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  1. KSB: At least this time we bread with our beer, lol.

  2. KBF: I feel the same way. After fifteen years on my street in Annapolis, never lost power, but now almost all without power, and not really sure why yet. Just have my 4g mobile for internet.

    1. kissdbyfire


      Ouch, that sucks! And weird, isn't it?

    2. kissdbyfire


      And IT IS weird, I mean. Lol

  3. KSB: I don't know if punk is back in, but I'm sure you wear it well.

  4. KBF: Have fun with those dolphins, and kiss one for me!

  5. Awwweee. Okay Lady Octarina, will talk next year! Have a fabulous year and much success! :)

  6. KBF, So was the beer- and filling too, lol!!

  7. KBF- Lucky you, Paul didn't get the last loaf of bread, but he did get the last six pack. :(

  8. NOT watching "The Excorcist."

  9. Everyone in Sandys path, please be safe.

  10. Waiting for Hurricane Sandy....

  11. Nothing more frightening than running out of candy with a hoard of costumed children bearing down on you.

  12. Kissebyfire, I know I should be grateful for the edg, but in this heat, I have to peel her off me, lol:)

  13. It doesn't matter how big you bed is, if you have pets, your always going to end up on the edge. :(

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