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  1. Truth be told, sometimes it's hard to decide why I like or dislike certain parts of the show because of my likes/dislikes in the book. I think they're doing a decent job with the show given that this part of the story arc for everyone is supposed to be in a stage of rebuilding/continuing to build. However, I also know that the show is supposed to start deviating from the books a bit. That being said: -Dany still annoys me and her storyline in Meereen. I know, and understand why she's going through this, but it doesn't make it any less painful for me. BUT at least there was some dragon to make it better because in all this I'm rooting for the actual animal dragons. -Arya's storyline... Jaqen... Interesting. -Jon on the Wall, I generally enjoy seeing all of that unfolding so not bad. -It's nice to at least see Dorne. -Cersei is still... Well... The best part of all of that was the small council scene by far. -Hey! It's Bronn! It'll be interesting to see the show truly start becoming it's own entity. I wonder how much will change. Too early to tell, I have a feeling.
  2. I never thought about this, but it would be cool. Not gonna lie, but that's possibly because I really like Javier Bardem........ I'm really excited about seeing who they cast for Meera, Jojen, and BLACKFISH!!!!
  3. Glad I'm not a Commoner anymore, and I'm finally on Feast for Crows. Sweet!

  4. With a day off that means maybe I will actually finish A Storm of Swords! =)

  5. I want to finish A Storm of Swords already!

  6. I want to finish A Storm of Swords already!

  7. Sometimes I want to kick my computer when it's being stupid.

  8. Sometimes I want to kick my computer when it's being stupid.

  9. So glad I'm finally figuring things out, woo! Now back to more reading...

  10. Thank you! I've been very careful about avoiding threads that might cause spoilers. =)
  11. I didn't see this sooner... Alright, then, I'm Mariana (most call me Mari), I'm 25, and I'm from Virginia. Love the books, though I'm not done, loved the first season of the show too (of course, I'm sure everyone here likes one or the other, or both as well). On that note, hello all! Happy to be here!
  12. I still need to figure out how to work this forum.

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