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  1. A co-worker and I had the same discussion this morning.
  2. I don't see Jon doing this for many reasons, unless he had to for political reasons. Mainly because he's wanted to belong so much and is very attached to the Starks. He has no connection to the Targaryen's, other than blood. If he does, it's because he has no choice. Then again, I am not Martin, so...
  3. I definitely see dark brown eyes. Plus, they transition to Jon's eyes, so it is pretty much an indication that they both have very dark brown eyes.
  4. Yep. Nevermind that it totally defeats the the purpose of protecting said child. "I mean, it's not like I could stab a servant instead. Stabbing myself for blood magic sounds good. Hopefully Ned shows up in time so that I could hand him off. If not, well, good luck kid!"
  5. Hardly the first TV show to use an older baby to play the role of a newborn. In addition to not having a bloody baby during birthing scenes...
  6. Exactly. I mean, she's in a shift and seems to have rudimentary wrappings to cover the wound. Everyone has a demeanor of "we had to save the baby".
  7. Is it me or did Cersei not seem too disturbed by Tommen's death? Grief too strong? I'm convinced that Jaime will kill Cersei out of rage/grief. He's gonna blame her for the death of their children . If not him, then Arya with Jaime's face. Although, I'm not sure how that would have to happen. I'd definitely want it to be Jaime though. Also wish she could have see Tommen fall to his death. Mean...I know
  8. I don't understand all of it, but he seemed to be acquiring knowledge , sorta "downloading" some information. Perhaps that is the reason. Definitely think that Margaery has something up her sleeve and agree on not seeing Ramsay. That, and no Arya/Waif training scene.
  9. A couple of other little things: Shadow of a dragon flying over a city and cut to what seems to be King's Landing in smoke Jaime pulling his sword on Aerys and later on,stabbing him and then, sitting on the throne. Robb and Catelyn being murdered... The rest just went by too fast for me to make sense of it.
  10. Rewatched she scene: that seems to be it. A man's hand and a little below, a woman's, and her dress seems to be covered in blood. The scene came right after : "Where is my sister", so I'm thinking the same.
  11. Started screaming as soon as Coldhands showed up. And the minute I saw his eyes: Benjen.I had to be shushed.
  12. Ok...perhaps I am missing something. Why wouldn't Bran turn into a WW? It is because he was in a vision, or...? The Caster baby turned into one as soon as he was touched, so why would the mark be temporary on Bran? Also, could that open the possibility of him warging into a WW now?
  13. I`m not sure. There seems to be a resolve at some point (right before they start ripping at his face). I think Bran`s eyes are still rolled back because he is watching Hodor. Man, I had dreams about that episode...
  14. Yeah, we mentionned it. I asked the same question: turns out she had dragon glass given to them by Sam. I just didn't remember,
  15. Perhaps to show him that what he knows to be the truth isn't really. That particular scene may just have been a reason to bring him closer to Willas. The fact that he lingered on to watch his father, was just long enough for all the events to unfold.
  16. Now that he was "touched" by the WW King, will he turn into one? Would it be possible for a future version of Bran to be Coldhands?
  17. Wonder if she's gonna kill the other actress instead, Had to be hard for her to watch and see what happened to Sansa after she ran.
  18. I get what you mean. He didn't mean to do it, but damn... and to have Meera just ordering him to close the door. And how the hell are they gonna run away?
  19. Speaking of Sam...Not much on what's happening with him. I wish they could move things along a bit. How many more episodes do we need of Arya getting her ass kicked? I get it, training is gruesome, but...
  20. I sure hope so. A whole lot of "people" died getting him out So...Meera has dragon glass?I don't remember how that weapon got there.
  21. So, no one, all this time retells the tale? Especially that he ends of saying "Hodor" all the time? But then again, he was just the stable boy. Perhaps they did not care enough.
  22. Yeah, I wasn't sure if him cowering in the corner was "Hodor, Hodor, Hodor: oh shit, we are being swarmed" or "Hodor, Hodor, Hodor: this is the moment that I die". Cause that moment, when he braces himself , and digs his heels in to keep that door closed...That broke my heart. I wished it would have had a reverse effect, where he comes back to being Willas and makes the choice.
  23. Ahhh...totally missed that. So, next episode? Flashback to what happened to Theon?
  24. Yeah, that`s on him. Just cause he couldn't sit still. No pun intended. I bet he's gonna try and change things,
  25. I'm not saying that I agree, It's the only think that makes sense. I can see it: "So much female nudity, blah blah" Showrunners; "Let's have a close up of a diseased penis. They'll shut up"
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