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  1. As someone that has made similar comments in different context and had people misunderstand what I've been saying I feel the need to jump in and give Tywin the benefit of the doubt on this. I don't think he was saying Spocky was antisemitic, I think he was warning that the language used has a loaded history of use by antisemites and that as such its both going to be more offensive to Jewish people than you'd expect from the literal meaning of the phrase, and that its likely to cause people to make an association between you and them. Its not saying you're antisemitic, its saying "hey you probably want to avoid that specific language".
  2. But only enough time to evacuate the people, not all the equipment needed for their work or their on site archives. I didn't intend to suggest it was full at the time (hence houses) and my view of this as a very bad sign is with that in mind.
  3. The Israeli military has now taken out the tower that housed Al Jazeera and The Associated Press. Attacking the media certainly doesn't bode well for the near future.
  4. I really thought this was meant to be a cage match style, if you're allowed to take intimidation into account then the geese probably reign supreme, I wouldn't be surprised if even the Elephants weren't gonna fuck with that.
  5. Seriously look at how jacked these guys get https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-10/roger-the-ripped-kangaroo-dies/10599312?utm_medium=content_shared&utm_source=abc_news_amp&utm_campaign=abc_news_amp&utm_content=mail Photo is at the top of the article
  6. Yeah if they're talking red kangaroos that's another 0%. That belly weakness I just mentioned is something they've specifically evolved to not have, as they fight by kicking each other extremely hard in that exact spot which is what they'll do to a human as well. They're also way faster than us. Not surprising people wouldn't realise it though, and Eastern grey kangaroos might be more what people think of, which would still not be a great fight but better than red.
  7. That's hunting behavior and they're pack predators. In a 3 humans vs 1 lion scenario they're doing self defence, not hunting. They're not stupid, they will change their behavior for the situation. This video has an old lion defending himself from a full pack of hyenas until another lion comes along, even when it goes for the throat it's only doing a very quick bite and release so it can continue to defend it's flanks, while the hyenas attempting to do quick bites on it's back/legs don't even seem to be breaking the skin. The arrival of a single second lion is enough to send the hyenas running despite the huge numbers difference. The other thing to note here is that we're easier for a lion to kill then a hyena, it could very much tear our throat out in the time it spends on a couple of the hyenas. Our skin isn't particularly tough, and by being bipedal we're exposing not just our throat but all the other important organs in the belly. That's a weak point in most animals, but they keep it from being exposed by being on all 4s.
  8. Agreed. I think in general some are overestimating the strength and speed of humans and underestimating that of animals. A big eagle is severely lacerating the arm you block with while also hitting with a lot of force if it's come in from a dive. Successfully grabbing it with the other arm is not as easy as you think. Maybe picturing bald eagles is leading you astray.
  9. A literal description of the kind of person called to mind by using that word in that context. I'm informing you of the associations that some people will have to it. Not claiming you are that. Suggesting you not use it is actually, at least to me, assuming that you aren't what is implied by speaking that way.
  10. Here's a suggestion - if you want to communicate your point accurately in a language that isn't your primary one, and a bunch of people tell you that the words you're using lead people to think you mean something you insist you don't, maybe try taking that feedback on board. The explanation for why using the word "triggered" in a psychological context is a bad idea takes several steps and you don't sound interested in having them described, but the short answer is that it's making fun of PTSD for the purposes of ridiculing reasonable accommodations made for people that need them. And then years of meaning creep broadened the usage. But if you use it in a way that's ridiculing someone for having an emotional reaction to something, and that could have been thrown at you probably more than 5 times in this thread alone, you're going to come across as a fuckwit gamer or that sort of personality. If that's the impression you want to convey, then knock yourself out. If you don't, consider changing your language choice.
  11. I must have missed any examples of people finding Native American outright offensive on its own rather than simply preferring the other option. My knowledge is primarily coming from the Australian perspective so I tend towards indigenous (which should be capitalized when referring to a specific group, such as Indigenous Australians). Has that got much history of usage in the US and Canada? I think I've been following the lead of Fury by using that, so hope that's without the troubled history.
  12. This had me wondering what the AP stylebook said about the terms, I just looked it up and it still claims Which surprised me. It does state for Indigenous Australians And I doubt they receive more advocacy from Australia than the US, so I'm guessing they had more push back on making a similar statement. No comment on who that push back would have been coming from though. Given the clear fact that some groups consider it offensive they should at least be encouraging the use of Native American rather than making them seem equal.
  13. Just wanted to confirm that it's not just you who read that discussion that way. It's amazing how popular raw numbers utilitarianism becomes when the people who will be negatively impacted are a group people feel comfortable ignoring while jumping up and down about the well being of those they do care about.
