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  1. 22 minutes ago, Ran said:

    Midst of episode 6, and just to say that the sauna scene had the most atrocious rendition of Swedish we have ever heard. I actually saw a few days back that the /r/Sweden subreddit was talking about this, and I waited in anticipation to see it, and ... wow, yeah. They clearly hired some professional translation service, because the Swedish was all grammatically correct and idiomatic, but the pronunciation was somewhere between gibberish and awful.

    When I was able to notice "hey that's not how ö sounds" they're a long way off

  2. @john yeah fair point. I think


    That approach only works so well for the higher numbers as none of the bottom 3 pose a direct danger beyond the local level, and the bottom 2 can't even pose with indirect one. I guess Luther's good Daddy's boy attitude makes him easier to control as well and could justify the difference.


  3. 5 hours ago, john said:

    Is that powers ordering theory really from the comics? I don’t recall that. I’m not sure it works.

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    That means Klaus is the 4th most powerful? More powerful than Allison? Doesn’t seems very likely. Aren’t they just numbered according to leadership ability/loyalty to Reginald.


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    Diego stops Luther tackling Lila (to get the briefcase). When Luther asks him why, Diego smiles goofily and says he loves her.


    I'll try find it again and confirm, it was something I read online rather than reading the comics myself, but I will say I didn't explain it quite as well as I meant to


    If I'm remembering right it's not power ranking in the usual sense, but the risk posed to humanity/reality by their powers. This means that difficulty of control would also be a factor in the assessment - Vanya struggling to control her powers is a multiplying factor in her being the most dangerous. Ben might be a risk of actually summoning an Eldritch horror to Earth for real rather than just channeling it's power which would make sense for him being more risky than 5s time travel.


  4. On 8/5/2020 at 9:58 PM, Lightning Lord said:

    2) What is Luther's power? Prior to the S1 flashback infusion of ape genes, was he just "kinda strong"? Because even with the ape genes, he only held his own against ChaCha, who seems to be a standard (and not terribly jacked) human.

    From memory yeah that's it. Some context that's a mild spoiler from the source material which I don't think has been explicitly said in the show, but is pretty obvious when you stop and think about it


    Their numbers are in order of danger posed. Luther isn't number 1 because he's the favorite or the most responsible, he's just barely more dangerous than a regular human. At the far end of the spectrum Vanya can literally end human life on earth so she's number 7. I'm not really sold on Ben being more dangerous than 5, but we've barely seen the scope of Ben's power - I just feel time travel has some pretty huge risk associated with it.

    Biggest improvements this season were Lila and the difference in Vanya's arc compared to creepy stalker nice guy last season. Shaggy Diego was not the best aesthetic though.

  5. @Fez and that's all true even before you take into account the hospital's being damaged by the blast as well.

    Looks like my fear about the food supply was right as well :(



    The combination of cutting off the supply route and destroying the stockpile in the huge silos is really bad. 

  6. 12 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

    It's too early to assign exact blame. Everything credible I've seen seems plausible. I just fear the death toll will get much larger, and regardless of the outcome, others may want some kind of vengeance.

    Before we know more, our thoughts should just be with the dead and their friends and family. Who knows who did this until there's some more clarity.

    And with how to start providing the support I expect Lebanon is going to need. It was already in an economy crisis and the destruction of a major port is surely going to both worsen that situation and complicate delivery of aid. 

  7. 8 minutes ago, DMC said:

    AP has it at more than 70 dead and 3 thousand injured.  Obviously not trying to defend Trump, but I don't think anything should be ruled out yet.

    There is a world of difference between not ruling it out, which I agree shouldn't happen, and making outright claims of it being something which is not at all supported by the evidence so far.

    Unfortunately if the ammonium nitrate really had been stored there this long, the explosion being explained by disorganisation/corruption and being a genuine accident is not implausible and doesn't need anyone stoking shit by saying otherwise until the investigation suggests otherwise.

  8. There's been an enormous explosion at the port in Beirut. Videos circulating online show a fire burning in a fireworks warehouse/stockpile before it all goes up, I've seen it reported elsewhere that the fireworks set off a large amount of ammonium nitrate that was nearby. 

    No casualty reports yet, but hospitals are slammed and turning away some people. From the videos its hard to imagine this isn't going to have a terrible toll, and Lebanon was already dealing with a crashed economy. Looks from photos that most of the port has been damaged/destroyed and that's hardly going to help.

    Really hoping the location results in less people killed and injured than I'm fearing.

    First official statement is that the large explosion was confiscated high explosive material that had been kept there, which seems like there's going to be more to this 


  9. I actually liked the heavy drone utilisation of the battle at the end of S2 in isolation, the problem is that its the one case of the tech in the prequel being better than later on that actually feels like a plot hole rather than just a result of improving visual effects. Its an extrapolation of how battle might proceed from where we are now. If they'd committed to handwaving it by having the battle at the end of Picard featuring drone swarms then I'd probably be able to ignore it myself, but that dropped back to just a whole bunch of big ships all facing off with zero drones.

