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    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    I tried the button - to no avail. *shrugs* It's certainly not urgent, just emparting a newbie's perspective! For the spoilers - yes I think that would be good, though my main issue was with the big box on the right of the screen. It's the first thing I look at - picture's draw the eye, after all - so it's the first place a spoiler would hit. Otherwise, it seems that one can keep spoilers in the main page - after all if the heading says "A Feast for Crows" and you read a spoiler, more fool you. Heh, it's not so bad though, I seem to remember removing Eddard's death (and almost every other plot detail from the first book) from the second paragraph of the "Game Of Thrones" book wikipedia page. For the maps - ah I see, that makes sense. It just strikes me as one of the first things many people look for - particularly a political map. Easy to request, hard to make, though!
  2. mrandy

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Hi guys, I have a couple of suggestions for the wiki. 1) It is very hard for a newbie to actually register and change anything. It isn't clear on the wiki that you have to be a member of the forums, and now I have signed up for the forums I still can't edit anything. This has bugged me because of an error on the "Greyscale" page (not wanting to give spoilers). 2) I would like to strongly suggest abandoning putting "Date Of Death" in the right hand side box of the main details of a person. My main and only reason for this is spoilers - a newbie looking at the wiki for, say, family history, will immediately and impossibly be confronted with the fact that the character dies, and parts of the plot will be spoiled by knowing this. The same goes for spouses, for those that get married in the series, though this is less important. Spoilers by all means belong in the "Recent Events" under the relevant headings, but having deaths in bold is too much. Doubtless this has been mentioned before, but I want to reinforce it, as someone who had the main death of the first book spoiled for him because of this. 3) The maps from the books should be included on the "map" page, which currently only has Weseteros maps. Fan maps would also be nice, but not necessary. Andy