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  1. Yeah, the existence of Mindy St Claire is a strike against there being no Good Place, as this would require her to have achieved the best score in all of history and that still only gets her to the Medium Place. I do think the second part is why Shawn was so confident, everyone he named is an existing character that we either know or can reason would wind up in The Bad Place on the basis of the rules we've seen so far. I still think the gang will be redeemed by all this good they are doing while believing themselves damned, but if Michael isn't realising that will happen I don't think its unreasonable for Shawn to not realise either.
  2. Was going to bring up precisely those two shows as the Aussie equivalent and a lot of Australian actors of note had at least appeared on them first. For example Chris Hemsworth went Home & Away, Liam Hemsworth went Neighbours. Margot Robbie was also on Neighbours, Russel Crowe - Neighbours, Heath Ledger - Home & Away, Ryan Kwanten (Jason in True Blood) - Home & Away, Guy Pearce - Home & Away etc. Or to use The 100 following on from Wert's example of Ricky Whittle and I know its got a ton of Aussies - Bob Morley (Bellamy) was on Neighbours, Eliza Taylor (Clarke) was on Neighbours, Rhiannon Fish (Ontari) was on both Neighbours and Home & Away. The only exception of Aussies on the show that hadn't been on those was Alycia Debnam-Carey (Lexa). When you're in a smaller television market, the options for break out roles are much fewer and soaps become a great place to let actors cut their teeth.
  3. Given the Australian accents earlier in the season I can only assume this is intentional. I'm still enjoying the hell out of it and don't feel like its floundering at all. I think Eleanor admitting why she wanted her Mum to still be bad was the first admission of the pain of her childhood that actually came from a place of showing vulnerability, rather than a "show how it made me tough" kind of place and the forgiveness was important too. It also seems pretty obvious to me that contrary to their beliefs (shared by Janet and Michael) they are actually earning their place in The Good Place now. Rather than condemning them to damnation, them learning about the afterlife was coupled with telling them they were absolutely going to TBP which means all of the good they are doing now is not being done from self interest - they don't think anything they do can save themselves which is precisely why it will. That doesn't mean that the manifesto won't come up, there won't be other twists or that its not actually a simulation focused on Michael and Janet - just that at the same time they are proving that they can improve without hope of a reward which calls the entire system of judgement into question.
  4. There was a ton of complaints about Dany's wig for season 1 though. As to the poster directly above me, polish is quite clearly isn't saying that the complaints about hair colour are racist, rather that hair colour isn't the problem but its being cited to mask racism. And some aren't masking it at all. I'm sure you have a pretty good idea of this though, not having much use for obfuscation.
  5. The acts of incitement in the UK are actually the sort of thing that being armed would be more relevant for, since it's encouraging mean to enact violence on an individual level without the power of the state behind it. I actually think the ones with the most right to be furious are those few still surviving who fought off fascism last time it rose and thought it was done for good, only for their children and grandchildren to try bring it back at the end of their lives. We're all more than justified in our fury though.
  6. I wasn't sure if your passport has any kind of paper trail associated that would catch you out, does it? Or is it just a reasonable concern that something might link back anyway? And it's fucked that we even have to think like this. I still think visibility is important long term, and think after same sex marriage they'd have dragged us up as the new Boogeyman anyway, but your safety concerns are certainly being vindicated.
  7. @Robin Of House Hill After the escalation of TERFs attempting to incite violence in the UK in the last couple of months I'd revise my earlier ranking and view Ireland as a significantly better option. I'm not sure (due to not being on Facebook lately) whether you've made a final decision or not but your concerns are looking scarily prophetic now. I'm sure we both wish you'd been wrong.
  8. This is a fair point and I want there to be much more opportunities for other actors as well, but that doesn't stop me from wanting him in everything because its specifically him being great I adore TT to the point that it makes me root for her even as a villain. There's a lot of off screen stuff contributing to that as well, but her on screen presence alone is enough, her and Chris Hemsworth are going to drag me to Men in Black when I really wasn't expecting to want to see another of those. As for Elba - can we just clone him so he has enough time to appear, at least as a minor role, in everything?
  9. I don't find them problematic at all because I think you're dramatically misreading the tone. I haven't read the whole piece, just what you've quoted here so perhaps in context supports your reading, but in isolation? Your reading would be consistent with if that piece was victim blaming, but it reads like its trying to identify the psychological processing that takes place in transphobes, but it still locates the problem as inside of them - not blaming the people that trigger that process in them.
  10. Any chance she was asking if there was something between you and the bloke because she's interested?
  11. I think book 7 has to fundamentally change, I don't think any of that works with the way they've approached the show and their cast. Again, trying to avoid spoiling anything.
