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  1. Just for everyone else The ballots have been terrible, everybody knows it, especially the Dems. Apparently.
  2. I'm only peripherally aware of her other than having known her boxxy videos when she did them, but I have vague recollections of Vaush defending his value to the left by claiming to have converted her from the alt right or some shit. That's also basically the only thing I know about him, other than that he was clearly acting dickish enough to need to defend himself. These people aren't in my corner of the net lol.
  3. I'm not sure why I'd need to read the book to confirm that the premise leans on transphobic tropes (which match her quite clearly stated political views) which are harmful even when that harm is not intended. The harmfulness of a premise doesn't rely on execution, poor or otherwise. I've already said that this seems to have been the case I'm SotL due to follow up comments and work. Given all this rl shit I do not extend that benefit of the doing to JK, but I still don't need to read the work to confirm that because it's the premise.
  4. Its not about what you can and can't do, its just about whether it would put people off from putting in that effort. I'm suggesting that it would, although I'm freely admitting I don't have data to back that up. I just want to make it clear that I'm not saying its not possible, but it is work.
  5. I think these two in particular are worth calling out and expanding on. For the first I think I'd also add that your election campaigns are so damn long that it plays into this dynamic - when there is always an election campaign, or a primary campaign or a shadow primary campaign going on there is "content" for news organizations to cover...permanently. This lets the coverage of an election campaign change from a rare occurrence to something that is a permanent staple in many peoples entertainment diet. Our campaigns in Aus are starting to get longer, but that's more of a movement from 6 weeks to a few months, its nothing like the permanent fixture of US electoral coverage. We do still get plenty of other political coverage on a permanent basis that forms a part of entertainment, but its not quite the same thing of the breathless election coverage. On the second point - I think its a combination of just how many things you vote on in the US and that its all bundled up onto the one election day. The amount of ballot papers are overwhelming and some of them are really not straight forward. We have a very simple House of Reps ballot paper here, and then a much larger and seemingly complex Senate one but with what we call "above the line" voting it can still be completed trivially. And that's all that we do on a federal election day. You could comfortably do your vote in under a minute and be out the door. We have to go in on separate election days for state and local elections, but in each case its still only a couple of ballot papers. By contrast the US has it all stacked up, and for your local elections you've got so many things - judges, coroners, comptrollers (i think?).... It all just adds to the complexity of the process and makes it much harder to feel like you've "done your research" for this particular election and have your vote all figured out. All these factors combine to deter people from making the effort (which as mentioned can be quite considerable) at personal cost (literal monetary cost and potentially career impacting too) to bother showing up to vote. Your system wants to deter people instead of encouraging as many as possible.
  6. I liked the baseball episode as well. The second
  7. Its a wonderful catch 22 they're caught in - bluntly articulate the situation and people like Altherion will dismiss everything they say as being alarmist and absurd, phrase it in a conservative way to avoid being dismissed as alarmist and those very same people will do everything they can to minimise the obvious implications of what is being said. I admire the effort you're putting in here and hope you're convincing some other people reading the thread because the person you're directly talking to isn't in this argument in good faith and isn't going to be convinced.
  8. The other thing when you're discussing turnout is that your entire system is set up around convincing the other sides voters to stay home, or outright trying to prevent them from voting. Your voting is on a weekday that prevents many people from taking part on the day without a financial consequence many can't afford, in many locations there are insufficient voting locations for the number of people resulting in extensive delays to vote. I would classify this as an issue with the system that depresses the vote turnout rather than something parties are failing to do to appeal to voters.
  9. His statement is really trying to dress up "I'm going to do this because it's in my interest, no more no less". Not quite as honourable as he's making out
  10. But I'm sure we'll continue to get told we shouldn't worry about influential and powerful people campaigning against our rights. People telling us things can't possibly happen that are already happening seems to be a bit of a trend lately. We certainly do know what type of women's orgs they are though.
  11. I was just engaging to disagree with you. You seem to be interpreting this as an attack on or criticism of you. My point is and always was that reality doesn't matter to the right wing bullshit machine, it will take fragments of whatever exists and manufacture what it needs. I have a pretty solid track record of refusing to even engage with people doing that because they're never acting in good faith. The fact I bothered to disagree with you by talking to you rather than just using you as a prop says I wasn't viewing you like that. I just don't think there is any other action that the Democrats in the US could have taken on the subject of immigration (so this includes rhetoric - not just actual governing action) that would have resulted in a substantive difference in anti-immigrant sentiment among the Republican base.
  12. Uhh...I have none? And never have. I disagreed with you that any actions I thought you were suggesting might have in any way avoided the current circumstances we find ourselves in, I intended no judgement of or criticism of you beyond that disagreement.
