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  1. On 7/20/2017 at 4:55 PM, fire&blood said:

    It's definitely him. The profile, the voice and the opening credits as others have mentioned. My thoughts are that his hand looks burned because the maesters are trying to prevent it from spreading. Fire has been used before to prevent the spread of disease or infection.


    On 7/20/2017 at 8:14 PM, Shmedricko said:

    Also, the subtitles say it's Jorah: http://i.imgur.com/wDLQKav.jpg

    Lol, yes it is. 

    Probably my less than enthusiastic love of Jorah, and a hope for more twists and turns that are actually exciting that were driving that notion.

    But of course the show barely addresses Rhaegar much less his birth at Summerhall, so it would be lost on the casual audience.

    Thanks for responding! :D

  2. I am 99.5% sure it was Jorah in that cell at the Citadel.

    BUT, how possible is it, it's not?

    I only ask because the first thing my husband and I thought when we saw the hand was that it looked burned, as well as the fact he could actually move his fingers, (this disease turns one into stone, does it not)?

    We actually thought he could have been someone from Sommerhall since that was the last notorious fire.



  3. 1 hour ago, Ygrain said:

    Well, but does Jaime know what exactly happened, and that it was on her order?

    I agree that the parallels are clear - for an outsider. Perhaps for one infatuated with Cersei most of his life, not so much. It reminds me what JonCon said about Rhaegar and Aerys' madness "even Rhaegar saw it in the end". People tend to be in denial over their family.

    Agree with this. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, RumHam said:

    I think you somehow followed me into the wrong thread, but yeah I discovered this problem when posting about the poor guy. 

    It'll take time, but eventually we will learn to open our hearts to minor tv characters again. But we'll never forget!

    Oh damn, I sure did lol. I wasn't even paying attention.

    But agreed, we will not forget.


  5. 58 minutes ago, RumHam said:

    Spoiler tags and emoticons don't seem to mix well.


    Hidden Content


    I thought he was a little too charismatic to be a minor character, either that or I liked him too much, (I'm never going to like anyone/ anything again- Ravens, Orioles, although I did like the Broncos and the Panthers). :P

    R.I.P Heath.

  6. Have you tried resetting your password by clicking on "forgot your password"? You should be able to reset your password provided that you are still using the same email address that was linked to your account. FYI, the email sent to reset your password appears in the spam folder on gmail.

    Yes, initially, I tried everything, but Ran has got it all sorted out, but thanks! :D

  7. Good grief, I've been messing about with this for weeks too. I was ready to foget all about this forum. Jesus. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Lol, I know. It took me awhile to notice the difference because I was use to the last format, but Ran has fixed me completely! :P

    Take Care! :D

  8. Okay, so got on the website today, and something popped up that I hadn't seen before regarding a "cookie policy."


    It asked me to agree by clicking on the "agree" button that I would accept all cookies. I clicked on nothing because I never click on something I'm not familiar with, and came here.


    Is this legit?

  9. What's not true? I said the prophecy didn't work as (I think) they intended and ended up being a pointless waste, and you respond, in effect, "nuh uh, it didn't work and was a pointless waste".

    Well, she could have, but I think that would have basically the same problems as the storyline they went with.

    First, yes, the Queen is now in prison for adultery and fornication instead of lying about her brother's sex life--but if the only thing Osney reveals under questioning is that Cersei bribed him, then the Queen Mother is now in prison for soliciting someone to lie about someone else's sex life, instead of for adultery and fornication. (Of course they could have done your storyline plus the Lancel one they ended up using, but why do two different things to set up the same result?)

    Second, trying to frame Margy is really just another risk that doesn't pay off. Pushing your luck and coming up snake eyes isn't a tragic downfall; being fooled by your own lies is.

    Marg may not be guilty of sleeping with Cersei's plants, but I'm pretty sure Marg is sleeping with someone which is still treason for a Queen.
  10. Well I wouldn't say that's poor writing. I would say that's the most likely thing that Ramsay would do if he married them. Which actually is consistent writing. Which would be the real answer to why it's happening in both instances.

    GRRM and D&D could have totally contrived a reason not to do that. But it wouldn't be realistic. The whole point of that marriage is to produce an heir and legitimize your hold on Winterfell. It's uncomfortable and both are guilty of not being subtle at all with that. And it probably would have been better to avoid showing or bringing it up and leaving it for the imagination. But

    That is true, and certainly during the Medieval period, alliances were based on family and blood.

    HOWEVER, what the book does, and the show does not, is to highlight the fact that in the case of the Boltens, (who were always Stark wannabes), no one outside the Boltens really sees them as their "leaders", as essentially all the Houses follow the Boltens BECAUSE of "fArya" and her last name.

    They were fine to unite to fight off the Lannisters and the Iron Born, but now left to themselves, Roose is starting to sweat given his betrayal.

    In the case of the North, they will never see anyone but a Stark as their rulers/leaders, so having a baby with a bit of Stark blood is not the same as that baby being a "Stark."

    One gets the feeling that in books, if that were really Arya, all she would have to do is crook her finger, and the other House's would turn on the Boltens, so they need for the bride to at least be treated well, and with respect.

    And, aren't there a few families in the Vale who also carry Stark blood by marriage? (Where is "Lord Varys")?

  11. Like some other people have said, if you want to change half the things that happen and keep the other half, you end up having characters do things for completely irrational reasons. They either need to write their own story, and follow the story of the books. Make a choice, you can't have both.


  12. IF Sansa, and that is a big IF, needed to be at Winterfell for some reason to advance her plot or character then I can understand. But even if she NEEDED to be at Winterfell this season, my question is why did she HAVE to be raped every night? Some might say that she needed to be at Winterfell to learn about Bran and Rickon. Weak but ok, I'll buy it. Why did she have to be raped every night? It added or subtracted nothing to either Ramsay or Sansa that we hadn't already seen from either of them. It was pure shock value.

    And dare I say it, but even Ramsey might have taken some time out actually get Sansa on his side? That might have been interesting, to see another beast fall in love with the beauty.

    While I've never been a "shipper," I thought that Martin did very well the beast that was the Hound, (who butchered a child), and again the grayness, have him be utterly besotted and in the control of the little bird, who maybe was the catalyst for his questioning everything around him.

    But, its a good thing that he is in a monastary now so that he is safe from Ramsey. In fact, the Mountain might want to count himself lucky, because clearly Ramsey, (who never had a noblemans upbringing or military training to my knowledge), is a fighting genius.

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