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    :cheers: to all the newcomers! Hope everyone has fun here, explores, and sticks around :D A note of warning :excl: : As you'll soon find out, this board can get highly addictive and enslaving! :commie:
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    Hello all! Yes, a newbie here, and NO, I did not discover ASOIAF because of the TV show. I found out about the books about a year ago, and found them awesome! After finishing Feast, I kinda just read a little of this and that till Dance’s release date came out. Finished Dance in about five days, then I really wanted to disscuss it, and found out about these cool forums (so yea, I’m not really a noob to the books, just the forums). Hmm… about me. From USA. In a few months I’ll be 18 (yea, pretty young). I found fantasy really cool since I was about 14 (with the Dragonlance series), and have read a lot of titles. ASOIAF is by far the best series (with the possible exception of Tolkien, which was also awesome). So, yea, I guess I’ll be sticking around here for a while. By the way, if anyone could suggest any other fantasy serieses for me to read while waiting for Winds, I’ll appreciate it. I was looking into Hobb, Erikson, Donaldson, Feist, White, and Williams but don’t know what to choose (yea, kinda indecisive). And if anyone wants to introduce me to any other things, appreciate it. And if anyone is wondering, yes, Arthur Dayne is the most badass character in the whole series (Wyman Manderley, Davos, and The Hound come in pretty close though)