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  1. @Heartoficethere's a difference between a degree being taught poorly and the degree itself being pointless - from your earlier comments it sounds more like you were taught poorly. Which is genuinely aggravating given the amount of time and debt you need to invest in it, but it doesn't throw the idea of the degree out with the bath water. That said, I agree with you that society and employers having an expectation that everyone will go to university is not a good one - on top of all the other problems it also puts pressure on universities to act in a way that hampers the quality of the education they provide. I disagree with you on what should be done to address that though - I think trying to make degrees more connected to employment will just worsen the problem. Degrees should give you the framework and tools you need to be able to learn a job when you start it, not be expected to teach you everything you need to know about the job before you even know what exactly it is you'll be doing. For context if it matters, I don't have a degree and I'm employed in a technical job. Most of my coworkers do have one, and I think I'd have a hard time getting my job coming in from the outside now. In a handful of undergraduate arts subjects I have picked up skills that make me a dramatically better communicator than my coworkers learnt to be from their CompSci degrees.
  2. Well and truly into nitpicking but I've generally seen gender-fluid being one of the ways someone can be non-binary rather than entirely discrete identities - non-binary essentially being another umbrella term. Also a good time to point out for those unaware - while Desire has fluid pronouns, the actor playing Desire is also non-binary and uses they/them.
  3. That would also make Christina the entity that Bernard is hoping to influence for his one path - that she will resurrect humans and/or hosts in the ruins of the old civilization perhaps.
  4. I think Christina herself is a subroutine of the city management program, Teddy and the boss are also subroutines so represent Christina talking to herself and it's a repetition of the bicameral mind stuff from S1. The city management system as a whole manages the daily loops of the humans, writes the narratives etc, but manual orders issued from the tower have escalated privileges and override the automated system. Given Hale was monitoring Christina it's clearly not an accident that the subroutine exists and I think "trying to recreate the magic of what Ford and Arnold did with Dolores" is a reasonable explanation for what she's been hanging around in the human world trying to do. As the Christina subroutine becomes sentient is able to integrate and control other subroutines. It's possibly going to wind up as a more generalised artificial super intelligence that isn't constrained to a body in the way the rest are, Nolan certainly has form on interest in that subject as well, so it is still another advancement on top of the hosts - even if it took a simulated body to get there. Under this theory what happened in the bath was that she realised the sensation of drowning was entirely in her mind, not an actual physical sensation.
  5. There's interaction from Christina's perspective, but are they even real people? The roommate could easily not be, and earlier in the season I thought it was odd how he just appeared behind her when she tried search for Dolores Abernathy. My guess is there's an empty office, no boss and no roommate.
  6. I guess it's all just about clearing the suspension of disbelief threshold to get you to emotionally invest in the game. It cleared it for me and was one of the best and most emotional gaming experience I've had. But I didn't try playing it on launch, and I wasn't a CDPR fan so neither my expectations or first impressions had been particularly altered. I can certainly see how playing early and being burnt by it would make it much harder to clear that bar and emotionally invest in it. ETA: I would be very mad if they pulled a BioWare and just canned the IP like BW did to Andromeda, but that really doesn't look like what's happening Jace. The last patch did a lot.
  7. Stubbs knows Bernard is saying goodbye and let's him assume it's because he (Stubbs) won't make it when it's actually because Bernard won't make it. I assume if he tells Stubbs the truth then Stubbs won't do what he needs to do. I'm not sure what's going on with Christina. Best guess is that she's basically a simulation running in reverse augmented reality. So the world around her has been real but everything interacting with her is not. She was able to actually interact with the world when giving orders but as Teddy says this fails once William jacks up the volume on the tower.
  8. I was really looking forward to this and convinced Brook to give the first episode a try, we wound up binging 8 episodes last night and finished the last 2 tonight. Neither of us have read the comics but absolutely loved this. It was beautiful, touching and sincere. Episode 6 was the best for my tastes, but I don't think any of them were weak. And I could see that there were a lot of pieces being lined up for later plots in a way I'll actually remember them which is nice. ETA: I loved Matthew. Yes his voice is jarring, it actually sounds like they used a different recording method for it - it's so crisp and clear, but that was a feature for me. It made it more surreal in a way that enhanced that this is a story about dreams.
