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  1. In regards to the aparant changes, here's what I'm thinking. For Arya, I was also dissapointed with no Weasel Soup. I got all excited when Hot Pie was brought in, I was sure they would use him for that! But Weasel Soup actually is important to the plot, because without it Bolton doesn't get Harrenhal. So here's what I'm thinking. Jaqen uses the Weasel Soup to free prisoners like in the book, and Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie escape in the confusion of the castle being taken by northmen. This can be in the finale, because it would be one hell of a scene. Same for Dany. In the finale, she will get her climax in the House of the Undying. Blackwater looks SO EPIC. I swear to god, next week I am going all out. Maybe I'll even buy popcorn :) . Jeyne/Talisa can also be a twist that will be saved for the finale. After Robb falls in love with her he finds out she's actually a member of a family sworn to the Lannisters! How would that be for an end to Robb's season 2 story? I'm hoping my predictions become true. TBH I understand why the writers are doing what they are doing. The battle is the climax of Tyrion/Cersei/Stannis/Davos, but the actual finale is the climax of Jon/Dany/Arya/Bran/Theon/etc.... The final chapters in book 2 were good, but if they hold all the great scenes for the finale it can be sure to end with a bang. Especially because they have to have something that can even compare with Blackwater's epicness.