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  1. Targaryans could be a throwback to when GRRM was younger and spent time browsing Playboy magazine (for the articles of course). In his fantasy world "peroxide blondes" aren't just created in a salon, they are born that way. And on a similar note, Fat Pink Mast could be a tribute to Ron Jeremy. On a slightly more serious note, I have always felt a similarity between Robert Strong and Master Blaster from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. They are both towering mindless powerhouses, and both have a massive bucket helmet bolted to their breastplate so it cannot be removed. In both cases the helmet is permenantly attached to conceal the true identity of the wearer. They are also both being controlled by someone else who is very intelligent but relatively frail and uses their towering golem as their muscle.
  2. I thought Brienne was awesome, man that woman was towering over the crowd. It was really noticable when she was escorting Cat back to her tent, she could have picked Cat up and tossed her like a javelin. Surprised by all the people complaining about Asha not being beautiful, she wasn't beautiful in the book either, she just had a very fit and sexy body. Asha's "vultures beak" of a nose is mentioned several times in the book, and that is definately not something you find on the face of a beautiful woman.
  3. She also mentions in the last book that her bed has seen very little use since Stannis marched for Winterfel, so I would say between this detail and that passage you quoted that there is little doubt Stannis was serving tube steak to Melissandre. Not that I think he did it for enjoyment or lust, it was pure duty for him like everything else.
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