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  1. I don't think the "it's got nothing to do with rugby" part of that would have much impact, that is also true of other things like domestic violence. While the codes might not have done a great job at enforcing bans for this sort of behaviour, I've never seen any suggestion that it wouldn't be legal for them to do so. You may be right that the argument would boil down to whether this counts as "bringing the game into disrepute" though. Stubby - is it possible for the ARU to argue that his comments create a hostile work environment for gay players? Because they sure as fuck do and I like it coming from that angle better than the "damage to brand" one.
  2. I don't think jumping just the ship into the future resolves the season in a way that reconciles everything with TOS etc, jumping the core crew that we had minus Spock and Georgiou gives us a set up for future seasons that don't have any of those prequel problems and they seem like they've been wanting to set up those crew as the main cast. It makes the first 2 seasons feel like a very extended prologue, hopefully it means they'll have actual screentime to develop the rest of the characters. I'd guess the photon torpedo lodged in the Enterprise is what gets G and S off the ship and I wouldn't be surprised if there's an injury on board that winds up bringing Hugh along for the ride too.
  3. This didn't come across to me as a requirement but simply the way its coded. It simply automatically distributes them evenly around the edge of the slow zone because that's a simple way to determine the distribution with a variable total. Remember the protomolecule is essentially just a super advanced algorithm - its primary functions are effectively software even though its operating on a biological medium. My interpretation was that the Goths can act upon anywhere in normal space, ie in the universe. As the gates are on the border of the universe, they can stand in the threshold as well. Up until the gamma burst they are not able to enter the slow zone as its outside the universe, a pocket dimension or a reality marble or whatever term you'd like. After this book I think it likely that its "touching" the universe in some fashion and making the border highly energised lowered the integrity of the boundary allowing the Goths to break through into it rather than the pocket dimension being completely separated from normal space. I guess this is necessary for the way the gates anyway.
  4. I don't think, or at least hope, that ON will get multiple senate seats in any state - remember the last election was a double dissolution which made it a lot easier for minors to get in. In a regular election getting that first quota is doable, but its a lot harder to get that second. If they do it probably means ALP+GRN = 2 seats, LNP = 2 seats and ON = 2 seats since I doubt the LNP would plunge to only 1. Palmer has been really pushing the bullshit advertising and I'm really getting sick of getting it on YT. You're probably right to be worried though, much like 2013 there is a big amount of "Get rid of the current government" rather than the enthusiastic support for "Elect the opposition" that tends to translate into lower major party votes. I'm not going to hope for an ALP+GRN majority in the senate as the numbers for that aren't good, but hopefully the balance of power goes to someone a little more reasonable.
  5. Now you've said it, this seems really obvious but I completely spaced on it myself. I think you're pretty spot on here, the occasional Dutchman clearly wasn't an attempt to wipe people out - just a tat to say "cut that out".
  6. Ignoring my disagreement with the politics behind it, the simple marketing and PR mechanics of this Captain GetUp stuff seems...like a huge waste of time and money for the conservatives behind it? Its a) giving free publicity to GetUp!, The Greens and Labor, b.) Outright using their logos...is this actually legal? c) Intentionally or not its alluding to Captain Planet at a time when much of the electorate is concerned about climate change d) Unlikely to appeal to anyone that isn't hardcore in the tank for them anyway. Its just weird.
  7. I had a different, and more superficial take on Tiamats connection. From Babylons Ashes it's pretty clear that Earth/Sol (the birthplace of humanity) is Babylon (the birthplace of human civilization). Likewise Persepolis Rising is the civilization that rises to power from the ashes of Babylon - Laconia. Only in this case, Babylon isn't dead and the gods (represented by Tiamat) of it are pissed and in this book we get to feel the wrath of the survivors which fits in with the bit about it being the old timers doing the fighting. I suspect it's at least double meaning and both are valid.
  8. This sounds conceptually quite similar to some of ST:Discovery but done better (and I enjoy that). Yeah I definitely interpreted it as such, they've done well with seeding foreshadowing for stuff that comes up later in the books quite early in the story. On the slow zone - I'm picturing it as a bubble in the substrate, but the bubble isn't fragile - maybe more like a protomolecule reinforced beach ball that was slipped inside then inflated. When the gamma burst hit it I don't see what followed as an invasion so much as...this is hard to describe. Basically picture shafts of sunlight falling through the leaves of a tree - the structural integrity of the slow zone was wavering and shafts of substrate were passing through and destroying all matter it crossed paths with, like if the sun was instantly incinerating everything it fell on. As the leaves of the tree blow back and forth, the sunrays pass across a larger and larger area but its only ever 20% (or whatever the percentage that was missing) getting in at any time, so the Falcon got scorched but escaped - everything that was stuck in there was eventually entirely erased.
  9. Yeah I was less on board with it being a Borg origin and much more just wanting all the pieces to fit together by the end. A general preservation of species thing is an explanation, but not a particularly satisfying one. That means it's just *a* group of humans that were going to die but not that specific group of humans or that particular destination. The morality of that seems quite similar to the traveler program in travelers lol, pick a group that has no future in the time line. And I really want the kelpians or the predator species to have more connection.
  10. Ah I misremembered where it was, probably thrown off by how far it was but forgetting maximum warp now is a lot slower than Voyager. And I'm not sure why I missed it at the start of this episode, maybe just if it was mentioned by name and I didn't remember it by name. Any reason for why she saved Saru's people? That's another one with the signal she didn't send but she did show there. It was obvious when I thought it was Michael
  11. Current - Michael's mother did not send the signals and unless I missed it there is no indication for why she would have saved those people and put a settlement out in the middle of the Delta quadrant.
