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  1. I thought this was a great episode. My feeling was it put everything back more or less on track - Qhorin/Jon setup for the Jon/turncloak storyline; Bran/Rickon/Osha in the crypts; Theon/RAMSAY(!!); Jaime/Brienne. I didn't even mind Ros, but I'm trying to figure out why Cersei thinks she's Tyrion's girl. The only little thing bothering me now is Talisa, but even then I can see why they did it. They needed somebody for Robb to interact with as an equal, to be seen to be relaxed with and able to talk to. This gives Robb a way to be a more well rounded character and sets up the viewers to feel worse about the RW; she needs to be Volantene because if she were Westerosi there could be some kind of favoritism there. I just wish there were more Grey Wind. He really should be up Robb's nose more or less.
  2. You're the second person I've seen who has said that, and it makes a lot of sense. Although I have to admit that when I saw the scene, I was so focused on the idea that he knew who she was that I thought he made her eat so he could watch how she did it - lowborn girls eat in an entirely different way than girls of noble birth.
  3. I haven't read this entire thread, so I apoligize if this has been discussed already. What do you guys think Tywin is up to with Arya? It's clear that he knows she's not a common girl ("If you're going to pose as lowborn..."). Who does he think she is? How many highborn noble Northern girls could there be running around who have need to pose as common boys? Does he know she had been bound for the Night's Watch before? Originally I thought he just took a liking to her because she was smart; now I think he knows he has something of value, but I can't figure out why he'd let her have the run of the castle if he thought she could be used. Even if she were only a minor lord's daughter, I doubt Tywin would let the opportunity to collect a ransom escape. Could Tywin recognize her as a Stark? She *is* supposed to be the spitting image of Lyanna.
  4. Anybody else notice that Tyrion never calls Lancel by name? Just "cousin". :) Also, I thought Lancel looked *perfect*. Pretty much exactly like I imagined him. Sadly, he looks much like Loras, who is nothing like I imagined him. A bit too effete for me.
  5. Has this really been confirmed? Where are you getting your info? Just curious because they really are two of my favorite characters in the series. Do you think they'll cut the Bloodraven\Coldhands plot, or just use Osha instead?
  6. The actress who plays Brienne is either HUGE or there is some kind of special effect thing going on there. She was head-and-shoulders taller than Catelyn.
  7. I love the actress who is portraying Margaery; she really has her personality down. Same for TV Varys (spot on!). I am not a huge fan of TV Catelyn (I don't find her as sympathetic as I did book Catelyn). I agree with the Yara\Asha haters (she's just not what i pictured, and she has so far displayed none of the fire or charisma of book Asha. I also think she's not as pretty as I had imagined). But I don't mind TV Shae; she's pretty much how I imagined her to be, a self-centered, greedy, back-stabby whore. I can't wait until she gets hers. :) Love TV Tommen and Myrcella though. I'm a teeny bit annoyed that TV Theon is being portrayed as so sympathetic at this point. Kind of kills the impact of what happens to him later.
  8. Edited to remove dupe content, and mask future-book spoilers
  9. So have They confirmed that the Reeds are definitely cut? Because of all the changes, this is the one that really cheeses me off the most. Spoiler I have a feeling they'll cram Bran\Rickon together with Osha and have them both flee with her, and cut out the whole CotF / Bloodraven / Bran / Coldhands plot all together. Maybe they thought it was too hippie-dippy-magical for the audience to get into, or maybe they're going to focus less on the mystical bits and more on the actual war bits. Whatever the reason, I don't like it, especially if they cut that whole thing out. Notice they haven't spent a huge amount of time on the three-eyed crow idea...
  10. Gloria

    References and Homages

    Not sure if this has already been pointed out (this topic is huge) but among the Ironborn there are (were) a few men named Dagon...which could be a reference to Lovecraft. I'd be really shocked if it weren't, since Dagon was closely associated with the sea.
  11. Gloria

    References and Homages

    Not sure this counts, since it's self-referential, but at the end of the scene where Jon sees Sam and company off from the Wall on their way to the Citadel, Jon says something like "you'd better get going, Sam. The snow's melting in your hair." This really reminded me of Jon's leaving Winterfell and saying goodbye to Robb. Made me a little misty-eyed, to tell you the truth :) I hope it doesn't mean Jon will never see Sam again.