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  1. Haha you've preemptively answered my next question, because I was wondering about that. I guess each person just fixated on their own quarter so knew where it was, and there was a general respect for the sanctity of the queue.
  2. The wonderful thing about politics is that it's invisible when it aligns with your beliefs if you don't stop and examine it. Thinking art is getting more political just means your beliefs are getting less dominant and of course you'd be upset about that. This whole thing started because I praised the show runners for choosing to show a small piece of the racism that existed in the 80s, I could easily think this isn't political - that it was simply injecting a greater level of realism into the show. Ditto with showing the government experiments, which are based in things the US government actually did and is one of the central plot points of the show, left traumatised people that survived the experiments and these people never had justice. More realism for the story. I don't see it that way, and its not, but neither is the opposite in the many pieces of art that chose not to show these things. And I'm not telling artists what to do, I'm expressing my appreciation for what they did do. @Gertrude were the quarters on the screen the queue for the machine? Reminds me of pool tables in bars, but I was too young for that in arcades in the 80s/didn't have local access to one.
  3. And the zone is an excellent setting for creepy supernatural stuff. A Russian version of ST set there would have me convinced it's ending in tragedy and now I want a spin off. Someone I follow on Twitter complained that this didn't actually become a thing until the 90s so it's a bit inaccurate/they joked that Mike lit the spark that burned into gamergate (their idea of starting it, my word choice to riff on the last Jedi trailer). If Will is actually queer, as was often suggested by others in season 1, it would help since Billy then wouldn't be the only one. Still a shit character at this point though.
  4. The Aussie commentary speculated tonight that while this might have been the original plan when Quintana was suddenly showing life again you potentially let him back inside a minute if you go with that plan and it wasn't worth the risk. Particularly when they seemed pretty confident they would take it again tonight and did.
  5. Quintana is clearly either carrying illness/injury or paying the price for the Giro this year. I agree with the Aussie commentary that in previous years he has looked like he needed the time to ride into form, so I'm not sure why it seems to have gone the other way. Generally speaking I also find he performs much better than the colder weather of the Alps than the warmer climbs in the Pyranees, but yesterday was the cooler day so that clearly wasn't what is going on this year. Really frustrated that the other contenders waited for Froome and Aru after their stuff up, the stage could have caused much more shake up but Froome is clearly vulnerable now.
  6. Given the speed of the descent, if Froome had looked back to see if Richie was OK the headline probably would have included Froome crashing out of the race as well, possibly with a worse injury than Porte. That's just not even a safe thing to suggest, assuming he even knew. He and Richie are genuine friends from their time together at Sky, if he knew the crash had happened I'm positive he'd have been worried - its not remotely comparable to attacking because you saw the yellow jersey put their hand up with a mechanical and literally rode under his raised arm in your attack.
  7. I was holding my breath till I saw Porte move when the guy looked like he might have been checking for a pulse, that looked really nasty.
  8. I thought the explicit reveal of Odin's name, and the revelation of Easters power in response to his dedication, made sense as the climax to the season. If you look at the arc of the first (for Wednesday and Shadow) as "getting Shadow to believe in him" then at that point he's teteering on the brink of belief already after watching a storm and lightning summoned into clear sky and used as a weapon, he needed to be told who it was he believed in. And there are always people who haven't figured things out and it's better to clue them in at some point.
  9. Do we have the tour route yet? Are they taking them over pavé again this year? As that's one of the things that Froome has been hit and miss on, and an early shake up there could really open it up for Porte (and I'm switching from my Quintana #1 Porte #2 hopes to Porte #1 this year).
  10. The finale (I think) of the first season of The 100 used it as well, it's a fantastic piece of music so the only surprising thing to me is that it went that long without getting used more. I put it as my favourite Radiohead track and while I'm not the most diehard fan I still think that's saying something. I think all of that is part of the point though. We aren't morally consistent like this, we just need that little thing to other a being and then we are capable of horrible treatment of them. Its a dark and cynical take, but I think its a reasonable argument.
  11. I think its reasonably safe to assume they will be revisiting exactly what happened there, or at least confirming the mechanism of her powers. I really enjoyed it, I like that its threading the line between 'actually lost contact with reality' and 'normal is just how society defines it' with a more nuanced portrayal of the way you can convince someone they are crazy. It helps when they're having experiences that are not possible with our current understanding of reality, but the underlying thing there is that sustained gaslighting will undermine everyone. I'm also not so sure that even linked up with the not-Xmen that it would devolve into a super hero group. Is there any indication they're using their powers to help people generally? It could just as easily be something more like magneto where they are defending themselves or even at the far extreme something more like Sato in the anime Ajin - toying with humans is entertainment when you've got godlike powers. The tone of this just doesn't seem set up for it to head that way, they certainly didn't seem to have any compunctions about killing a bunch of soldiers.
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