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  1. Based purely on it being a tv show and series, I give the episode a 10. Great TV. I give the season a 9, by far the best TV season of the series. As a book reader and fan of the books first I am a bit disheartened by how far they are deviating from the books now. I understand why they have to do it, but the story is so much better in the books. It is more intriguing and I really dislike that they are now spoiling certain things for book readers to make their show better. The main thing from this episode was Jojens death, I mean I figured he was probably going to die in the books, but he is more of an important character than a lot of the side characters they have killed so far, like Irri, Grenn, Pyp, etc. it bugs me that they are taking advantage of their advance knowledge of events. And that is partially GRRM's fault to for giving that information up and selling out the series before he finished the book. Couple that with the snails pace he writes at and it really is a big issue. I've lost some respect,for him to be honest. Anyways, I love the series, it is the best show on tv, but I may have to hold off on finishing it for when the books all come out. Sadly, I don't think I can have both and be satisfied. Like I said though, that was a great episode of tv.
  2. Huh? Kit/Jon looked like a badass and was holding his own against a guy who was like 7 feet tall with a 5 foot axe. He got disarmed and still managed to kill him. Every swordsman has his match and Jon is far from a legendary swordsman, even in the books. Very good, but he did get his ass beat by Mance. Also, every characters strengths and flaws are going to be magnified on the show, because you can't get in their head like you do in the books. Jon is stupid and doesn't always think things through in the books, he is also well liked by his brothers and is a good leader, the show accurately portrays that.
  3. Hey, I suppose it works both ways now. Book readers have been constantly harping show watchers to read the books if they don't want to be spoiled. Now book readers are going to have to stop watching if they don't want to be spoiled. I know most book readers went spoiling shit for show watchers, but I suppose the spoil gods are making us suffer for the sins of the few.
  4. I suppose it begs the question, what came first the baby or the white walker?
  5. I agree. I actually felt Cersei's anguish when Joff died. I need to watch the episode again before rating it I think, as I was so excited for the end when Joff dies the rest of the episode was a blurr. But the wedding was really well done, especially the end. The proper amount of super awkard drunk Joff vs Tyrion before Joffs death and Lena did a great, great job showing Cersei's pain.
  6. I was laughing ecstatically at the Hounds one liners. "Only Cunts" ROFL.
  7. I thought the whole episode was strong outside of the Tyrion/Shae scene, but that's just more with me not liking how they have portrayed their "romance" but I never really understood it in the books either. Another tiny annoyance was that they spelled "Ser" as "Sir" in the white book. Show watchers had no idea, and I'm willing to be the art designer who made it didn't either, but as a book fan I cringed for a split second. No big deal, just a petty complaint. I loved the entire introduction of the Dornish and Prince Oberyn, painted his character points perfectly for non readers as a lustful, vengeful, dangerous man who will do whatever he wants when he wants. His monologue about Elia was pure gold. Only wish they mentioned Rhaenys and Aegons names in it, but I get not wanting to muddy the water with more and more names all at once. Love the casting of Ellaria too, actress is gorgeous. Jon's scene was great, like the new Daario, brought Dontos back into the fold and he gave Sansa her purple jewels, loved Aryas revenge, the Hound had me in stitches, the Thenns were badass... Everything was great, still not 10/10 great, but a solid 9.
  8. Is a person supposed to look nice after they kill someone?
  9. Does it make sense for Cats body to appear floating up in a river at the end of next season? The Stoneheart epilogue happens at the end of the book, yes, but her creation happens three days after the Red Wedding. S having her come back to life, in terms of continuity, in this episode makes perfect sense. Considering we had a raven fly from Castle Black to Dragonstone in the matter of a few scenes.
  10. 8/10 because I hated the ending. I so wish they would have ended it with Beric giving the kiss of life to Catelyn. It would have been perfect. Nymeria pulling her out of the river, Beric and the Brotherhood finding her and then Beric goes up and starts reciting the words and the camera zooms in on Cats face and she opens her eyes as we cut to credits. I'm afraid they are going to cut Stoneheart out, from the interviews I am reading they all make it seem like Michelle Fairley isn't coming back.
  11. I guess that settles the Robb has a secret heir theory and that Jeynes mom really was a huge cunt and gave her moon tea. Good to see they got the Blackfish out of there. Loved the episode. Did everyone notice Wendel Manderly and his merman brooch? I'm sure the Unsullied will pick that up.
  12. Naked Carise Van Houten doesn't hurt either.
  13. Then maybe Talisa has a miscarriage and Catelyn confronts Robb about the need for an heir and we get the will then. Maybe the episode confirms that the will isn't important because Robb actually knocked Jeyne up.
  14. Almost every time we see Robb he is sitting at his war table with the cool looking house statuettes. He has to be planning something. But first he needs more men, which is what he thinks he is going to be getting at the Twins. So the Wedding is pretty important.
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