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  1. I find the idea he would have put his hand up to testify against a cop rather dubious if he were a drug dealer. He wouldn't have been doing anything to draw attention.
  2. It wasn't a drive by, that early detail was wrong. He was apparently killed by 3 guys that drove 4.5 hours from Louisiana to buy 12 pounds of weed. And him being a drug dealer somehow went unknown through the trial even though it would normally have been seized upon to discredit a major witness against a cop. I thought it was possible this was a cop reprisal beforehand, this supposed explanation just makes me almost certain it was. I guess a reprisal killing doesn't work as a deterrent if the story isn't so transparent that everyone can see through it.
  3. And that's a fair point and definitely something that should be a consideration. I don't object to deficit spending and the solutions need to be large scale not individual. Its a separate point to the fact that petrol is cheap because its subsidized via externality, but its not a point that should be neglected. If we want to level the playing field then non polluty stuff needs to have equivalent subsidies in 1 way or another.
  4. Thanks, I couldn't have answered that better. Yes its going to cost money to fix this, but not as much money as it will cost the future to deal with the consequences of ignoring it. Even if you're a selfish callous fuck that doesn't judge mass deaths in other parts of the world as a problem, it's still going to cost you monetarily in the long term. The problem there is all the people that think they'll be dead before it happens and don't actually care enough about their kids to spend a cent changing it. Taxing petrol to a level that actually reflected the true cost to the world of its use would have a significant short term impact, but it should also be earmarked for spending on alternative energy and transport options to bring down the costs of those alternatives.
  5. You wouldn't see such disparity in the cost of petrol vs electric cars if we stopped allowing the fossil fuel industry to externalise so much of the cost. But we show no inclination to change that at all
  6. Yeah its beside the point so I rarely bring it up but I think a few school days lost to these strikes etc are far more educational than the handful of school days would have been for the kids taking part. If Gen X and Millenials had had similar education and familiarisation wtih strikes, protests and rallies we might have actually had the faith in our collective power to turn out in large enough numbers 10-20 years ago that we wouldn't be in this mess. Instead we had decades of the powerful convincing us we had nothing to protest over and destroying public confidence in, and belief in the legitimacy of, collective action. A school education is about more than basic mathematics and language skills. Its about teaching you skills for life and this? This is pretty damn important right now.
  7. I love when the people that think we shouldn't do anything cite specifically the examples where we put in great effort to stop something bad from happening as examples of it being unnecessary because... Nothing bad happened. Like yeah that's the fucking point of taking action to prevent something, its much better than dealing with the problem you didn't stop. The example I've seen quite a few times is CFCs/the hole in the ozone layer which 1) saw a massive global effort and 2) clearly was not a hoax, we didn't fully prevent it but motherfucker you do not want to live under a sky where we kept that up. It got bad enough as it was.
  8. If you think I'm arguing that even most religious schools would do this then I'm doing a poor job of conveying my point, which I think can be somewhat excused given the context of the person I was responding to. I don't think that most religious schools would do that, I went to a country Catholic school in the 90s and they wouldn't have done that even then. I do think that there are a handful of schools associated with the high profile assholes and they would do it. However irrespective of whether the right to expel a kid is exercised, its very existence is harmful to queer kids and can act like a sword hanging over their head. Its a lot easier to be more detached about things from the perspective of being 30+ years old, married and in a career - teenagers have absolutely no distance and everything looms that much larger. Some LGBTQ activists may go to the point of tarnishing all schools like you feel is being done, but I think in most cases you should parse the statements as being about schools which would do that, not all schools generally. And its the most militant schools/vocal christians that do far more tarnishing of the religious communities in Australia. The hope I have that the encroachment of US style religious bigotries into this country is all of the religious people here who are much more true to the vision of Christianity my parents raised me with. A huge part of the objective of this shit is to try wedge the secular country and the reasonable Christians to try force said Christians onto the same side as the bigots.
