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  1. Yeah I was intending to go back and watch certain episodes that were confirmed to be good. I haven't seen Zima Blue yet for example. I think my order was Sonnies Edge->Three Robots->The Witness->Suits->Sucker of Souls->When the Yogurt Took Over->Beyond the Aquila Ridge->Good Hunting. So it was only 3 with the sexualized violence plus the porny feel of the sex in BtAR wasn't really what I wanted in that story alongside the other stuff. GH was the one that really pushed me way past what I enjoy. Interestingly that's the order I get when I look at the episode list on Google, I wonder if it's the "main" order or there's some back ground creeping. It wasn't problematic but I also really didn't enjoy Sucker of Souls on any level, complete miss for me.
  2. I tried watching one more episode after the 7 I'd already watched which was The Hunt and didn't make it through the episode. You can have all the arguments you want about depicting sexualised violence towards women, but at the end of the day if its so ubiquitous that it makes it outright unenjoyable to a significant chunk of people then they obviously aren't going to enjoy it. I didn't engage enough with this to have arguments about the politics of it, I was just completely put off by that.
  3. It's not just the male gaze, it's that in the 7 I've watched there's a tendency to show awful things happening to women while the women are being sexualized. And there's a bit of a double standard going on in some of them too - Sonnie gets spiked through the end while kissing another women, the other women then gets spiked through the head after having her breasts out... But the guy who is actually the villain has his death implied to be awful but off screen after the end. It's very obviously made by men. Also the mere presence of dicks on screen in no way removes male gaze, just look at Game of Thrones. It's how the camera treats the subjects.
  4. Yeah it's specifically the character I wanted more of, that itch won't get scratched by other short stories in that setting.
  5. I want a full series of Sonnie, that drew me in so much so fast
  6. Yeah, as an ardent defender of the show I think this one was just a miss on their part. It needed at least a couple of lines like you said
  7. I think its what you suspect - they think its not a problem now, but they're wrong. I thought it was already pretty clear Tilly's spore friend would be coming back so that could be the impetus for it.
  8. NK Jemisin was speaking on twitter of trying to get into it and just found S1 too slow a burn even after sticking through to ep6. She was maybe going to try skipping ahead to S2 but I'm not sure if she did or not, so yeah its an issue plenty of people have even when they're part of the SFF genre themselves. I love Anna both in the book and the show, but I didn't know her from anything before this. Bolded - absolutely, its an amazing scene. Someone who is pretty unabashedly a villain but who got there from driving down the road of good intentions just getting to absolutely unload on someone who doesn't actually give a shit and is just into it for themselves. Especially the bit about how if the last person in the room was a janitor he'd be passionate about mops or something. I get where you're coming from with the "people of faith" thing and you may be right. I think I might have used it in this sort of context as trying to differentiate in the opposite direction - that the faith is insincere rather than just a shield for bigotry but I think I'll make sure I don't use it again after seeing how it could also play. I think depictions like Anna and the mormon guy are good in part because it gives you a grounding that can actually criticise the way religions are used. If you're just being an online asshole atheist (and I say this as an online, trying not to be an asshole, atheist) it tends to drown out any legitimate critique that is being made. And I think the show did this with Miller and the mormon in S2 - it wasn't mocking him for his faith but it was being kinda critical in the sense that they were turning their back on the rest of humanity and just striking out for themselves while Miller was trying to make things better.
  9. I'm up to date, its the rare show that actually is available in Aus immediately via legitimate methods and goes up on Netflix ~6pm the night it airs. I'm just saying I expect that either at the end of the show, or some time before it, something will happen that will make it so "it doesnt matter how urgent it is, we cannot ever use the spore drive again" or "the spore drive no longer works" kind of situation. The reasons not to so far can be bent in times of extreme distress or a ruthless imposter like Lorca.
  10. Yeah, but its explicitly a plot problem that clearly has to be addressed. It's not out of continuity with the rest of Trek tech, its a completely different piece of tech. I'm not saying that has to be acceptable to you, but its a different issue to the tech just being too advanced.
  11. The "how it works" of the tech shouldn't be important to maintaining continuity, the "what it does" is though. Nothing they've changed in terms of tech seems a substantial improvement in terms of what it does with the exception of the spore drive, and they absolutely need to explain by the end of the show why it doesn't wind up used at all after this show. Everything else falls within the pre established tech level of that period of ST as far as I can tell, the differences are all style or addressing "how it works". The hologram stuff is different sure, but the "what" being done there is long distance real time communications, the hologram is part of the "how". Warp speeds all seem to fall within the right ranges and weapons haven't even featured that much but I don't think they're any different? I understand the Klingon ships are probably a different case though. Correct me if I'm wrong and the "what it does" is being shown to be substantially better than it should be at that time period.
