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  1. I stopped half way through the first episode and read a refresher which helped. My big problem was remembering which faces go with which names - apparently having more than one face per name really messes with your brains usual method of doing that. I was ok by the third episode though. I'll do a rewatch of both seasons.
  2. Struggled with the start of the season due to not doing a rewatch but damn this second season was amazing. The puzzle just keeps turning this way and that as details slot in but never feels like there isn't an end shape it will all slot into.
  3. There is absolutely zero chance that Shorten is going to try challenge, the media as a whole have not stopped constantly speculating about Labor leadership since things stabilised in 2013.
  4. He's also disarmed Dutton (from leadership at least) for the immediate future. He remains the one that scares me the most.
  5. I'm not quite sure why you'd think the bit with Peel came and went too quickly when in hindsight at least half the season has been about Carolyn manipulating Eve to get to this outcome. Back when she had the meeting with her superior melting down and she reassures her that "everything is going according to plan" this is the plan that she's referring to. When her pregnant colleague asks her about time sheets and Eve says she doesn't have to do any she gets warned that she's being kept off the books for a reason. After she fires Kenny he gets put on the clean up crew and he knows what's going to come but we don't, so when Kenny tries to warn her not to go to Rome we're left thinking its something like this When it is indeed something very specific - he knows its a set up. If the complaint is that the climax came and went too fast its because its a false climax - Peel was a misdirect, a side conflict. The main conflicts are the romantic one between Eve and Villanelle and the one of manipulation between Eve and Carolyn. ETA: Also the one between MI6 and The 12 which played out in this season by pinning the assassination of Peel on The 12. Also maybe in Villanelle killing one of them? In that fight he intimated that he's very senior within the organisation but its not clear whether he's actually one of The 12 or just higher than Konstantin had been.
  6. I don't think its solely that Qld needs pandering so much as they need to stake out a sincere position and stick to it. Adani is emblematic as a big issue that they tried to play both sides on and as a result they didn't get the votes in Victoria for opposing it, or the votes in Qld for supporting it. They can oppose Adani if they have a clear plan and actually sell voters on why they're opposing it and how they're going to create jobs in relevant fields instead of Adani - which won't actually create jobs anyway. I saw a couple of decent threads covering this broad topic, one from Adam Bandt and one from a former logger from Tassie. It doesn't have to be PDA though, just women together, men together, people with queer aesthetics (which isn't even reliable on a case by case basis but contributes to the feeling of belonging). There are plenty of Australians that I consider loud too, but I'm not one of them.
  7. That is almost certainly excellent advice. I had brought up the earthquakes before but its not actually something that scares me, more of a listing off of theoretical threats in different places. At least earth quakes aren't going to get worse from climate change. The commentary on the queer community isn't about fear of homophobia or even desire for the night life (we're boring and don't go out much anyway) - its actually about seeing random strangers that are visibly queer just being together out in the world. Helps me feel that I belong. You can undoubtedly still have a small community in a smaller city, but you're not going to have that same scale of people as we have in our current suburb (and I'm not sure we'll even be able to get that in Auckland so there is that). I agree with your assessment that NZ is more socially liberal and accepting in general and that's part of the appeal as well.
  8. We're city people through and through. I grew up in a semi country area (out in the country but culturally influenced by a lot of well off people that had moved from Sydney) so I know how I feel about smaller areas. Brook feels even more strongly and needs to be in a bigger city. We also derive a lot of emotional support from seeing other queer people around which tends to rely on being a certain size. I've seen the comparisons between Sydney and Auckland a lot, but one of the important ones here is that it looks quite similar to Sydney's climate minus 2-3 degrees, so the thinking is after 2 degrees of warming it will be closer to the Sydney climate we like. In what way is Whangarei's better? The issue with other Australian cities is that the ones with a cooler climate (Melb, Adelaide) already have extreme heat worse than inner Sydney during summer which will only get worse and will still be a bit too cold for me in winter. Hobart is too cold.
  9. Moving to Auckland is already our long term plan and the main impact this election had on it is further locking in inaction on climate change. The increasing heat in Sydney is the primary reason we want to move, assuming we can when the time comes.
  10. There is still potential for a lot of people to be harmed by this continuance of the worst of the policies from their last term (I can't hammer how horrifically harmful robodebt is enough) but on the selfish front I know I'll be OK if this is what happens. What scares me is if Morrison's "this was a miracle" wasn't a linguistic turn but literal - he's a Pentecostal with pretty out there religious views and if he (and his church) decide that this win was god ordained to fight back against the "sin" of the last years like same sex marriage things could get bad for me. I think his majority is tiny enough and the senate too opposed for that to actually happen after the postal survey, but I don't like to ignore how much "divine right" can twist a persons thinking. Hopefully he just wanted the crowd to respond to his "I believe in miracles" with "where're you from you sexy thing"
  11. Tassie has large swaths of the island that are genuinely fucked, there are no economic prospects and you're hitting regions with over 50% genuine can't read illiteracy. And neither party does jack shit for them, so they go back and forth hoping someone will eventually address it and no one does. Re: The polls - Labor apparently had internal polling that was only available to leadership that showed them never getting a majority so they knew this was coming. We met Albo at our polling booth yesterday (we won a raffle and he happened to be there so had a couple of photos with him) and Brook caught a glimpse of it in his reaction to a question. The members at large had no idea though. It means the polling can still be done right. Re: Messaging that cut through that I haven't seen mentioned here - Facebook memes were a big deal among the older cohorts this time and a big chunk of that was apparently "Death Tax" scare mongering which is wholly fabricated (despite being a very reasonable form of taxation) that actually cut through for what a lot of volunteers saw people talking about. Which is utterly fucked, another win for dirty politics.
  12. @Jeor that's true when the government is truly conservative in the sense of opposing change, that is not the modern coalition who try to make radical changes to society. They just get to frame it as not actually being changes. Things like robodebts have utterly wrecked people and it's not remotely fair or just and it's not the status quo.
  13. Shorten wasn't exactly from the left of the party though. They did try put up some progressive policies but thats a question of what rather than who. They'll just see their vote collapse to the greens if they completely abandon that because whether we're delusional or not, the left are sick of faillures to advance progressive causes.
  14. I think Albo has the charisma but scare tactics have proven pretty effective here and he'll get painted as a radical. I don't think Plibs will even throw her hat in at this point.
  15. I think this result suggests he should have resigned after the last one, he absolutely has to go now. The difference in how badly Labor were punished for Rudd/Gillard compared to the price that the Coalition have paid for Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison looks pretty glaring now. ETA: I think its Albo or Bowen that will get it and that neither of them have a chance of winning the next one - this assumption is why I think Morrison wins the next one too.
  16. If the mainstream is in step with you, then yeah I'm out of touch. Doesn't make it any less fucking reprehensible than you are though.
  17. Oh but don't you see, you can't change to Labor during an economic crisis because only the coalition are sound economic managers. Everyone already "knows" it and the media will do their job and parrot that that is the opinion of the country.
  18. Morrison will get another term at least, this is somehow going to last as long as Howards government.
  19. Well the one thing I almost got right was how early it would be called, only 30 minutes off. Fuck me dead. Have fun in Canada Pax.
  20. Crass or not, we were thinking the same thing
  21. If only the media actually challenged the narrative that Adani was actually about jobs rather than a prototype for an automated mine with minimal workers
  22. Looks like Jeor and I were wrong and the franking credit scare campaign was actually a winner for the coalition? I'm so fucking dismayed at the implications of this campaign for future elections. And what the fuck at how off the polling is looking, it would take a huge difference in the prepoll numbers to get close.
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