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  1. Lol, yes it is. Probably my less than enthusiastic love of Jorah, and a hope for more twists and turns that are actually exciting that were driving that notion. But of course the show barely addresses Rhaegar much less his birth at Summerhall, so it would be lost on the casual audience. Thanks for responding!
  2. I am 99.5% sure it was Jorah in that cell at the Citadel. BUT, how possible is it, it's not? I only ask because the first thing my husband and I thought when we saw the hand was that it looked burned, as well as the fact he could actually move his fingers, (this disease turns one into stone, does it not)? We actually thought he could have been someone from Sommerhall since that was the last notorious fire. https://youtu.be/8HZLVBKPWAs
  3. I just got an email notification! Is it fixed?
  4. If I have deleted a PM by accident, is there a way to retrieve it?
  5. Well, I was getting my notifications, but now I'm not again.
  6. Oh damn, I sure did lol. I wasn't even paying attention. But agreed, we will not forget.
  7. I thought he was a little too charismatic to be a minor character, either that or I liked him too much, (I'm never going to like anyone/ anything again- Ravens, Orioles, although I did like the Broncos and the Panthers). R.I.P Heath.
  8. Not getting notifications again.
  9. Yes, initially, I tried everything, but Ran has got it all sorted out, but thanks!
  10. Hey Ran! I'm good to go, so you can delete the other account. Thanks for everything!
  11. Lol, I know. It took me awhile to notice the difference because I was use to the last format, but Ran has fixed me completely! Take Care!
  12. Okay, so got on the website today, and something popped up that I hadn't seen before regarding a "cookie policy."   It asked me to agree by clicking on the "agree" button that I would accept all cookies. I clicked on nothing because I never click on something I'm not familiar with, and came here.   Is this legit?
  13. I consider this forum my "therapy" which has provided me years of not having a stroke over work-related stress, lol, so I appreciate all the hard work and effort put into this project. :bowdown:
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