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  1. 7/10 from me Despite having so much going on, the ballance of it was good. What I liked - Dormer is absolutely killing it as Margaery Tyrell. Knowing what I know from the prior season and last week's episode, Dormer is just running away with what's been given her and although her character is supposed to be younger, she's able to play her younger and still be completely manipulative of Joffery in every scene -Diana Rigg as Lady Olena is all kinds of win. True, I didn't get a certain character in her scene, that whole interaction between Lady Olena, Sansa and Margaery was about as good as I could have hoped for. Bravo. - Thoros of Myr. The scene where the BWoB is introduced was pretty dead on. Kudos to whoever said, making Thoros the happy, drunk lover of the red god was a good choice. What I did not like - Robb is being set up as the loser too early. It must be remembered, that despite the setbacks with Winterfell, Robb never lost in the field, but then, I suppose not giving Lord Karstark the chance to gripe would ruin the foreshaowing of all the tragedy to further strike the Starks this season. - Talisa's character comes off as extra baggage. -Shae and Tyrion just didn't do it for me this time out. Of course we (book readers) all know where this is leading, but it just seems superfluous to me to have Tyrion and Shae banter back and forth on Tyrion's dalliances. About that Cat Scene - as a book reader it seems almost heretical to say, but I took Cat's whole monologue to be about accepting Jon Snow as her own, although perhaps not entirely legitimate son (although she used the phrase "one of us", the Starks raised Theon Greyjoy almost as one of them and yet none of us consider Theon to be a Stark, do we?) - the scene was well acted and I am REALLY hoping the long knives aren't going to come out for Michele Fairley's portrayal - I know D & D are trying to make the character more sympathetic for a reason. More often than not it's b/c Cat feels wronged by others. This whole scene was really about Cat admitting her failures to her family and there's something to be said about that.
  2. 8/10 I'm sorry to say I have no damning hyperbole to offer. It was simply that the emotions of a lot of the scenes really carried this episode for me. The good outweighed the bad. My expectations are simple however: If you establish something, best you follow through, otherwise it doesn't make sense. The Bad Robb's storyline has faltered with me. I can see what they're trying to do in developing Talisa, but I'm sorry to say it just doesn't do it for me. Bonus nitpick: Dude, did I just see you get married under The Seven? Like I said, if you establish something, like the old gods and make it apparent in iconic ways the Starks worship them that does not compute. HOTU should have had at least one reference to Rhaegar, because it was a great opportunity to reinforce not only what Dany has lost, but lend further credence to the strength of her character as "the last Targaryen" (that we know of). Theon's St.Crispin's Day speech. The comical end and complete lack of either Reek or Ramsay Snow, Shame. These however were minor quibbles. The Good -Tyrion and Shae...and that's saying a lot from someone who knows how much they've departed from the book version of Shae. -Theon's conversation with Maester Luwin -the roasting of Pyat Pree (Dacarys!) -The entire throne room scene in King's Landing, the putting aside of Sansa and her expression as she's leaving (priceless). -RIP Maester Luwin :( A part well played by Donald Sumpter. Bravo. -Varys being...well...Varys...with everyone. Even the face he makes when Littlefinger is awarded Harrenhall is gold.
  3. This episode gets a solid 8 from me. It doesn't quite break into the 9 territory because a) despite having so much to cover, the powers that be thought...Ros should have more screen time? Really? B) Cressen. Oh Cressen. His entire character is abbreviated and death seems so pointless. There was so much more profound going on in ACOK for him and having recently listened to the audio book and appreciated the character, the way he's so unceremoniously retired here rubbed me the wrong way. c) Is it my imagination or does Robb seem a little too confident? He's angry and rightfully so, but in Season 1, despite being determined, he had more perspective. Now while a lot of this has been echoed here, the good well outweighed the bad. The transitions (and use of the red comet) was a good call. Peter Dinklage continues to be the absolute best thing about the show, although his King's Landing co-stars have brought their A games as well. I am very impressed with the sheer amount of material for such a sprawling epic, it was well handled. I have already watched this episode three times and it holds up. I remain primed for the season.
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