Ser Meryn and Tyrion comes in and saves her from further abuse, Sandor is the one who rips of his cloak and gives it to Sansa, she then leaves with it. From that scene on, Sandor no longer has a whitecloak in any other scenes. So Sansa does have Sandor's whitecloak to remember him by in the future. Obviously different then how it happened in the book but we end up with the same result. EDIT: i just double checked there is only one scene after the throne room scene where Sandor is wearing a whitecloak, the scene where Sansa thanks him for saving her. I think this was a continuity error more than anything, because except for that scene he never wears a cloak again after giving her his. No matter what though, she does have one of Sandors whitecloaks which is what is important.

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Best episode of the season, even with the changes here and there they did the battle of Blackwater justice. My favourite part of the episode was the Hound finally being shown the way he was meant to be shown, his Scene with Sansa though a little different was perfect. It was as if when GRRM was writing this episode he sat back and said these fuckers have not done Sandor Clegane justice in the series so far, let me show them how it is done. I wish GRRM could write every episode!.
  6. Just finished reading your analysis of the episode and i have to say i agree 100% with everything you and Linda had to say. With the exception of Arya and Tywin scene everything at Harrenhall was just awful, by far the worst writing of a scene or group of scenes in the series to date. I have decided that im just going to imagine that what they are doing at Qarth is a bad dream, im not going to care about Daenerys story again till she leaves Qarth. With all the bad there was, i still rate this episode an 7 because i feel everything else that happened was done and written well. The actors performance across the board were amazing, with Peter Dinklage and Alfie Allen stealing the show. Edit: just watched it again and i have to drop my original 8 down to a 7, luckily i forgot to to press the vote button earlier.

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    John Rys Davies should play Lord Manderly when the time comes, or at least thats how i feel for the moment at least. I may change my mind but he would be great.

    [No Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    Without doubt best episode of the season in my mind, that is saying alot considering we saw nothing of the North or beyond the Wall which are my favourite story lines from the books. I really am starting to hate seeing Ros everywhere, but the scene in Joffreys chambers did what it needed to do which was to show how evil that little shit is. Only disappointment with the episode and the whole season so far is the lack of interaction with the Hound and Sansa, i mean we saw the hound throw her a quick glance and she was being beaten by Ser Meryn and he did give her his white cloak like in the book, but it didn't have half as much power as it did in the book. They only have 4 episodes before Blackwater, if they don't give the Hound and Sansa so more interactions with each other before then i fear they will be destroying one of the best sub plots in the series. With that said amazing Episode, best so far.

    What do you Collect?

    I have only recently realized that i have the beginnings of a ASOIAF collection, now it's time to expand it. So far these are the things i have. ASOIAF paperback boxed set with HBO cover ADWD Hardcover ASOIAF complete E-Book collection A Game of Thrones Blu-Ray Box Set (Favorite Blu-Ray i own) Screen shots hundreds of them from every episode, i make myself in HD Every single trailer from both seasons in their HD form on my computer Dozens of the fan made music montages from YOUTUBE, some of them are amazing As for things i want to get that list could be summed up easily by saying everything, but im gonna list the things i really want. Longclaw from Valyrian Steel Ice from Valyrion Steel Needle from Valyrion Steel ASOIAF Hardcover Boxset or i might buy each book individually Game of Thrones playing cards Thats my list of haves and most wants :).
  10. ICE CROW


    If you email the Administrator they might be able to help you reactivate your old account. Use this email [email protected] and explain in detail what the problem is and i know for a fact if they can help you they will :).
  11. ICE CROW


    Welcome all new brothers and sisters of Westeros, dive in and have fun :)
  12. ICE CROW


    Easy now, easy now lets not scare the new kids of the playground before they get a chance on the swings :) . Also people from North Dakota don't like admitting they've been to North Dakota :leaving:
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    Welcome all, have fun and don't be afraid of the people with lots of numbers under their names. Their like kittens :). Make sure you all enjoy all the site has to offer, including the kick ass Wiki the people here at Westeros have made :).
  14. ICE CROW

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    Everyone complaining we didn't see the battles, sure i would have liked to see the battles as well. But they did what was necessary for the budget and in my opinion even though i wanted to see the battles, the show gave us more than enough good stuff to enjoy. Now that the show has become a monster of a worldwide phenomenon, season 2's budget has increased ive heard and they are pulling out all the stops for the Blackwater episode. I also just read how HBO sources are saying they are setting things up right now to shoot seasons 3 and 4 (Storm of Swords) in one long 9 month shooting period. So HBO it seems is definitely behind the show big time now and i wouldn't be surprised if we see even bigger budgets for seasons 3 and 4 so im not worried.
  15. ICE CROW


    Welcome, my best advice is. If your still reading the books, be very careful in the forums. You will be spoiled quicker than you can believe. I would say sticking to the Still reading threads is the best way to get the most enjoyment. General ASOIAF, though is ruthless. And now that ADWD spoilers are allowed freely, you can spend an hour in there and have all 5 books spoiled for you. Gen Chat and Entertainment are also good forums, where you don't have to worry about any spoliers. No one really ever talks about the books in there. But again Welcome :)