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  1. It appears that the extras budget ran out for this episode..
  2. Clearly. It isn't that hard to portray how fucked up the two of them are when together. THAT is a simple theme that could have easily led to Jaime's further realization of such, thus sending him on his distancing of himself from her by his own volition. And this is FROM existing material. But it was just another way to make Jaime look like a piece of shit. Someone give me something truly awesome to read.
  3. Well, Star Wars has already been fucked for a while, so I would love to see how they can fuck it up even more.
  4. I would kind of rather see GRRM give up the books and just come on here to tear the show writers apart at this point. That would be so much more entertaining and cathartic.
  5. Brother (Sister?), For years, I have watched each episode and found so much dumb shit that goes on that it comes out of my mouth as it happens. But then I find myself hard-pressed afterwards to put things into words that makes sense because it becomes a total mush in my mind. I even told my wife last night after she told me for the 10th time to shut up that I should just "write down the shit I'm seeing so I can remember it later" and she was cool with that. I was too drunk to bother getting up and get paper and pen, so I just continued my usual live heckling as if I was watching a hockey game. It's just the way I do things. However, coming to threads like this with like-minded people is awesome. That is because you folks can eloquently put into words what I can't even remember as I have given up so long ago. I feel like nothing even needs to be said anymore other than just sitting back and laughing at the train wreck that my favorite story has become. Why convince anyone anymore? "Read the books instead" has been my battle cry for a long time. I can't even say that anymore.
  6. I appreciate your understanding of the thread. And you aren't debating in my opinion, so I will give you this... The Dothraki are NOT heavy, armored cavalry. They are light at the loosest term of the word. They wear no armor, and use speed, light weapons and bows against humans that are fearful when being overrun. They are to be used as flank during a heavy engagement to pick away at the stragglers as the infantry does the brunt of engagement. Not like a true heavy brigade made to crush the front of a scouted enemy. You know, numbers, strengths, weaknesses, etc. None of this was employed by the "good guys". Not only has it been established early that it took a dire wolf and a whole lot of fire that fucked up Jon to drop the wight at Jeor's doorstep. Cutting him with a sword did nothing. But it was very clear that this was just a chance to make a shot with the torches going out. Pretty cool image to be fair. But even if one or to of them connected with their arakhs, then we should have seen a flame or two of the corpse they lit. Oh, and the thing that has been bugging me all day: people wondering what Bran was doing skin changing into the Raven flock. It was obviously to set up a cool sweeping cinematic shot of the battle. Period.
  7. Ninerings

    Death scene: Jorah Mormont

    As much as I hated much of this episode, Drogon sheltering them in sadness was a pretty powerful image.
  8. Oh Christ. Take this nonsense to Facebook.
  9. Ninerings

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Was Hardhome even an episode? Pointed sticks mean nothing to the wights. But perhaps the dead army will be attacking with bananas....
  10. Ninerings

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Arya sex was just fucking creepy. I get the whole Kegero/Ninja Scroll thing, but it was sold better in the cartoon. No actual emotion here at all. Not to mention that it just felt like a way for the actress to show her tits like damn near everyone else in the series. Meh. I have to say that I feel like Deadpan's reaction to the news and her fear of losing her claim is right in line with the way her character has been developed in the show. She's been a self-righteous bitch who only cared about her throne for ages now, so I'm not surprised. Longclaw should be Jorah's, if not annoying Lyanna's. Who, by the way has overstayed her welcome. It's been mentioned before, but no advisors? ok. I guess I have to be the one to say it though: She is not going anywhere because she is the show equivalent of "inclusion". Certainly her appearance reeks of an underlying physical/mental shortcoming. She'll survive this. "the things I do for love" actually made me chuckle. FDR Bran is entertaining to me for some reason. My wife is a total unsullied. Refuses to read the books and hates watching the show with me because I hate-watch it now and can't just shut up and watch. But I love how when Davos walked into the fire circle jerk and said "this is why I'm here", she said, "really? that is the only fire in the whole castle?" ahhhh she is starting to see the nonsense. Jaime/Brienne was cool. The actors definitely played it well. Just wish it wasn't like :hey, look what I can do". Brienne should have been knighted back when she was Renly's personal guard. I guess it's just another feminism trope. Sticking sharp rocks onto a battlement looking like they are held there by frosting like a gingerbread house is supposed to be threatening to zombies who can't be hurt by it anyway? ok. Pitch and fire arrows worked on wilding, giants and mammoths but we are going to have vanguards in the field? ok. I dunno. I didn't totally hate the episode like I have so many recently, but there were some wasted minutes here.
  11. Ninerings

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Roose in either the books or the show wouldn't have hugged anyone. Period.
  12. Ninerings

    [Spoilers] EP602

  13. Ninerings

    [Book Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    Soooooooo, other than purposeful trolls and a bit of derailing on two out of 80-something pages, why is the R&R with no repercussions thread locked?
  14. Ninerings

    Board Issues 4

    So everything has reset to unread?