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  1. I am slightly confused about the Dontos's future. He did appear in episode 1,however, he is not necessary now to give Sansa a hairnet. Petir can do it, since he already openly proposed to take her away. I guess they will cut him
  2. An excellent point about the book fans. Besides, it is not like we are talking about some obscure books nobody heard about... I think there are over 20 million books sold WW, while HBO subscription base is about 21MM. There bound to be about 30% overlap between book readers and show viewers. It is a substantial force that can get frustrated enough to abandon the show overtime. The creators should look at the experience of LotR adaptations where Peter Jackson had a little over two hours to present a similarly-sized and complex material, while HBO producers have 10 hours! The first season was much closer to the book, and I believe so much stronger! It is about cutting and simplifying, and definitely not adding scenes and characters, such as Ros and Khal Drogo/baby appearance
  3. I felt the wedding with Seven was sloppy, like producers were going for a good TV without high regard to the attentiveness of the audience. Besides, those who did not read the book, would not know what Volantis worships, and already forgot what Robb does...
  4. It is too early for reek. Was slightly upset about missing Ramsay, but I thought the Theon's speech was on the brighter moments in otherwise highly disappointing episode
  5. I do not expect the TV show to follow the book religiously. Was happy that the integrity of characters and their core was preserved (with the exception of Shae, who is much more simple in the book), however, was still frustrating to see your favorite scenes from the book being mercilessly modified. HotU scene was unexpected, but interesting. The snow, the other side of the wall and khal maybe too much of a hint of what hasn't been written yet (it is clear that her war is beyond the wall, but how Drogo plays into it...). Still where is the prophecy??? It is a foundation for the entire Dany's storyline. Not sure what is the point of introducing two interesting women in addition to books - Rob's wife and Varis's whore... I guess the first explains better the motivations behind Rob's wedding, since if just show Jane from the book, Rob and his feelings might seem lame on the screen. The second might help set up the future with a visible Varis's spy... Blackwater was the best episode, by far - focused, emotional, true to characters. The last one - just wrapping all the lines... Slightly disappointing. VERY afraid of what they are going to do with book 3, it is my favorite by far...
  6. 8 By now I separated from my expectations of seeing a book on the screen, and just enjoy a parallel story. I feel like GRRM just has fun developing alternative flows of the story. Tyvon/Arya scenes are wonderful! The stealing of the dragons is an interesting development. They seem to kill off all dothraki before they even start playing a role...
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