  14. There's a reason I put as many qualifiers in it as I did, but possibly still missed one. As I'm talking about the modern awareness, the part about being people of color was meant to indicate that the group is not seen as white from the modern perspective. I'm less educated on the shitty things that were done to the Welsh than I am the Irish, the latter of which seems like it was used to "beta test" some of the awful colonial shit then implemented around the world. But both Welsh and Irish are, for the most part, seen as white people by the modern anglosphere. The difficulties that remain are different to the way that the US and Canada continue to treat Indigenous Americans, and Australia treats Indigenous Australians.
  15. 1st bolded - yeah I was about to reply commenting that the UK not having an indigenous population which has been subject to invasion and colonization in the last few centuries, with that indigenous population being people of color who have faced continued discrimination, dispossession and at times acts of genocide, probably results in less widespread awareness of and engagement with this issue. That said Australia does very much share that similar treatment of our Indigenous Australian population and while I'm aware of that phrase being a slur, there's certainly plenty of Australians that wouldn't. Plenty probably don't even know the respectful way to refer to Indigenous Australians though which is very much on them at this point. 2nd bolded - you've hit the nail on the head, that's exactly the difference.
  16. I mean this with complete sincerity - thank you. I was going to make the same point and it had a surprisingly large impact on my state of mind to see you making that point first, and saving me from needing to.
  17. Answered that question for myself, it's actually about the ways they've made clone squad 99 visually distinct from the regs resulting in making them much paler, and also for Omega. That's probably a fair piece of feedback to pass on and hope they take it on board - it's in part due to the harsh bright lighting most of the scenes are lit by. I'm sure some take it further than "providing feedback" but that's true of everything and doesn't dismiss the core point.
  18. Thanos was also full of shit with consistency. If it's all about the resource problem, and everything is all wonderful for the planets that he's already culled once, then he should be excluding those populations from the snap. It's been mentioned before, but Hela and Ragnarok had already killed more like 99% of Asgard, but he still shows up and kills half of the survivors and then there's no indication he spares that remaining half a percent from the snap, halving them yet again. Way to show it's really about the principle of saving people from themselves big guy. I'm ok with him being a contradictory and hypocritical douche, but by framing him as the protagonist of IW they give a certain weight to his position that makes it seem like it's reasonable, when it's not. And more problematically there are a bunch of eugenics loving assholes online who think he was right.
  19. I'm assuming that's about Saw? If you're going into this having only seen Rogue 1 and not the Oneron arc of TCW I can see how it would look that way, but his skin wasn't that dark in TCW - the change was casing Forest Whitaker as him. I'd rather shows and movies take the option to diversify the cast so it seems ok to me that they'd try to bridge the two looks and keep it at least somewhat consistent with the animated appearance which is a lot closer both in chronology and character arc to TCW than it is to R1.
  20. To respond to another point from that thread about Thanos having a stupid plan - what he needed was a genophage instead of this one off halving.
  21. @Poobah late replying to your post, but spare a thought for those of us who had years of her last appearance in TCW being her walking away from Anakin at the Jedi temple. They framed that shot so well to contrast with Vader arriving with the clones and then again with a particular scene in Rebels that's part of what was my favourite sequence in all of Star Wars until the siege of Mandalore replaced knocked it off it's perch. They also managed to work her into Anakin's fall even better than her being killed off would have been.
  22. Yeah I'm going to disagree on Jessie, she's utterly gorgeous as well. I think we can just say this show is not short on eye candy full stop lol. But also... Whoops quoted the wrong post and can't delete on my phone sorry Agreed with this as well, even Daisy Head as Genya had a really unusual and striking look while being gorgeous rather than the more conventional beautiful look. And if I were male attracted Kit has got something going on.
  23. Yeah that's the one I was thinking as well. I still think 13 is a few too many Forsaken, we don't get to know all of them well enough to carry through the threat - at least when you take resurrecting them into account - but I'm not sure how you can deal with that. Maybe playing up some of them as though they're a higher tier which was kinda the case anyway. The resurrecting can play into the threat as well, but only if they feel like a threat in the first place. Maybe keep it for Lanfear but Aginor and Balthamel are chumps before they die and chumps after they're resurrected. Which again is actually part of the point, that their reputations greatly overstate some of them, there's a reason they joined the shadow and for some of them it's essentially that they were losers.
  24. With it being ridiculously easy for members of minority groups to be slotted into the "notionally criminal" category without having done anything at all I think this is a fair bit of it. I also maintain that the US also views violence as an acceptable method of resolving issues more widely than most of the countries we're comparing it to in conversations like this. For that matter it also accepts far greater numbers of police and far more police interference/involvement in day to day life for everyone than those same countries.
  25. Scot - calling a shot where you aim for the leg, ie a smaller target, a trick shot is deliberately misleading and you know it. A trick shot would be using the ricochet to shoot someone, not just aiming for a different part of the body. Achilles tendon or bust! If I were seriously demanding they aim for the Achilles tendon then Scot's suggestion of it being a trick shot might actually have merit when you're face to face.
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