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  1. Not a great episode...but it was more of a set up episode anyway. The Stannis/Davos scene was great...really hated the Rob/Talisa scene. That was dreadful.
  2. Arya is just awesome this season. A Rickon signing, which was pretty funny. I guess next episode will end where Theon says he's going after Winterfell. Just a great episode from start to finish. It didn't fee like there was any wasted time in there.
  3. Loved the map. Loved the Harrenhall scenes. Didn't like the shadow baby, not cause it wasn't well done but that's just one of those things in the books I didn't like. Hated the Joffery/whore scene. Juts unnecessary. I thought the LF/Cat scene was pretty good.
  4. I hope not, cause to me it was clearly obvious. I liked how Tommen blatantly came off as very likable in what to non-readers was the first time they really got to know the kid a little.
  5. My only gripe is Arya not shouting WINTERFELL ,and Hot Pie following up with a charge and shout of HOT PIE! Outside of that, very good episode. I like Asha more than most I think,
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