  9. The complete lack of any serious measures around water security in the US is honestly one of the things that's most baffling to me. Maybe Australia had an extended severe drought at the right time, and one unconnected to climate change at that, to get people to care at least somewhat about water because i just can't see that shit flying here. A bunch of the western US states really need to have a similar concern to ours but there's been access to these huge water sources from well across the country that has let it fly under the radar.
  10. Ashford was coming from a much lower starting point, so more room to improve. Drummer was made up of multiple book characters but none of them were "bad", book Ashford was just a bad character.
  11. I thought it was clear from the first arrow sign on the grate that this was simply host Caleb's route and Hale was letting them stack together to see how far he could get, and what he'd ultimately do. The roof top he finally got out onto being the same (or similar) to the roof he was working on in the first ep of the season just really cemented that this was intended all from the start. I also think this episode confirmed that original Caleb was indeed shot by the people he thought were his reinforcements and that Hale waking him up in that site office is the start of Host Caleb's loop. That's why real Maeve was indeed buried there.
  12. Vingegaard certainly won me over waiting for Pogacar like that. Best climber this year and well and truly worthy. Must feel fantastic to win the last mountain stage in yellow
  13. I've only really known her since she got her current job, but I'll say one thing for her... She's made an impression. I assume she'll make a similar one hitting the ground.
  14. I really liked the moral choice given to Hughie along with the justification for it when viewing it alongside the others in that way. Turning into their fathers alongside projecting strength that's actually just a hollow shell covering up how empty and miserable they are is contrasted against the father that didn't give two shits about what other people thought but showed strength of character in prioritising his son during a painful period. That was pay off that's been coming since the first episode of season 1 - he blew up at his dad about the pizza rolls after Robin's death.
  15. Yeah I think that's the best hypothesis for what she's after so far that covers both "why Caleb" and what she's trying to do with Christina. I yield to your superior grasp of the authors intent.
  16. My interpretation is that what we see is the way it played out the first time with human Caleb and real Maeve buried in the desert right up to the point Caleb passes out and gets woken by Halores, that's the point where we switch to Host!Caleb who gets the whole thing up to that point via replayed/reconstructed memories playing directly in his mind rather than via a reconstruction. As to why the hosts were able to stab him - maybe that particular safety feature is keyed into the hat and he refused to take one when they arrived in the park. Or Halores just made them able to override it. I'm assuming C was kept free of the virus because they're in hiding at that point. Caleb is either long dead or being preserved in suspended animation like William. Probably the latter given he's the other case we saw of them fine tuning a host version with fidelity testing.
  17. That transition from seeing what happened to Caleb and Maeve into future Caleb being tested was nicely done. I always appreciate when they let me put the pieces together just before it's explicitly shown - when we had Caleb and Maeve driving into the desert I thought "oh they're going to run into Bernard" but it was with a nice twist. Still not sure what's going on with Christina and her nu Teddy. The roommate was feeling creepy this episode too. I'm not sure why Wyatt Dolores/Hale would spin out a new iteration of Dolores pared back down to her innocent base which feels the closest to what she is. I really need to re-watch S3 though because i can't remember what version of Dolores that was. I thought she was the one with Wyatt at first but she seemed much less aggressive than the Hale version in retrospect.
  18. I've only just recently watched it but fell for this as well. I was expecting there to only be 8 episodes as I got into the second half of the season so was pleasantly surprised at the 9th but assumed that meant there were 10...
  19. They're also in Homelander's home. Between not wanting to actually kill Maeve and not wanting to destroy Vought tower I think his restraint makes sense. The criticism seems more fair with SB, but it didn't bother me
  20. Yeah I don't think he's had the experience of cracking like this before. He's still only 23 ffs lol
  21. I always forget that messing up your eating for a day can do that this to you as well. They're operating at such extremes there's not much margin for error.
  22. I went to check how far the sprinters still have to go and the race tracking doesn't even have a group for them lol. Wonder how they'll looking for getting in ahead of elimination. Still can't get over how fast JV crossed to Quintana when he went, he must have been at almost 50% faster than everyone for a few minutes.
  23. Lol came in to say exactly the same. Got me half expecting a positive covid test for him in the next day or two to blow up that spectacularly. That or he's just finally been introduced to his limits.
  24. Pog just looking calm and comfortable powering up 7% after 15km of climbing and dropping everyone except JV already
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