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  1. Loved it, I can't quite decide what my favourite part was whether it was Tyrion's trickery, Arya, Gendry and Yoren, Theon's daddy issues or when Margaery offered to get Loras to help with her and Renly! Really like how they've adapted it from the book as well so non-book friends could really appreciate what was going on.
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    How would you rate episode 202?

    Cheers for clarification - in England series and season are interchangeable so didn't realise you meant overall :)
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    Hi, I'm mainly a lurker on here but trying to be a bit more active! I'm from the UK and discovered the books after watching season 1 on Sky Altantic last year. The rest, as they say, is history! I found this forum by accident and it's a great source of information for all things ASOIAF and GOT related. It's also really nice to read people's differing views on various matters, despite all being under the same banner of loving what GRRM has created.
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    How would you rate episode 202?

    I gave it an 8. Yeah there were a few 'WTF' moments (Mel/Stan, Jon/Craster) but I'm looking forward to see how everything's going to develop from here. NW scene was brilliant - I was cheering for Yoren and his badassery! A lot of people have complained about the LF/Ros scene. I think Ros is like Marmite - people either love her or hate her! But I can see it from the perspective of character development - LF got owned by Queen (regent) Bitchface last week so it's nice to have a little reminder that he has a harsh, yet subtle way of doing things. I actually like him as a character! Loved all the Pyke stuff, I love Theon's character in general and so far really enjoying how Alfie Allen has portrayed him as a cocky, womanising egotistical so and so. Still waiting for Dany's storyline to kick in... Just on a side note it makes me giggle a little bit when people rate this as worst episode of the series - there have only been two so far :)
  5. This would be brilliant, especially considering who she would end up being reunited with eventually... Though unfortunately, and I know that horse has already been flogged here.. the age thing wouldn't work. I know I'm late commenting on this, my bad :)