  13. There's obviously a connection but I do not believe it varies in any meaningful way with actual immigration levels. As Kal said it's just picking one of the Others to scape goat for everything wrong. That's why I used the example of my own country - the fear mongering is completely disconnected from any actual facts. You wind up with 98% white electorates with virtually 0 immigration blaming the handful of asylum seekers for the traffic being bad. That ones not a hypothetical, and in some cases it was the left wing party doing it.
  14. I don't recall seeing anyone in my circles arguing for completely open borders, but that might be selection bias. What I do remember seeing is people arguing for the abolishment of ICE as they are a relatively new department and borders were adequately managed under previous organisations which was deliberately misconstrued by the right as arguing for open borders. So I could understand arguing that that fight wasn't worth having and you should just try fix ICE, but i personally doubt it made much difference. They'll always twist it no matter what you actually say.
  15. Your argument is not that reducing immigration levels would reduce xenophobic anxiety about immigration?
  16. Trisk - from my memory of your argument it's functionally that if we try head off the xenophobia and racism by doing just a little of what they want. I don't believe that approach ever works, their fear mongering isn't rooted in facts about immigration levels. Maybe my perspective on this is different because the left wing party in my country tried this. Australia flipped it's shit over b literally thousands of asylum seekers arriving by boat - such a small amount it's a drop in the ocean. But out conservative PM seized on 9/11 and turned it into a massive wedge issue. Fast forward a bit and our wing government tries exactly what you suggest and it just made everything worse. It's still a poisoned pill for them electorally AND it resulted in my country rehabilitating concentration camps for the western world. You can draw a straight line from what we did though to what Republicans are doing now and what xenophobic parties in Europe are doing. So while I can see why you might think it would work, I wholeheartedly disagree. And you betray the people you're supposed to be standing up for in the process which is both unethical and also electorally damaging to left wing parties.
  17. @Kalibear but it's ok, the jackboot thugs won't be showing up on November 4. Because they already exist and are busy snatching protestors off the streets and carrying out components of genocide on refugees locked in cages. They can't poof into existence when they already exist.
  18. I'm pretty confident that anyone following Kendzior's advice to write down their values/normality in 2016 would be observing some pretty major shift when comparing to these sorts of statements being made now. Which was exactly her point after all.
  19. When there are as many people with the background or credentials to claim some level of authority or experience on states falling into authoritarianism sounding the alarm this is at least a little condescending. Your government is locking literal children in cages and sterilising asylum seekers and that hasn't moved the needle at all. Your government has deployed federal agents and snatched people off the streets against the wish of the local government and again there hasn't been any real consequences for them doing that. Your government has signalled loud and clear that it's going after people like me, your governments supporters have clearly signalled other groups they'd also like their government to go after. It's not fucking alarmist to be afraid that they'll continue down the path they're already on if they succeed at dismantling democracy, steal the election and demonstrate there are no further judicial checks on their power. It's having your head in the sand to presume they won't. Maybe what you're intending to downplay the chance they succeed at stealing the election, rather than the fear of what they'll do if they succeed but that's really not clear.
  20. CK3 - Weyoun is great, I loved him too
  21. Two reasons: 1st and most importantly they just put a murdering Nazi into the Seven, 2nd there was just something in the way Edgar filled Homelander in on the history of the company that gave the impression that association is still there. The 2nd is less solid to be fair and they could move in a different direction but its not an unreasonable interpretation of what they've shown us.
  22. Either I'm still not being clear or you're not getting what I'm saying, which it is doesnt really matter lol. A bunch of the replies to that tweet before looked like this one below and I was just very confused by it. I hadn't seen that kind of sentiment expressed before and this made me feel like there was a whole bunch of people who are basically orgasmic for Biden and it really confused me. As I said, I'm not actually critising his campaign or anyone for complacency here, I just don't know what the fuck you need to be looking at to see the campaign like this. The bolded in your post makes it sound like you are similarly not critical of his campaign but also not blown away by it either. Its just been reserved/solid type campaign trying to play things safe. I will even give Biden that he didn't just focus on beating Trump in the DNC but tried to highlight other things - I've long felt that the left needs to offer something to vote for, not just someone to vote against and he is trying to do that. So yeah, I really wasn't talking complacency at all today. Just confusion at the below.
  23. Yeah I rewatched it recently and it held up on the second run through. I was looking up her height before replying to this earlier and saw the actress for Shay as another search result and caught myself thinking "that's a bit weird since Tatiana didn't share any screen time with her, she was only around Cosima". She made those clones so distinct I genuinely feel like they have different actresses on set.
  24. Yeah, don't have much time for that type either, certainly understand nopeing out of anywhere you hear that
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