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  1. yeah that was a legitimate annoyance for me. The audience cant be hinted that it will be a former member of the NW if they don't have the word crow. And they aren't familiar with BloodRaven at all so they won't be clued in by the use of the word Raven.
  2. So Ive seen the closing scene of this ep like 4 times and everytime they hear the third horn blast I get chills. Their expressions and reactions are priceless.
  3. I see a lot of complaints about "major" deviations. If Rodrick dies, does it really matter it Theon swung the sword or if Ramsay did? Its irrelevant to the afteraffects. Actually, Theon killing Rodrick is stronger since all season theyve been directly paralleling Robb and showing how Theon tries but cant measure up like when he gave the sailor in Pyke the same speech about being hung like an oathbreaker that Robb gave the GreatJon only Theon got laughs rather than loyalty.
  4. Only if we get a dunk and egg HBO series.. and we wont. otherwise its a very significant clue thats thrown out the window just because the writers are being writers and think they can "jazz" up the source material
  5. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but does Bran ever call the 3 eyed crow a 3 eyed raven in the books? I don't remember him doing so and changing that in the show cheapens the hell out of it. 3 eyed crow is a legitimate clue to assume its a NW or former NW member but 3 eyed raven doesnt mean anything. BOOOO!!!
  6. Great episode The Dany scenes were sooo awkward but I did enjoy watching them. I may be one of the few, but I love naive show Renly. next week will be so saaad. Robb Stark was crushin it on the battlefield. next season will be so saaaad. For some reason that was the theme for me this episode, everything seemed optimistic and it bummed me out that nothing will go that way.
  7. Do we know for a fact that they haven't cast Ramsay? Or are they just keeping the casting under wraps so the audience doesn't guess that Reek turns out to be Ramsay in disguise. I'm really hoping for option B on this one because how else will Theon end up in the Dreadfort?
  8. Hes a bit younger in the books so I think the most action he gets is having Sansa stripped by the kingsgaurd. I don't recall if they say he was a virgin but we can assume so.
  9. Should they even cast Damphair? Other characters deserving screen time have been left out (Blackfish, Jojen, Meera, Ramsay? etc.) Why bother with him when an undeveloped drowned priest can do his part. Save the casting for Victarion and Euron.
  10. Luckily, im almost certain that Renly will get the shadow treatment in the next episode and all the hate comments will subside.
  11. Everyone gets aged up and it fits the progression of the story. Arya's character works fine as a teenager by book 4 and Sansa needs to be a bit older for when Joffrey strips her down, etc. If the Bran actor hits a growth spurt that might get awkward quickly though, a grown man riding Hodor won't look right.
  12. I assume theyll use Osha and keep Luwin alive longer. Either that or theyll introduce a Reed in season 3. They can't cut out Bloodraven and Coldhands otherwise there is no Bran plot at all.
  13. Anyone else with me when I say im not loving the Jaqen character at all? His look is spot on but his voice isn't really in sync with his manner of speaking. I feel that the whole "This man" routine works better with a slower, deeper voice. As of yet Jaqen doesn't exude enough otherworldly mysticism for what he is, maybe this will change at Harrenhall.
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