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  1. Yeah i'm starting to think she is either: a) From Volantis, or B) Jeyne Westernling sending letters to Tywin lannister. Either one would be a huge change from the book, and one of the few changes I will not be happy with.
  2. So did you give it a 1? How could anyone rate it that bad. EDIT: Don't know for sure it was you that gave it the one, it just popped up with your post. I gave it a 7. It was a good episode, but not the best. Tyrion was great as always, and I didn't even mind the Joffrey scene (although I would have liked to see Tyrion's response). I wasn't thrilled with what happened with Robb, other than the introduction of Roose. I did enjoy Stannis and Renly, and liked the CGI of the shadow baby. Dany's scenes were a little slow, but I liked how they made her look helpless in front of the 13. I think this was another set up episode, and next week is going to be great.
  3. Since he wasn't in the Pycelle shaving scene, does anyone know what happened to the actor that played Shagga last season?
  4. I loved the Yoren dialogue knowing that it would lead to her creating her own prayer. I expect the show watchers will remember it (if she doesn't take too long to make her own), at the very least on a rewatch since its so hard to catch everything the first time through. That was another great addition to this episode.
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