  9. Yes, because gay kids clearly always have the good sense to be born to families that already know they're gay and to avoid religious schools. Protecting and educating kids is the purpose of schools, not protecting the bigotries of their parents and their peers parents, and any kid can be queer without the knowledge of their peers, their parents, their school or even themselves yet. You put that kid in an environment where they can have their entire life pulled out from them and that's inflicting trauma on them that will linger for a life time. The bigotry is the shit that doesn't make sense, which happens to be true for your absurd hypothetical.
  10. Now. They're trying to entrench the right for employers and schools to discriminate beyond what they already have. Think the Hobby Lobby decision for what some of them are looking for. Its at the national level and 1 year ago the evangelical who had just been made PM was scared of how things would play to the public and lied through his teeth saying that the Liberal party would make stop religious schools from expelling kids on the basis of sexuality. *gasp* What a twist, turned out after he won the election that he was lying and a year later they are trying quite hard to go in the other direction. And it scares the shit out of me.
  11. The NSW branch is somewhat resistant to it, I'm far from a fan of Gladys but she's not one of them. Lacking a spine in standing up to them (and Alan Jones on other issues) is a different question. NSW Nats also help with this, their leader yesterday said the coalition agreement is with her and spilling her would be tearing it up. But on the whole? Yeah, the migration of American style political Christianity continues to seep in.
  12. Kpop tends to require excellent condition and coordination for the necessary dancing, not to mention charisma and the ability to handle a potentially rabid fan base, along with a minimum level of actor necessary to play your role in the band. If someone then jumps across to acting and has a decent amount of experience then there's no reason to think this background should be a problem unless you are familiar with specifically his work and find it lacking.
  13. I did wonder if this was meant to be the case and it just went over the head of me, and apparently many others, since the descriptions of him were rather spare. I can actually understand Nynaeves initial attraction if he looks like that rather than my very vague mental image haha. On the second part - I'm not sure, I hope Logains role is built up that much though.
  14. I can actually see the concern that that particular actor is too young and pretty for Lan but I suspect make up etc can make it work regardless. He could also make a pretty compelling Logain though.
  15. Speaking of the music, I rewatched the anime Steins Gate which is another story featuring time travel (won't say anything more in case anyone wants to watch it) and there is an audio cue of phones vibrating whenever anyone gets a message or a phone call that sounds so similar to one of the music themes that plays regularly in Dark. Given time travel is a relatively small genre and I suspect Steins Gate would be considered somewhat influential if you're playing in this space, I'm wondering if that bit of music is intentional or just a coincidence.
  16. If you read the situation as Honestly the weird in between accent averaged out at sounding closer to Aus than NZ to me which is just weird. Its definitely an odd hodge podge, and if you isolated it to specific sounds when the NZ accent shines through you definitely can get it right but on the whole? Sounds more like me than a NZer. I think the idea at that point was The psychology of Yup this. The bechdel test is primarily a tool for analysing the media landscape as a whole - the trends in the industry etc rather than a particular work. There can be perfectly reasonable reasons to tell a story that won't pass it, the critcism is when basically every film in a year or a decade fails the test - then you can see the equivalent stories for women aren't being told. Perhaps that's what happened with most of them, Starlights mum signed on for a more intensive treatment course which is why she wound up as one of the really powerful ones? And testing whether the duration of administration has an impact like that is part of why they were doing tests with aware parents.
  17. Just going off memory - don't they get uneasy at the start when the guy is trying to talk her into throwing the match? Because they know she can't do that.
  18. The summit is also a set point where they have all the necessary time keeping equipment, there is no point along or at the bottom of the descent that has it all.
  19. Also I suspect that if they'd made the decision that disadvantaged all the race favorites in favour of the long shot Frenchman in yellow you'd be seeing a lot of people thinking it was bullshit for that reason.
  20. Yeah, its not a fair decision but the problem they had is that there isn't a fair solution. And a freak hail storm causing effectively an avalanche and mudslide from a glacier that blocked the road in multiple places is not something that could have been foreseen. They had less than half an hour from when it first happened to make a decision.
  21. Yeah I was thinking that it may have wrecked Ineos's plans for GT and given the win to Vernal. And saved Alaphillipe's spot on the podium. Saw this of the mudslide that was still moving after the riders were off their bikes
  22. Fair, the verbal descriptions of "mud and ice on the road" didn't quite convey how bad it was.
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