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  1. The only gay in the village

  2. As someone posted in another thread. Cat was a worshipper of the seven, so it makes sense that they married in a sept. Robb worships the old gods, Talisa is from Volantis where they worship R´hllor, so where do the seven fit into that picture? As was also mentioned in another thread, it´s the equivalent of a devout christian marrying a devout muslim in a buddhist wedding-ceremony
  3. I´m curious, when has anyone ever actually said that this is what they wanted?
  4. I gave the episode a 3, would have given it a 2 but I liked Sansas smile and Tywins horse
  5. I understand your point about male nudity and I´ve also assumed that this is the reason. And I don´t mind sex scenes when they make sense, regardless of if they are in the books or not. I thought the Renly/Margaery scene was really well done and made alot of sense. It showed Renlys frustration and Margaerys pragmatism in ways that seemed true to the characters. However when Littlefinger is telling his masterplan to two random hookers who just happen to be having sex with eachother. I can´t help but think to myself: "what the f-ck?!"
  6. To me it just feels like they´ve wanted to include as many nude women as possible. When will we see a man doing a full frontal nudity in every other episode?
  7. I had to respond to the "adaptation-tatoo" poster with some hyperbole lol, don´t take it too serious I´ve read the books, though I must have missed the lesbian sex scenes at LF´s place, the scene where Osha fucks Theon, the scene where Joffrey has the hookers beat eachother and many others. T&A that makes sense = good, T&A for the sake of more T&A = bad
  8. Here are some of the changes that I´ve had issues with, although we might disagree on their relative importance Jaime killing his cousin, turning him from a man whos two really bad deeds could be justified into a sociopath, thus making redemption seem unlikely Robb falling in love with Talisa and flaunting it in front of all of his bannermen, changing alot of things about the Red Wedding Now it seems that Cat will release Jaime without getting the news of Bran and Rickon, changing alot of things about her decisions Cersei complaining to Tyrion about what a crazy nutbag Joffrey really is, so why all the drama when they offed him at the Purple Wedding I could list more but I´ve already done so in the threads about the earlier episodes
  9. Adaptation: the process in which a tv-show based on a series of books turns into something utterly unreckognizable, where change is made for the sake of change alone, where the opportunity to show nude women is never missed and where the characters involved end up a complete 180 from what they were like in the original text Is that about right?
  10. Considering that the general concensus seemed to be that Jaime wouldn´t survive the night if he remained in the Stark camp, I assume he´ll be set free early in the next episode. Unless it´s a really long night (pun intended)
  11. I still haven´t seen anyone who wants a straight adaptation along the lines of "well they really should hire 200.000 extras for the Battle of the Blackwater otherwise that episode will suck". What most "purists" seem to be saying is that there are some changes that they don´t enjoy for whatever reasons. Some people here seem to like the majority of the changes made, some others seem to dislike most of them. Each opinion is equally valid
  12. I´m pretty sure that Theon reflects about having slept with the Millers wife on several occasions and that the children might be his. I don´t have my book here atm but perhaps someone could find that passage
  13. I gave the episode a 3, I liked the Theon scenes and the scenes with Sansa/Shae/The Hound, I disliked the rest
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