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  1. 7. Loses points because I thought it was bouncing around all over the place and I don't like Cat. The best scenes by far were with Arya and those kind of save this episode.
  2. You're right, he deserves some props. Few people can come off so strongly evil, it's some really powerful acting.
  3. The changes to Littlefinger are starting to get to me. He wasn't so open in the novel. I thought they wrote him very well in the first season, he was exactly like I thought he'd be. Sly and always 15 steps ahead of everybody. And this season he's telling Cat he loves her and almost getting Cersei to kill him. That is not Littlefinger, he's much more cautious and calculated.
  4. This is Arianne II? Come on George, we don't need a pointless filler chapter where all she does is find out Aegon landed. You can do that in the first paragraph of this second chapter. You don't have to pad out the page count!
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