  12. I'm pretty sure it was peas. In shells. Well only a couple of peas, but a lot of shells.
  13. Yeah. I'd call it pragmatic and ruthless in a way we haven't seen from him before, and no I don't see him doing it before the time skip.
  14. So I've seen the theory a couple of times that Control winds up being the Borg origin and I don't think that's off the wall. What I haven't seen any connection to is the human settlement in the Delta quadrant - the plot thread seemed resolved at the time, but from what we know of the Red Angel now we have no clue why they would have been saved in that matter and the Delta quadrant is where the Borg wind up emerging so I wouldn't be surprised if it loops back around and the settlement comes up again.
  15. Cortazar explicitly says at one point that issues arose from the drones not being aware of the difference between maturation and aging, and that he really needed an adult test subject to get a better idea so I think him being an adult is part of it. I'm pretty sure it said in this book that they hadn't fired it at all until the slow zone which seems... Awfully confident your tech is going to work.
  16. It does seem pretty reasonable that for all their superior tech, the Romans may have had a harder time figuring out what was happening due to their unique vulnerability to the consciousness weapon. That could lead to some ineffectual flailing like the trap - I mean we also see them sending systems nova which I feel like the humans already know enough to figure out that's not going to work. The Goths don't exist in the same part of reality to be hurt like that. I realise this is basically saying the same thing you had said, so yeah. All I can guess regarding the Revenants vs Duarte is that the drones were trying to repair humans with superior parts, Cortazar was trying to improve on a human. And was also experimenting more than he told Duarte. ETA: I'm guessing the Revenants are the key to reading data from the diamond archive though.
  17. 1) I wasn't sure if this was me or something that they were doing, but I definitely had this too. Strongest for Amos, maybe in part because his name wasn't being used so they wanted it to be really clear it was him, but still very much true for all of them. Really strong for Holden for me as well. 2) It was fantastic. She's shied away from stepping into the spot light before - the XO, the supporting role etc, but here she was forced to step up. Particularly loved her agreeing with Bobbie as the "this is the right play" confirmation. And the heart ache it gave her knowing she was probably sending friends to their death. 3) I really can't decide on this. We haven't seen the substrate aliens manipulate our universe in the way that could do what was done there, let alone have control of the gate to move the trap. But the result of the trap certainly seems to favor them - the massive burst of energy into the slow zone allows the only time we've seen them inside the slow zone - until then it seemed like a pocket universe they didn't have access to. I still favor it being the Romans that set the trap but it's looking like a real own goal. 4) Older, wiser, evil Holden really meshed with Steven Strait for me, so this ties back in with 1). I wonder if there's anything more to his mental construct of Avasarala than just being really alone. We got the bit from Cortazar about how neural pattern looks more like someone on hallucinogens - which I presume is due to ProtoMillers lingering effect on his brain.
  18. Yeah this was awesome. I liked PR more than most and this really paid off a lot of that. I appreciated that it didn't go as grim as I feared it was going with Holden on Laconia - he's been traumatised enough by the protomolecule and I didn't need to see him confronted by the Pen. It's also the fastest Dan has made me cry in a book and I know in part that's because Arjun has remained an open wound since NG so that epitaph was killer. Also got me with Bobbie, but the crew reflecting on it later acknowledging how perfect a death it was for her - going out as a Valkyrie attacking a battleship on her own and winning - gave me peace with it. I was numb after Amos died as I really didn't expect that, but jumped to the repair drones before the numbness faded - I imagine that is going to hit harder if you haven't read the relevant novella. I loved that the set up with the Tecoma star let me realise what was going to happen before the characters did, only to then have a bunch more cascade effects take me by complete surprise. I didn't see Duarte getting taken off the board like that either but it absolutely worked, as did the way Laconia fell so fast. As the book explicitly pointed out, the empire was based on confidence that it couldn't be challenged but that confidence was super fragile - the fall was inevitable after ring space went nova and the stakes for the Tempest were really about freeing Sol and speeding it all up. The smaller, unspecified, time jump worked well here and I can't believe it took me until now to connect that with Dan having done the same thing in Long Price - upending the status quo and having the world change in between books is really really rare but clearly something that appeals to him.
  19. There are 2 aliens visible in the periphery of one shot as he's waking up, so definitely not a solitary alien but I still think benevolent. It's just a more creative take to have the horror creatures genuinely trying to help despite never getting anything out of it.
  20. I wasn't looking to open a can of worms on the continuity, just acknowledge a particular interaction between two characters that I find very entertaining and real
  21. I've had my issues with the season being hit and miss, but one thing I'll say has really worked for me now is the sibling relationship between Michael and Spock. The snarky put downs are fantastic, particularly the deniable one from him about her emotional profile in this most recent one.
  22. So Werts order would perhaps correlate with high sci-fi viewership but lacking anime while red snow and myself got the "sci-fi with anime" version. Does that fit your viewing habits Wert?
  23. Bolded - That would be true of me as well and its more data that Netflix openly has access to (I'm sure they could buy the other info from facebook or google if they wanted it), so perhaps thats part of it. Non bolded...it took me a long time to realise it What order do you see if you look it up on google? Is it the one I described?
  24. If you were profiling me based on being a gay woman, Sonnie's Edge was absolute the right choice to get me to watch more. I'd have preferred some small changes to the way it ended, but Sonnie was a great character to grab my attention.
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