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  1. Some further information about the book based on some questions I have been asked: It's printed double-sided on A4 paper. The pages look a lot like images I have seen of Martin's original manuscripts, but based on the double-sided printing and A4 paper, I am leaning towards the theory that it's a photocopy (or some kind of copy) of a manuscript. Some of the pages are a bit crooked, as if the original page wasn't quite straight when copied, and there are some marks on some pages that remind me of marks the copy process sometimes makes. I have taken some updated photos of the book, including examples of the crooked pages and the possible copy marks. There are more pictures of the interior pages than in the original album. The original photos were taken either in 2009 or 2011. The book is in similar condition as it was back then, except that the yellow cover might have faded a little (hard to tell because it might have just been the light in the photo), there is a small stain on the edge of the bottom right corner of the cover and the first page, and the binding is starting to come away from the spine (perfect binding isn't very perfect). I have included photos of those things too. The new album here. For reference the old album is here. Any questions are welcomed.
  2. Hi, That busy patch ended up being pretty long! I'm now in a position where I can look at selling this if people are still interested. I'll try to get in touch with everyone who has already PM'd me, but if I accidentally miss you and you don't hear from me in the next day, or you are interested and haven't PM'd me before, please feel free to PM me directly. Thanks, Birdsinger
  3. Hi, I've hit a really busy patch at uni and won't be able to make any decisions for a while. I have still got everyone's PMs and will be in touch when I can.
  4. A quick update: I haven't forgotten. I've just hit an unexpected snag and will need to wait a bit before I can make any decisions. I'll keep everyone up to date here.
  5. I've received a few PMs from people about this item. Thank you to everyone who has been in contact. I'll need to have a think about what to do. I have hit a busy period and will not be able to make any decisions for a few days but I'll definitely get back to you all and post here again.
  6. I posted about this item around four years ago. I apologise for starting a new post but cannot find the original. I am in Australia. I got hold of some kind of advanced reading copy of A Game of Thrones around the time it was released in 1996. George RR Martin kindly signed it for me when he was in Sydney one time. It's tape-bound and was read at least once before I got it so it isn't in mint condition, but I have tried to look after it since it came into my possession. I'm interested in selling it but have no idea if it's worth anything or not. I don't want to let it go for a song if it has any value, but neither do I want to rip anyone off. My usual strategy would be to go by the price of copies that have sold before, but this seems to be too rare for that. I have a few pictures here: Album A Game of Thrones. What do people think? Thanks in advance, Birdsinger