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    How would you rate episode 209?

    I agree, Masterfully done episode, when considering the dialogue and acting. The characters are what makes this series so wonderful. The epicness of the battle of Blackwater was lost. I just do not see whay everyone is giving it a 10, Unless its a "10 considering the lack of funds they had for the battle scenes" regardless, I loved the episode, just trying to bring things down to earth a bit. Inject a little reality
  2. saucyjak

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Ive posted on this forum 4 times. The only other post is in literature reccomendations. Why do you say I enjoy picking fights? Many times on a forum thread such as this, many wouldn't bother to post agnist the vast majority because of responses such as yours. As many people that are rating this Ten, They are ALL saying, basically, that the episode could not be better or improved upon. I enjoyed the episode, I never would of read ASOIF if not for seeing this excellent series. I guess My knowledge of the cost of CGI is lacking, That doesn't mean Im gonna jump on the fanboy wagon and say how awesome the battle was when it could not even come close to what is described in the book. Yes the Green fire was quite nice, But the actual fighting was pretty lame IMHO. The fact that they changed the batlle ALOT more then just leaving out the chain, also did not impress. Somone has to counter the "Awesome Awesome 10, 10 ,10 comments, with some reality. I would rate the episode a 9, without the battle, and a 6 with the battle. MHO, that is if Im allowed one without being accused of picking a fight, which I am not, nor am I trolling,
  3. saucyjak

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Let me Clarify, I LOVE the show and the books, Just dissapointed with the battle scenes. Been waiting for this episode and my expectations were too high I guess.
  4. saucyjak

    How would you rate episode 209?

    If I remember correctly Tyrion was injured fighting on a half sunken galley. Killed his horse, ended up on a the ship, bodies coming in from the river. There was a wall of fire he looked into...etc..etc I just can't see how anyone who read the book thinking it was done even 5% of of the quality of what was in the book. I realize there are budget contraints, but I just do not understand all the accolades.
  5. saucyjak

    How would you rate episode 209?

    Good episode, But, I just do not see how everyone is rating it so high. The battle of Blackwater wasn't anything like the book and was dumbed down and cheesy. I love the show, But the battle was terrible. With CGI nowadays, no excuse for not following the book more closely. I think it looked like a B movie battle actually. Dark and cheaply made. My opinion.
  6. saucyjak

    Fantasy and SF Recommendations: Series

    My 1st Post. Ive been on a search for books to tie me over until GRRM releases his next installment. Acacia is the best Ive found yet. I just cannot say enough about Acacia and The Other Lands. Id rank these books just under ASOIF. The great thing is that the final installment "The Sacred Band" is due to be released on Oct 4th. Certainly there are gaps in the plot etc. But to me, it was a page turner and sucked me in fairly quickly. The world is a memorable one and it reads well. Also after being a bit dissapinted with the plot moving foward in ADWD, there is no problem with the way this series moves the story foward. In the last 6 months Ive read all of ASOIF, The Kingkiller Chronicle (2 books so far) and Acacia. They are all different, yet I inhaled all 3 series. I also must reccomend the entire "The Lost Fleet " series (more military SciFi) To add, I just cannot seem to get into "The Lies of Locke Lamora" for some reason. Next up for me is The Farseer Trilogy. I am a longtime Sci Fi reader. The Game of Thrones Television series sucked me into the world of Fantasy. Now I cannot get enough.