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  1. It's the center of commerce and would be just as important whether the seat of the King stood there or not. I highly doubt Aegon would care much about defensible cities, there is no such thing with the might of dragons. It would be like building Bamburgh castle and expecting it to defend against A-10s.
  2. Fredwin

    Support for Rhaegar's Ghost

    Realistically, whichever cause the nobles are willing to support.
  3. If I were to imagine what logically could have happened, is that Robert straight up asked Joffery(With Cersei present)whether they wanted Dragonstone and they both acted put off by the whole ordeal, citing the reasons I gave above. Why inherit someplace stained by the legacy of the Targs and so out of favor with the ruling elite. I mean, it belongs to lowly, dutiful Stannis. It's not a situation Robert needs to worry about, because AS king, Joffery could come to inherit it if he so pleased.
  4. As King, Joff would already technically be Lord of Dragonstone. In the meanwhile, Dragonstone seems to be considered by the elite to be a dark and damp place for outcasts. Why would the royal family want it?
  5. Fredwin

    Was season 7 the off-season?

    The first time I noticed a huge dip in the quality of the show was all the way back when Yara attacked the Dreadfort. That type of stupidity should never have seen encouragement or funding. Hardhome, The Sept, and Hodor's demise were all scenes that kept the previous seasons afloat. I mean, it doesn't undo Arya's storyline from last year for instance, but it keeps a balance. This season held none of those moments and relied on CG to fill the gap. The CG was nice, but even that was hit or miss. The dragons looked amazing while the enhanced numbers of the Dothraki looked like a joke from a youtube video. This show has nowhere to go but down and they'll rely on CG to do it. Too many storylines to wrap up in 6 episodes. Just look what was accomplished in 7...
  6. Fredwin

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    If you think about it, that's a load of video game inspired bunk. If a properly outfitted force were to meet a similar force of undead, they would cut them all down. Sure, the dead would bolster their ranks for every soldier fallen, but they can only do it once. A destroyed body is not coming back. The point of the white walker threat is the threat of winter. The undead army is not meant to be physically imposing. Winter is supposed to consume the land, killing many of starvation and exposure. When undead begin to rise from village huts where people are barely surviving already, that's when they're the biggest threat.
  7. It's something GRRM might be able to pull off. The issue being, if Bran is not the NK in tv-showland. He's poorly written. If he is the NK, he's written even worse.
  8. They lost the opportunity to already do that. Why? Because Bran has already lost his humanity. He is no longer just Bran so there is no emotional impact to having him be trapped in the Night King. Also, insane Lostian paradoxes. They already pushed what I hope is the limit with Hodor and young Ned.
  9. I just can't connect the dots. The children of the forest are shown dying to protect Bran and the Three-eyed-raven. This season they are shown fighting(poorly) the White Walkers alongside humans. Speaking of which, another wasted opportunity that could have been shown through Bran's dreams instead of cave drawings. Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset that Bran could somehow be the Night King, it would just make so little sense. When they cut Bran from season five, we were thinking it's fine, because Bran is where he's supposed to be in the story and the next time we see him, awesome stuff is going to happen. How vital he is to the plot moving forward, etc. Nah, right? The way they are using Bran so far could be written off any other way. He's the Night King? Fine, than show him doing something ambiguously evil or it's already just redundant. There already is a Night King. He's eventually going to warg a dragon? Give the dragon another rider. He's going to be the end of the Night King? Let Jon do it. There's just no reason to keep Bran kicking around and wasting space. Literally any plot point he could be involved in right now could be re-written to exclude him. If he was absolutely so vital to the plot give him the tinest of arcs, the only real scene he gets this season is stolen by Meera anyhow, more power to her.
  10. I'm not buying it, though. Why would Bran be the Night King and not Brynden Rivers? Because he was touched in a dream? Because he didn't finish his training? His physical body almost died in that cave, are you suggesting his underlings arranged that? The Night King was shown dismissing Bran when warging ravens and that was all from Bran's PoV, was it not?
  11. Has there ever been a less interesting prophet or oracle type character outside of the Matrix in all modern media? Remember those cool scenes last season involving Hodor and young Ned? Remember when Jojen died finding the cave? Bran is just a completely broken character that plays no current role in the plot. I get that he's no longer completely or even partially Bran, but that should make him a more interesting character, not less. How do you mess that up? If they had only cut Bran's poorly written dialogue this season they could have had a longer sequence of scab cutting.
  12. What about the insane risks LF keeps taking? Haven't seen anyone mention it. Sansa asks Arya where she got the scroll and gets no response. So Sansa goes and asks LF the same question. He claims ignorance, but what if Arya had just flat old told Sansa what she had seen about the scroll? Sansa would obviously believe where Arya said she got it from. Makes no sense that he would say he didn't know where it was from, because he couldn't possibly know Arya wouldn't tell Sansa right off the bat. His safest response would be something like "It arrived today from a raven with Cersei's seal, and was stolen from the maester's loft."
  13. Speaking of egregious moments that insult the intelligence, you guys forgot a major one and my first realization that the show was going to get a lot worse. When Yara originally tried to rescue Theon from the Boltons. She has him in her grasp and then her and her whole force of Ironborn raiders tuck tail and run because of something Ramsay does. What does Ramsay do, you say? What does he do that would frighten the Ironborn? He starts to unlock a single dog cage. Yup.
  14. Fredwin

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Wholeheartedly agree except the last sentence. It's certainly watchable, it's just painful to physically see the gaps where someone who actually cared could have operated in. It's on total autopilot with individual scenes not adding up to the whole. Just fast-forward already, might as well.
  15. Fredwin

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Why is that? Because it's dreadfully painful to read or watch?