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    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    Best episode of the season so far. My favorite parts where the scenes at the Eyrie and anything Tyrion-related, specifically the one with Oberyn. The snow castle scene was exactly like I pictured it from the books. Also glad they kept the kiss. Sophie Turner was great in jumping between innocent Sansa and (hopefully) the more conniving Sansa of the future. Sansa smiling at the death of Joffrey and slapping the hell out of Robin were dreams come true. :D I was afraid they wouldn't show the Tyrion/Bronn scene and keep Bronn around longer than necessary due to his popularity. It was important for Tyrion's plight to show he couldn't rely on Bronn anymore. Wonder if this was Bronn's last appearance in the show? Too bad we only got one ep with Oberyn left. :( Just when they're finding the right tone with the character. I feel they should have downtuned the brother-bits and brought the Red Viper stuff with the poison in earlier. Also would have been nice if they would have hired a really big name like Sean Bean for the role, kinda like shows like Shield and Sons of Anarchy have done by bringing in big stars on a one-season deal. They could have hyped Oberyn as the new Ned Stark of the show, and then shocked everyone by having him end up like the old Ned Stark. ;) Maybe Benicio del Toro would have been available? :wideeyed:
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    How would you rate episode 405?

    Very solid episode, and a step up from last week's, which was more of an ok/goodish ep. -Seeing the Eyrie was great, and they did well with Lysa. I can imagine the reactions from the Unsullied going from "Aww, it's nice to see her among family again!" to "Oh right, this was the crazy lady". -Cersei scenes were good as well. She's been pretty evil this season so far, so it was good to show some whitewashing to contrast it. ;) I was expecting ultimate bitchiness especially with Marg, so it's nice to see they don't always take the obvious route. -I think this was the first episode not to feature Tyrion?