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  1. Grail King

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    That's not the definition of malicious. Malicious is intent for bodily harm, that was not her intent, and you know it, by that quote, Arya betrayed her father, by not following his orders. Malicious is Cersei at 11-13, tweaking her baby brother's penis, pushing another person down a well. Malicious is not running to say good bye, or ask the Queen to talk out her differences with her dad.
  2. Grail King

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Except Cersei knew, Ned told her himself days before Sansa went to her, days before he even had a boat. What Cersei didn't know was a time line, which Sansa gave up . Along with Ned refusing Renly and trusting LF, Not saying Sansa had no part, she did, but she didn't know what was up behind the scene, or her dad's machinations or LF's or Cersei's. She was stupid, rebellious and foolish, not malicious.
  3. Grail King

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Not sure if your putting the blame on Sansa or Ned, but it was Ned who went to Cersei and layed out his plan to her with a get out before Robert comes home. He told her days before he even had a ship, He, Joffery and LF are the main ( over 90 + % ) he died, along with not at least entertaining Renly's offer. Sansa running just closed off their <5% chance of getting out...sadly.
  4. Grail King

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    As a male and Sansa fan, I picked up the books at a time my daughter was 13 going on 14, and doing a lot of the shit ( not getting dad killed stuff ) like with boys, the world revolves around her etc. and realized to me anyway Sansa was a normal kid, my daughter would never be an Arya ( I would not want that for her ) most Arya's in real world situations almost never have happy endings, and are just tragic . Also Lady stuff 99% stupid adults, with a sprinkle of dicky boy, and a hot headed girl, left Sansa in a no win situation, yet people blamed her, not the weak king, bitchy cruel queen, and a overly honorable man who actually did the deed. Sansa had a role in getting her and Jeyne captured, but again to me most of the blame is on Ned, LF, Cat, Joffery again grownups and a dicky boy. Many are like Arya, stuck in book 1 or season 1 mode.
  5. I see her somewhere between the RL and Eyrie, Northward. I think Bran will follow the TV route and Sansa will more likely stay in WF as Lady, Queen , wardeness or if Rickon isn't a shaggy dog regent in the North until he comes of age. I don't think she wants anything to do with the South ever again, least of all live there.
  6. Grail King

    Is Jon's blood a dragon shape?

    I was fluctuating between 4 different sites and someone came up with a theory that when she gets there and Jon is dead ,that she cries over his dead body, it is not in the form of a leak, just a theory, because Maisie or someone else said it will be different or surprising.
  7. Grail King

    Is Jon's blood a dragon shape?

    Read somewhere Sansa's tears over Jon's body, don't know though; the smoke would have to come from a fire or torches to make that prophesy work.
  8. Grail King

    Is Jon's blood a dragon shape?

    To me the opening over Jon's head and shoulder shows a dragon and slowing down the running blood shows a form of a wolf's head, after that it's just an obliterated mess; something may have caught Davos is eye, but it's not looking like a dragon.
  9. Grail King

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    Have you seen this?
  10. he-he, Couple of people told me the same about GOT, to hard of a read they said.
  11. Have you read the books? I'm almost finish with book one. I put my thoughts on Claire, time travel and Frank in some threads on the previously.tv forums outlander section.
  12. Risto, What do you think of the OL trailers?
  13. If they framed it properly it would have worked, there's a lot going on there especially if people read the Alayne snippet on GRRM web site. I'm not fanatically upset that they put her in Winterfell, but they did it for the shock of it, and they did do a disservice to her character and I think to Sophie Turner by not focusing on her more then Theon. I was also outrage by the hate the episode got especially from politically correct groups on Sans's rape yet there was no outcry on what happened to Theon. As far as Jamie, I thought the people in charge actually showed how devastating rape by and on both genders could be.
  14. True, but it also showed nothing happening until she took the flowers, also Gillis used blood magic to travel back. Maybe D.G. will give some sort of answer by the end.
  15. Well I agree with the other folks, and D & W should have left Sansa in the Vale and continue her learning there. my opinion of course.