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  1. oh, I know the unkiss is important ( I still think she got into his head).
  2. Except this mis-memory is the authors :blushing: , it was Arya who named the sword wrong in SOS during the Hound fighting Dondareion.
  3. They said in the into the episode segment, she's dropping bread crumbs, so her necklace is next.
  4. I do agree that D & D may not have had the best season here, I think not resolving story lines is their way of giving Martin until January or February to get the book out, so he can tell us instead of them. If the book isn't out by February well shame on George.
  5. I know, but she landed on stone, they landed in snow, so if we follow D & D logic, 2 feet of snow will cushion their fall and they can run away.
  6. I mentioned it as a possible end for them in the book, she marries him securing the Iron Islands to House Stark.
  7. I'm only on page 39, anyone see this? http://www.ew.com/article/2015/06/14/game-thrones-jon-dies-interview?hootPostID=a2da97c7285796b891bc01114a0f89bb
  8. couldn't keep up rather watch show, on page 26: I don't think Stannis is dead yet, they cut away from him and Brienne before the swing, Podrick was not there, where is Podrick? Did Brienne have him watch the window? Did Pod find Sansa and Theon? Where is Podrick?. Surprised they killed off Myrcella first and doesn't look like Lena used a double, but then her breast grew quite a bit, must be good CGI. No Benjen, and those letters were all rejections I take it. Sansa should have kept the corkscrew. Back to reading.
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