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  1. Alia of the knife

    R+L=J v.165

  2. Alia of the knife

    R+L=J v.165

    Just an isolated question, can we be sure that Lyanna would have immediately been told of her family’s fate? Or might that have been kept from her, especially given she was pregnant?
  3. Alia of the knife

    Fear the Walking Dead II: The Apocalypse of Social Issues

    Have to say, I'm sort of done with Naomi. LOVE Diliahunts character, especially he and Morgan's dynamics, so I do hope he moves on from Naomi. No matter what darkness led her to this place, she changes sides more than Warwick, the King Maker. I still love Strand and though I do wish Frank Dillane had stuck around, I get that he wants to pursue other opportunities. Agreed on the tactics though, it seems to me in this world, having a scouting party to stay one step ahead of who or what may be coming for the group is essential because there is no reason to believe that after all they've been through and have seen, they are the only ones trying to survive. And if you've made it to this point, chances are, if you aren't still ruthless, you have been.
  4. Alia of the knife

    Fear the Walking Dead II: The Apocalypse of Social Issues

    I don't know, my vibes sort of pointed to a hint that there might be an inappropriate relationship between Ennis and the girl, fueling Nicks rage, because Nick seems really paternal and protective towards her. Not that he wouldn't necessarily feel protective over his mother, because they did come to terms, but there is a different feel with that girl.He seems take her personally.
  5. Alia of the knife

    R+L=J v.165

    GRRM is basing Aegon and Rhaenyra on Stephen of Blois and Matilda. Matilda had been slated as the next heir after her brothers untimely death, but because England was still in turmoil a generation or so after the Norman Conquest, they didn't want the instability that might come with a female ruler because they didn't think she would be strong enough to hold together the different factions, so they chose Stephen and she was screwed out of the throne of England and they went to war, a war which her son Henry would win. This was essentially the same reason in the fictional Westoros, so these are not the same circumstances that Jon and Aegon would be facing. And even in the worst case scenario, Rhaegar would not be able to withstand the wrath of the Lords if he put his legitimate children with Elia aside, (even if he did put her aside), to elevate his children with Lyanna. As for Daemon and Daeron, again, Aegon the Unworthy fostered that environment, pitting his children against each other. Then there is the relationship between Brendyn Rivers and Daeron II that seemed to work out quite well. That is very true. Often, a love match between a husband and wife was rare, but Rickard Stark would have been the equivalent of a Duke, second only to a Prince or King, and the Starks were more noble than even the Lannisters in terms of blood, so reducing someone of Lyanna's rank as a noble maid to that of a mistress would have been asking for war since her own worth as a tool of alliance through marriage would have been a loss for the Starks. Perhaps if she'd been married off to some old man and became a respectable widow, or the husband understood "his place," but was richly rewarded, then perhaps, but I don't Robert was that guy. Yes, if they had been betrothed, Rhaegar would have had to wait until Cersei came of age, If ten year old Cersei could look into Rhaegar's eyes and discern his character, I think seventeen year old Rhaegar could look into Cersei's eyes and discern her character because by this time, she'd already abused Tyrion in the crib in a VERY creepy way, and pushed her only friend down a well because she made goo goo eyes at Jaime. I think the Author is going to great lengths here to draw a distinction between each other's experience of the other through that connection. Rhaegar was concerned with prophesy, and at this point he had no way of determining that the Targaryen succession was secure. His parents lost a great deal of children, and it was just he and Viserys. And while Dorne had female rulers, Westeros did not, so Rhaenys was not considered part of the succession. Infant Elia herself had been a miracle, with the Martells also losing quite a few offspring and Elia is in poor health herself. While they didn't get into genetics, Medieval People did notice such things and were superstitious, and were very aware of the fragility of infants and children. Rhaegar could never have been sure his children would reach maturity, or that Viserys would surive, so no, the succession was not guaranteed.
  6. Alia of the knife

