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  1. Well just putting this out there...haven't been on for awhile...had two more children and am back in school.  Now that school is dying down and my children are aging...I have been coming on more and more. I have been reading up and everything is so interesting! Good to be back!

  2. MarianneSnow

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Stuart Townsend would not make a bad Euron...not bad at all!
  3. MarianneSnow

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Yeah I guess I didn't think about it until I read somewhere on here (of course I don't remember where) and they were saying that of course of Bowen Marsh would be put to death and that Marsh knows that but helps with assassination anyway. I just thought I would throw it out there.
  4. MarianneSnow

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Do you think Bowen Marsh will be put to death after conspiring and actually stabbing Jon Snow???
  5. MarianneSnow

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    That's what I thought!!! Thanks everybody and I will pass this info along to my buddy.
  6. MarianneSnow

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    That's what I thought too but I have a friend who keeps insisting that he was killed with the rest of the hostages that were thrown over the walls.
  7. MarianneSnow

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Is Daario dead? I tried to search but didn't really come up with much.
  8. I was rereading a Jamie Chapter from AFOC last night and at the very end when he is in Harrenhall and meets with Red Ronnet where they begin to discuss Brienne. Ronnet confessed that they were to be married but she was too ugly for him. When Jamie slaps him with his golden hand all I could think about was, "Boy, he is in looooooooooooovvve (but doesn't know or want to acknowledge it.)!"
  9. MarianneSnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    I never really know how to feel after the episodes with all the unneccessary additions and scenes and then they go and have Jon and Ygritte traipsing around with NO GHOST??? My poor husband watches with me and I go off on a tangent. About Ghost!!!! It just seems so trivial with all the other wackyness that is going on.
  10. MarianneSnow

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    I think it has been talked about that he say this because they were supposed to die in the fire and since they didn't R'hllor needs three more deaths. Red God is just one of HIm of many Faces. There is a thread on here about that.
  11. Hey parents. Just started the smoochers on milk...half formula and half milk. Today is her second full day. She didn't poo and she has started with a serious runny nose and sneezing and rubbing her eye. They're not related are they??? I mean the milk and allergie-like symptoms or is it just the time of season. She doesn't have a fever yet.

  12. Does Dora always show her mid-drift?

  13. Hello my friends!!! Just an update! Our next 150 Committee meeting is set for March 14th at 7 pm at the Community Center. I, unfortuneatly, cannot make it cause I have an awesomely delic family dinner to attend but we need help and when I say we I really mean BIG D!!!! We are still working out the details for vendors and $ so when we get it all nailed down you will be getting a letter mailed or just ask me on FB or email me at [email protected]

  14. This is weird but can anyone tell me if I can rent Porta potties in Dunmore before I have to look somewhere else?