  12. Well yeah, if you're going to be pedantic its meant to be a possible future from the Earth at the time the show was create, but beyond that I'm not seeing a meaningful distinction between "our future" and "a possible future" unless you expect anything set in "our future" to be 100% accurate, which would be absurd - that's a prophecy not a show. If you're expecting a future that remained oddly stagnant in computer and especially software development while still getting advanced starships then I get why you'd be unsatisfied with this, however that's not what I want to I guess that explains a difference in how its received. Personally I don't think it needs to match up perfectly with the vision of the future from 50 years ago, I'd prefer it to update as the world updates but reconcile it with the actually important plot points. I guess the WW3 thing is hard to dodge though, it kinda invalidates all Trek if you want to view that as concrete. Personally I think you can still update the road that tech travelled without having to necessary address discrepancies like that. I viewed it as a visual reboot from the start, I just don't think that's a problem. I do think the rest of your issues above are valid ones, even if they don't bother me. Given the above issues I can see why it might have been better to just do a fresh story rather than trying to somehow thread the needle of appealing to both old diehard and new fans while simultaneously trying to sell a massive visual refresh and a different tone.
  13. I can't engage with any of the other criticisms in any constructive way so not going to touch them, but this? I get why you'd see things that way at the start, but it feels like you're watching a different show if you still think that after the episodes so far in the second season that have had very little infighting/sniping at each other and some wonderful moments between Michael and Saru. The closest is in the most recent one with Saru towards Pike which was very much an exploration of character changes. On the aesthetics I think it's just an unfortunate position where the only way to sell this show as "the future" to new watchers requires a sufficiently large update that makes it harder for fans to connect to it as "Trek". I'm not an old school Trek fan but I've gone back and watches some of TNG, all of DS9 and most of Voyager and they don't feel remotely futuristic to me. They feel like 80s & 90s ideas of what the future might look like depicted by dodgy props. The biggest disconnect is in the user interfaces - nothing ever feels remotely like any way we actually interact with technology. I don't even know where a tricorder is supposed to be displaying data OR how you input anything into it. By comparison Discovery is a mostly a logical extension of user interfaces for devices in a post smartphone/functional touch screen world. It's necessary for me to actually suspend my disbelief. This might be a better way to put it - old Trek is more like a Shakespeare play than a depiction of the future. I can imagine the drama playing out and that can be great and entertaining, but it doesn't actually feel like I'm there. Its a different experience.
  14. I thought it was pretty clear the doors weren't going to stay closed since Prime!Emily knew that order had come from Mira and had the cases. I figure the exploration of that + the flu was the plan for season2, but it definitely seems they were aware it might be the end.
  15. Cut out the last minute and I think it was still pretty ambiguous but ok. What we got is a "good" end from being an end for the narrative we see, but tonally dark. That's what I meant.
  16. Geez what a rough place to end it if it doesnt get picked up
  17. There is an answer to how things/people could have been smuggled from one side to the other in the most recent episode of season 2 and it doesn't feel like a retcon. I'm not saying its definitely how she crossed over, I can't remember if we see her crossing in s1 or just things after the crossing, but its a way to smuggle which opens up the possibility its not the only one. They also don't necessarily have much intel on the others of people, intel gathering of some kind comes up in s2 as well. I'm not saying everything will be answered to your satisfaction, but for me there are enough explanations that I don't feel like there are glaring holes.
  18. Same, really strong vibe. Its the two worlds layered on top each other with high danger/security services around it I think. Yeah I thought it's part of the deliberate security around not giving away information about the world to the other side, although I'm not sure how that works when you've then got people getting visas and running around everywhere anyway. I think the world we start in is "ours" in that the events that have unfolded in that world since the split match the history of our world, the other world diverged and had the flu etc. Tech level seems to fit our world as well.
  19. Baldwin is my favourite as well, even if I was really pissed when she was going to kill her Other. I only watched the first season in December so its all fresh emotionally :P. On the first part, I actually hope the Howards don't end up alike. It seems to be one of the central questions of the show, and there are several arguing/prosecuting that viewpoint but they tend to be the darker characters. Instead I'd like (alpha? the one on 'our' side) Howard to be right that he can make a conscious choice to be a better person, to accept the flaws of others and continue to love his wife despite her cheating, to not become like the other Howard.
  20. This season has really lived up to the first, it remains fantastic. I agree with you on how well done the butterfly effect from the cassette was along with the way it subverted my expectations - I thought it was that the Mira without the cassette was going to feel less loved or something, but it was much more concrete than that and the way awareness of his own fault in what happened really drove Yannick's descent into bitterness and anger was very realistic.
  21. Yeah I thought it was pretty clear the ghost isn't imaginary, it's a manifestation or presence of some kind from the mycelial network that's either plucked the memory from Tilly or is the legit ghost of that girl. Remember the green spore that settled on her after their jump back from the mirror universe in s1 - that was set up that would have been criticised if it went no where, this is where that's going .
  22. This is a fair question, I think if I changed "good" to "well intentioned" or "helpful" it would be true. Her fundamental nature is to try and assist anyone that asks her for help, and yes that leads to her aiding in the torture of 4 humans.
  23. Yeah, I think this is the key to it - Michael only had the desire (and the insight for that matter) to innovate on The Bad Place model because he was already obsessed fascinated by humans and experiencing decidedly non-demonic emotions. In addition to the ethics lessons and the iterations through all the other versions and the impact they've had on him, his other closest relationship is with Janet who is irrepressibly good and that rubs off too.
  24. Hmm I'd interpreted that as "She would get into the Good Place if the score was counted" but it might just be that the end result was a null/invalid score and she'd have wound up in the bad place even with getting posthumous acts counted. Hell of a loop hole she's slid through even if the end result is still pretty hellish. An eternity of solitude is probably still better than an eternity of magma enemas or whatever the demon she winds up being tortured by prefers.
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