    R+L=J v.165

    I LOVE this! It ties everything together nicely, and I agree with Ygrain, much of Rhaegar is still shrouded in mystery. And though I did reference textual evidence, there are also perceptual clues as with Olenna's story. When I first read her account of the Targaryen Prince, there was just something in the way she told that story, coupled with her life long desire for the throne, to the point of using her children and grandchildren, much like Tywin, that made me think it was actually her that was rejected, and not the other way around. So no, it's not like your theory is out of left field. And as for as many years as I've been on here, on and off, as well as reading the books, there are STILL things like this that come up that make me think, so theorize away.
  7. Alia of the knife

    R+L=J v.165

    With all due respect, the text is pretty clear on Rhaegar's overall character. While I agree that GRRM is in process of deconstructing the myth that is Rhaegar, (i.e., more specifically Cersei and Dany POV), and we are being presented with more of a flawed man, a man whose sense of honor became at cross purposes with his heart when it came to love and Lyanna. Elia: He never would have left Elia for a mistress, but he might for love.Had things been normal, he would have more than made good provision for her, and his children with her would be first in succession. I suspect the birth of Jon would have been meant for Aegon to have an ally, not an enemy. There is also the issue of the "spare to the heir," especially given that Elia "would bare no more children." Cersei: There is no textual indication that Rhaegar wanted Cersei, in fact, the line where it states that "he looked into her eyes," (paraphrasing as it's been awhile since I read the books), I think is a lead-up to the fact he saw her true nature, and my own speculation is, just like it ended up being Olenna who was turned down by that Targaryen Prince, hence her lifelong goal for her family to get the throne, I think Cersei was turned down by Rhaegar. While it's true, Aerys has the last word on alliances, it still would be better if he and Rhaegar were of like minds on his bride, so I speculate Rhaegar put the nail in the coffin on a Lannister alliance. Ashara: There is no textual evidence of any relationship between them other than being his best friends little sister. If you want to look to love and the father of Ahsarsa's child, look to the wild wolf, Brandon Stark. Had Brandon not died, Ashara would likely have been quietly married off to Ned, and the family given lands on par with Winterfell. It would appease both the Tully's and the Daynes.
  8. Alia of the knife

    The Walking Dead: Because Season Ate Nine (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    I'm actually more excited now for Fear the Walking Dead, especially with Morgan. He is a popular character, but I just don't think they could really grow him anymore on TWD.
  9. Alia of the knife

    The Walking Dead: Because Season Ate Nine (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    They have always seemed a close cast, so I have to think that at least privately, they aren't happy about this. Is there something to his turning eighteen that maybe that also have to pay him more?
  10. Alia of the knife

    R+L=J v.165

    I always took it to mean that perhaps where there may have been viable life, they died and they more or less fossilized, but with the coming of Dany and perhaps deaths of her brother, husband and son, that life force transferred to the eggs.
  11. Alia of the knife

    Rhaegar, Elia and Lyanna

    Lol Ygrain, only a month later. All well said, and no, I don't think it would have been lost on Rhaegar the symbolism in a union between himself and a Stark, but given all the narrative clues and Martin's views on following/deciphering prophesy, it would be consistent that Rhaegar would fulfill the prophesy when he stopped trying to force/manipulate it into being. Anyway, hope all is well with you.
  12. Alia of the knife

    The Walking Dead: Because Season Ate Nine (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    I mean honestly, if he is essentially the "John Conner" of this world, it seems short sighted to do this. And given the well-known, familial relationships between the cast members, I wonder if this decision doesn't create a rift in the chemistry? It's been awhile since I've been on the site, so I'm sorry if the Morgan decision has been discussed, but moving his character to FtWD, baffles me as well.
  13. Alia of the knife

    [Spoilers] EP701

    Lol, yes it is. Probably my less than enthusiastic love of Jorah, and a hope for more twists and turns that are actually exciting that were driving that notion. But of course the show barely addresses Rhaegar much less his birth at Summerhall, so it would be lost on the casual audience. Thanks for responding!