    As a result it feels like it needs an in universe explanation for why the Federation backed away from drone warfare, whether its another AI related explanation or something else. Because outfitting the TNG era Enterprise as a drone carrier doesn't seem like it would need to take away from any of its other functions, in fact the drones can easily be multipurpose and serve its exploratory and science roles just as much as its military one, while making it far more effective as a combat vessel. Maybe even just a throwaway line about shield tech reaching a level drone weaponry can't deplete them would be sufficient. Because DISCO S2 Enterprise from that last fight would have shredded the Romulan ships that give TNG Enterprise a lot of stress without even breaking a sweat.

  10. I wish we'd just go with a lockdown of 1-2 weeks in NSW, the longer you leave it the more painful it is. The track and trace is working, I'm not discounting the work being done there at all - just give it the time to do it's job without overloading it. And I feel like Gladys at the start of all this would have felt the same, but the bullshit politicisation of this issue and the PM are forcing her hand.

  11. 4 hours ago, red snow said:

    I think that's sort of the case. We never see him travel through time. He just makes it possible somehow. He more likely created a reality machine where the universe had to figure out a way to give him the reality he wanted. No idea of that's harder to make than an actual time machine or not. 

    Either way he didn't travel through time and my take was that it was the act of time travel that took its toll not the machine/energy

    Yup that's exactly my take too. It makes more sense to me in a simulation kind of context but it amounts to the same thing. He broke the universe until to make it give him what it wanted, to avoid being broken.

  12. 54 minutes ago, Werthead said:

    It is a bit odd seeing where people are drawing lines. Seanan McGuire noted she would have not been able to go to Nice because she opposes anti-Roma prejudice which is allegedly strong in France, but then you have to start looking at both cultural and governmental prejudice or activities which would make holding WorldCons in the USA, UK or Ireland (where abortion was still illegal when the Irish bid was first announced, and gay marriage had only just gone through) problematic. Any law or wording you could use to stop WorldCons being held in Saudi Arabia or China could also be used to apply to other countries, including ones where WorldCons have been held before with no issue.

    I don't object to Saudi Arabia being on the ballot, but I'd certainly be drawing conclusions about how valued the attendance of people like me is if they won. I think I'd also draw a distinction between "don't want to give the country legitimacy through my attendance/support political actions I condemn" as is the case in that Seanan McGuire example and "literally existing in this country as myself warrants legal punishment up to and including the death penalty" which applies in the objection to Saudi Arabia.

  13. 33 minutes ago, TrackerNeil said:

    Republicans are for some reason willing to let the nation burn even in an election year in which they have everything to lose. I don't get it, but, hey, that's the GOP.

    This isn't too hard to follow if you consider it from the perspective of they have no intention of allowing a fair election. I know I'm beating a dead horse on that point, but it makes sense of this behaviour.

  14. 1 hour ago, Derfel Cadarn said:

    Robin who used to post here saw this coming. I remember her prepping to move to Ireland

    Yeah at some point since 2016 I apologised to her for my previously optimistic view of things, she said not to worry and wished I'd been right. Feels a bit of deja vu since I've now got more than a small dose of that.

  15. 9 minutes ago, TrueMetis said:

    Longer video because the uniformed bike cops only show up part way through. Which means initially it looks exactly like some randos trying to kidnap someone (which I mean that's still what it is after the uniforms show up) so what's gonna happen when someone in the crowd tries to really do something about this?


    Yeah that's a much better video of it, thanks. Even just from the first one - people literally piling into the van on top of someone pinning them to the floor of it doesn't look anything like due process to me. And anyone that thinks this isn't too worrying as the people [that we know of] in Portland have wound up being released after trying to scare them is deluding themselves, there is a very clear line for where this shit leads from history and its not good


  16. I'm not sure on whether this stuff belongs more properly in this thread or the Police thread, but given this is coming from Trump at the moment I think US Politics fits better. The NYPD is following the lead of the federal "agents" in Portland and are taking to kidnapping protesters in unmarked vans as well now. The two I've seen so far are both trans women as well, because of course they come for the most vulnerable groups first.


  17. With how America is going neither of those options feels super safe for me to want to travel to at the moment, but I'd still be voting for Chicago if we'd remembered to buy our membership to ConZealand before covid said no. It's a bit of a cursed run with this taking out the non US one then back to back to bunch of US as the best case.

  18. 14 hours ago, BigFatCoward said:

    its a really big city?

    We have 31,000 or so, its probably too low to do all that we have to do, too high for what we actually should be doing.

    Where I work we have a population of about 1 million, with 1500 officers (local units only, not pan London units), Its not that many.  For 500,000 people we probably put out 40 officers per shift of what people generally think of as 'the police'.  Then you have all the specialist units, CID, safeguarding, safer schools, neighbourhood officers etc. 

    Even if everyone was on core teams, you need 5 shifts so only 20% on duty at a time, about 30%  of those will be off for training, sickness, AL at any time.  The numbers soon get worryingly low on occasion.

    The entire state of NSW only has 16.7 thousand officers which is still enough for them to be bored and wanting to pepper spray protesters. I know that population wise that's much less than NYC and less than London, but surely the huge geographical area plays some role in how many you need.

    I do think the other half of your first point is probably what explains a lot of it though, police doing a whole lot of jobs that shouldn't be theirs means you need more police than you should. And that's not placing blame anywhere for why they're doing it, in some locations its probably overreach and in others I'm sure its governments cutting the budget of everything else and police having to take up the slack. In both cases the solution should be to fund the other departments to do those other jobs and align officer counts with the amount actually needed for policing.

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