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  1. I am shaking and shaken from it. Partly because I cannot believe I was screaming "slit her throat" to Catelyn Stark.
  2. I am a little speechless. The best episode by far, so far! Very, very impressed. I can't wait to see what they do with other, unnamed scenes.
  3. I gave it a 9, but I am sooo glad they are splitting up SofS. This episode made me very grateful for last week's when the location was in one place and one central story. It seemed like they tried to get everybody face time. I read the books and I was getting dizzy. I really feel sorry for people who hadn't read the books. My favorite scene is the one with Jaime and Breanne. The actors work well together, and I loved the look in Jaime's eyes when Breanne slowly killed the third Stark man. The seed of change was beautifully implanted in him. Theon was wonderful as always. Disappointed with the razing of Winterfell, but I hope they get their sh*t together in the next season or two. Theon needs to be redeemed and he can't be with out Ramsay Snow. I'm very glad they didn't drag out the House of the Undying. I would have loved to have seen Rhaegar saying the dragon has three heads, but the snow (Hmmm. Snow?) throne room made up for it a little. However, revealing many of the prophecies in the book would have given too much away to the non-book readers (Robb with his dire wolf, for instance). And so, I am glad they cut some out. I am not a Dany fan and haven't been since the first book. And I wanted to believe that the producers disliked her as much as I did and wanted to reveal that a little. However, after this last episode it boils down simply that Emilia Clark is a HORRIBLE actress. She does not get that Dany tiptoes the line between madness and greatness. Clark is playing her crazy with delusions of greatness, and it is not working or endearing her. Not anymore. Least favorite scene also happened to be my second favorite scene. It is so dramatic in the book when the three horns blow. Of course, Chett is about to kill Sam, and so there is a lot of tension and build up anyway due to that. There wasn't as much build up in the show leading to the horns (least favorite part), but when they pull out and you see the numbers of the Others and White Walkers, I was blown away. Wonderful final shot of the season. I am excited for next season. Hopefully by cutting the book in half, it won't be so busy and there won't be as much back and forth and longer individual scenes.
  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome! It was a little reminiscent of Peter Jackson's The Two Towers, but I don't care! (There were a few moments when I thought Halidir, or someone in a similar role, would fall to his knees with Tyrion/Aragorn screaming in anguish.) I loved the battle scenes and appreciated the Cercei lulls in between. It was definitely worth the anticipation and the wait. Oh, I give a ten and, like others, wish I could give it an eleven!
  5. Because by making Myrcella cry, the writers are foreshadowing later events. And you have seen that the writers like to set the stage for future events, i.e., the sympathy for Theon. Also, it may be foreshadowing the fact that Myrcella never sees her family again. As of the fifth book, Myrcella still hasn't returned to King's Landing. I read in an interview that Martin gives the producers a heads up on certain things. Maybe they know something we don't.
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