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  1. As I recall, they have developed specific dragon "species" as well, which I think is going to add some interesting elements to speculation, particularly when it comes to the question of the heritage of Dany's dragons. Certainly, it wouldn't be the first time phenotypes were significant in GRRM's work The personalities is always something I've been curious about, and the emphasis on different types of dragons only increases that. It's been suggested at various points that the dragons take on the personalities of their riders, but I'd be interested to know if vice versa is also true, only that it hadn't really been noticeable for most cases because many of the Targ kids were merging with their dragons from birth where they were sleeping with their eggs (this said, Dany's personality begins to shift from the moment she receives her dragon eggs at her wedding). If so, then the question of the dragons' own motivations and agency comes into question, on top of the already demonstrated situation with Drogon having the foresight to melt the Iron Throne. Do the different species have different motivations of their own, in a similar manner to how the different human factions do? Do Cannibal and the wild Westerosi dragons differ from those brought from Valyria in more than just their unwillingness to accept riders? GOT made a point in series 7 of showing those cave paintings made by the Children of the Forest on Dragonstone - do/did they have a relationship with the Westerosi dragons that informs those dragons' behaviours?
  2. She's currently working on both a film and is also starring in an ongoing off-Broadway stage production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which is why she's not been at the premieres or doing much press beyond the odd interview. She said the other day that she will be attending the London premiere on August 15th, though. Girl has just been booked and busy, so marketing opted to focus on boosting characters and actors that are available to be front and center.
  3. I think Sansa would be perfectly fine with Jon marrying Dany, as long as his parentage was revealed first. While this bumps him up the line of succession for the Iron Throne, it bumps him down the line for Winterfell and the North, and with Bran not being Bran anymore, Sansa is Ned Stark's one true heir (and presumably the popular choice in a vote of lords, given Jon betrayed them by bending the knee). This would allow the North autonomy from the Crown under Sansa in both theory and actuality. Jon marrying Dany without publicizing that he isn't Ned Stark's son means that Jon and Dany's theoretical children are the heirs of Winterfell and the Iron Throne, while the Starks are cut out of succession altogether, and the Northern Lords (should they seek independence) would have had to first overthrow a Targaryen Warden of the North and initiate a local dynastic crisis before being able to focus on rebelling against the Crown, which substantially limits their chances of success by guaranteeing a multi-front civil war.
  4. Bottom grade definitely goes to House Martell; everything about that was not just disrespectful to the characters but the actors themselves. House Martell getting shafted, combined with whatever the actual reasoning was for Natalie Dormer requesting to be written off, also meant losing a large amount of what could have been fantastic storytelling on the clashes/alliances that might occur between those two houses when the Sand Snakes come to King's Landing. I don't have a lot to say about the innovations the showrunners made to the original text, but the expansion of Margaery's role to take advantage of Dormer's strengths and prior work was one of the major highlights of the series for me. While they gave her a fine enough send off, I can't help but be bitter by the lost potential of a political landscape where a collaborative female power is portrayed comprehensively, instead of the almost uniform presentation of all the front runners as actually hating or being debilitatingly suspicious of other women. While the latter is certainly a rule under patriarchy, the Tyrells and (especially) the Martells have largely escaped that umbrella as the ostensibly ~queer/feminist houses and cultures, but never really have the opportunity to evolve beyond the role of side players with power that waxes and wanes inexplicably throughout the series at the whim of the main plot.
  5. My thought has always been that there is a big Val-shaped hole in everything about the Jon-Dany narrative tbh.
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