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  1. Martha remembers seeing Jonas like that though and the implication is that Jonas does likewise. I took it as yet another case of thinking they did something differently but the loop didn't actually change
  2. They could only live until 86 if they tried that lol. I wasn't picturing it as creating them without agency so much as torturing them until they do what you want. Which is awfully dark.
  3. The corridor of light is as much as explanation of their connection as it is a result of it. Their child selves seeing them in a way they don't consciously remember is the reason they feel recognition and deja vu. And the tannhaus machine isn't a working time machine, it's completely different to the ones in the loop and I don't think time travel is even possible in the prime world. What it does do is break reality creating the loop worlds. My speculation was that the things bolted on are meant to be magnetic bottles and he's doing something with antimatter. That's the delicious irony that I'm really enjoying from it - the he thought he was inventing a time machine to save his kid, he was very very wrong but it ended up working for completely wrong reasons. Or I guess you could decide that it did exactly what it was meant to do, that his machine involved a artificial super intelligence that manufactured the sadistic time loop to spur the unfortunates trapped inside a reality where time travel is possible to use it to save his kid. The only possible evidence for the second interpretation is that the loops are so overly complex with the layers of bootstrap paradoxes that randomly springing into existence in that way doesn't make much sense to us. I guess it could be the stability thing DaveSumm talked about though, an infinite array of alternate realities sprung into being but these were the only ones that formed stable loops and loops are what that reality sustained.
  4. So I saw this post from reddit that I think has me completely satisfied with the explanation of
  5. I did think the characters were speaking more in grandiose quotes than as actual people this season, but I took that as a shift away from realistic TV into more of a stage play tragedy with archetypes in keeping with the increased prominence of the Ariadne play so it didn't bother me. On your bolded in the first part And bolded in the second
  6. I thought it stuck the landing as well. Some of the late developments were quite well foreshadowed, particularly
  7. After seeing that trailer with Stormfront I thought to myself "that names a little of the nose" and looked up the character
  8. I'd posted this in the previous thread - Alexandra's Twitter bio states that their pronouns are they/them, so please do not use "she/her" etc to refer to them. This should be done irrespective of your take on this situation.
  9. Schwab has copped to this, said it was out of line and that she's regretted that interaction. Whether you accept that is a different question, but this is now an accepted and undisputed thing that happened.
  10. Seeing this right after coming out of a call with one of our executives that had been candidly talking about how bad the situation is looking at the moment, and that situation being largely driven by government policy (which has led to China's government now attacking our university sector as well) has me actually filled with rage.
  11. I think the density number alone misses something vital when comparing US "the burbs" to inner city suburbs in Sydney. In the US all the houses have their own driveway, their own garage and their own packaged up tiny slice of land in a back yard. Shops are largely situated together in strip malls with enormous parking areas for every single shop. Where we live in Sydney many places don't have a yard at all, or at least it's too tiny to even consider bothering trying for a lawn or anything like that. The houses are smaller, many don't have a garage or even a driveway. Most importantly is that the shops are integrated into the suburb, mostly situated around the "main" couple of streets (never literally called Main St) that you typically can just walk up for most shopping and eating out needs and owning a car is not a requirement at all. We live in a relatively quiet side street that's as short a walk to the shops as it would be to walk from the edge of the car park into a Walmart, Albertsons or any of the US equivalents. The closest mall that we do have is right next to a park and the only parking area it has is on the roof - not an enormous most of car parks.
  12. Looking at the actions of NSW police after our protest yesterday, it looks like some of ours are thinking "I want to get in on some of that brutality action". Herding a crowd into an enclosed space and then pepper spraying them to get them to "disperse" when they can't because you're blocking the exit. All because they were "lingering" at Central station which is also known as waiting for a train.
  13. How do you think he got his binders? By tearing them out of the hands of other people, obviously.
  14. And the more the protests happen, the scarcer the cop resources for brutality will become. I just saw that Seattle has announced it "won't use any more gas" but that the real reason is they're already running out of it anyway. And that they stepped up using gas because they ran out of blast balls, and tried to frame that as a moral gesture too. On the "Minneapolis police to ban choke holds" thing... Wasn't this knee on the neck move already banned? Not sure why that should be seen as much of a victory when they don't follow their own rules anyway.
  15. Yup, as far as I'm concerned the last week and a half has settled that argument. If the protests are destroying property, not harming people (unlike the police), and they're getting results against massive injustice that years/decades of peaceful protests did not then the moral argument is already decided for me. As I've seen it said either on Twitter or earlier in the thread - if every time cops murdered a black person their precinct was burnt down in response, we'd probably see a lot less police murders.
  16. Puts me in mind of this as well The way young white men get sucked into this shit on the internet is complicated, and at least in part probably stems from a correct feeling that something is wrong, but attributing it to entirely wrong causes. It seems to me that the cops have made a major mistake in assuming that because the public has largely accepted their brutality for years, then the public was on board with it. I think the reality is that a large chunk of the public, largely due to the complicity of the media, actually bought the bullshit justifications and lies. Now you've got the cops running around shooting peaceful protestors in the face (less lethal munitions), arresting people that have done nothing wrong, assaulting old white people for no reason, shooting and punching journalists and their cameras, the list goes on... And it's tearing the binders off a lot of people. There is no justification for police brutality. There never was and they need to be stopped. It might even help pull some of those young men back from the brink.
  17. With this grifting mofo you're only getting the novelty item (hat) included in your subscription to NeoBrownShirtsAreUs, the shirt itself is a premium purchase, with a price point that ensures everyone can recognise your devotion to the cause. There's even an arm band for those that want to join the elite inner circle.
  18. Would you look at that mcbigski, we're on a roll with finding some odd patches of common ground. I too am quite concerned about the surveillance state (regardless of which party it is when its a state, or the corporations probing ever deeper into our lives) and think that Zuck is a horrible fucking person that's a danger to the world if he ever gets the power he very clearly wants. His hard on for Augustus being so bad he has a (really bad) imitation of the Caesar haircut and called his kid August is really rather on the nose.
  19. Just another hypothetical where the election proceeds and Trump actually loses - Russian interference/hacking in an almost certainly blue state is exposed, Trump jumps on this to discredit the entire election result and refuses to leave office. Who makes him leave? If it results in a case that goes to SCOTUS it probably goes in his favor anyway, and he's backed by the 30% of the country with a lot of guns very eager to use them on many of their countrymen. That's just one option and it requires more of a legitimate election than I expect to happen.
  20. I just read a post that had been shared by one of the boarders of the cops walking in and lighting up a medic station tonight. They're still "just" using rubber bullets and tear gas but it's only a matter of time before they're switching to regular guns and just committing massacres. They're completely off the leash and there are no institutional penalties so they'll only escalate. Any groups with authority that try pull them into line are just going to be ignored, like the mayor and chief of police of Minneapolis, or actively threatened by the cops like De Blasio. I'm not a fan of the latter, but he and his family have been threatened and one of the cop unions doxxed his daughter yesterday (below for those unaware)
  21. Who do you expect to enforce the law if his actions overstep his legal authority with respect to attempting to interfere in the election? Because the police don't exactly seem too concerned about the legal limits of power right now.
  22. Don't hold your breath for that though when the leader of the opposition to Trump is just responding with a letter like this
  23. All good. It could easily have read as a response to me letting my admiration for our resident Fury show through and saying "nope, things aren't bad enough we have to admit to that shit yet" lol.
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