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  1. Mladen- Happy Birthday to my fellow winter child and fellow Capricorn. :)

  2. R.I.P. Robin Williams

  3. Mladen, and that is why we love you. :)

  4. Hmm, day off. Clean house, or go to the beach with friends? No contest

  5. Never start your posting day without coffee or your contacts.

  6. Oh no, not you Mladen

    1. Mladen


      Yeap, I declared the war to the character that never appears in the books, only in fandom. I will fight Sansa Lannister to the bitter end :)

  7. My inner twelve-year old CANNOT wait for Godzilla. :)

  8. Yeah!!! Kissedbyfire is back

  9. Mladen, you are so thoughtful of everyone. Have a great day,

  10. Yeah Mladen!!!

    1. Mladen


      Thank you, dear... It's good to be back among friends...

  11. Happy Mardi Gras

    1. TheWolfandTheLion


      Happy Mardi gras to you!

  12. FF3, and a glass of wine :)

  13. Mladen, thank you for the Birthday wishes, and glad you are back :)

  14. Okay, if your a winter child born in January, not only do you have to share that month with Elvis, but now Kate Middleton too.

    1. Mladen


      I know I am late, but I was in place without proper internet connection, so happy birthday and may you have all the joy, happiness and best this world can offer...

  15. Mladen- what a wonderful birthday present to have you back on the tenth. Stay well. :)

  16. Kissedbyfire: I wish it were a hairball.

  17. Woke up this morning and feel like I've swallowed a bunch of razor blades. :(

  18. Your awesome Mladen :)!!!

  19. Wingedwolf: We did!!!!

  20. KBF: As they should be. BTW, Duncan is getting an eye tuck.

  21. kissedbyfire: curled up in your bed, lol?

  22. I did Zunni :)

    1. Mladen


      Thanks dear... Good to be back...

  23. Wingedwolf, Never, lol.

  24. Well there goes the Ravens lead with the evacuation for a tornado in Chicago

    1. thewingedwolf


      Can't catch a break can you

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