  12. It's so shitty try not to let it get to you, but I'd probably fail at following that advice lol.
  13. SIgh, I really hate this shit how old is she?
  14. If he thinks they don't have that long, and that the "shut everything down" argument is based in hopelessly hanging onto the idea they can survive rather than it actually coming from genuine info, I think his reaction was reasonable. No less righteous than the others. He just happened to be wrong. I thought that's what the show was trying to get at with the guy on the bridge - it was self interest that was getting through to him and Ashford had decided they were already gone.
  15. I think even book readers only have a general idea, they're changing a lot in a way that's still utterly faithful to the story, and book 4 presents a lot of challenges that I expect to be side stepped by taking a different approach. Loved the finale, Amos and Anna were so good together. I feel like it's basically explicit at this point that Drummers in love with Naomi, but it's unclear if that's purely unrequited or if something happened in the time jump? And we left the season with Diogo's fate up in the air, but I have faith in invincible him. He will turn up again.
  16. Quick comment on rewatching this - the conversation about the data is when Halores pays attention and presumably decides to kill them - contrary to my original take she's definitely reacting as Dolores before Bernard says anything. I dont think the original payload is the sublime transfer, nor is it the guest data so I think this is another of the mysteries. What was Dolores attempting to send to the Delos servers? It seems reasonable to assume it was not going to be helpful to Delos. After she kills them all she changes the destination and says she's decided to preserve the sublime world, which wasn't her original plan so still doesnt fit that being the first data transfer.
  17. Everything you just said is right.
  18. As I said above, I only watched a handful of episodes from the first season and even of those that became relevant later...I wasn't a fan. I have very little interest in the procedural side of the show but loved the long running story. If you don't even want to watch those handful of episodes from the first couple of seasons you could really just read summaries of a few things and jump straight to season 3.
  19. Brilliant but dark guy = rich computer scientist, preternaturally effective = ex special forces soldier guy who speaks like batman that has been hired by rich computer scientist. That's stuff from the first episode so not spoilers, although soldier boys skill at violence isn't immediately apparent in its full breadth. The show also features Amy Acker (aka Fred from Angel), Sarah Shahi (aka Carmen from The L Word which is probably less noteworthy here lol), Kevin Chapman (I don't even know this guys name but I'm sure he's played ambiguous or dirty cops in other stuff) and Enrico Colantoni (aka that guy who is in a ton of stuff and I really like including being Veronica Mars' Dad)
  20. I'd only say "kinda". One guy is brilliant but dark, the other is preternaturally effective but he's not framed as an outlier for the people with the training/background he has. Oh and he's definitely got the "but dark". In both cases the character reasons for why they are that way wind up being sufficient for me to buy it, and yeah...everyone in it is dark, not just these two. I think one of the (secondary to the AI thing) themes of the show was heavily flawed people choosing to genuinely side with good without ceasing to be flawed. And I think it's done it in a way that's not morally ambiguous but also not lacking self awareness that I haven't seen done elsewhere.
  21. PoI actually turned into a fantastic show from a first season that I'd have never watched. Granted I came for the queer woman ship, but the episodes that were important to that happened to be the same ones that feed into the overarching plot - I think I watched like 4-6 episodes from the entire first season and less than half of the second, so you can definitely jump further into it like that. Season 3 onwards is pretty much worth watching in its entirety as the episodic stories start taking a back seat. Bonus points for young William turning up at times in it. Its the most I've cared about a character that is not depicted by an actor, that most of the interaction with is via text on a screen, and it was really fucking moving. PoI is actually where I get my faith that the story WW is ultimately telling won't be a dreary misanthropic one. Dark at times? Clearly, but not without its hope for the future and belief in people. It also shows an interest in starting with a character who is pretty nasty, with reasons for being that way, and having them grow and not wind up as the villain but also not changing so completely they aren't who they were.
  22. Bolded - Good call, this conflicting ideas of how to proceed is going to feature 3 perspectives not 2. The question about the cores (to my mind) is whether they can create more out in the world. If they can then that makes the data on the cores important, if they can't then it doesn't matter who is on them, they are limited to 5 total. The core that we saw Bernard take from the lab with Delos was being crafted by completely different machinery right? Perhaps the cores have mutliple identities on them and we'll see people swapping through who is currently animating the bodies, although that seems like its getting too close to the Doll House conceit rather than what Nolan is interested in exploring. The thing I really love with the call back is that its even the same actors - Dolores hears Jeffrey Wright's voice transition into Hopkins before finally shifting into ERW, Bernard's conversation is still between JW and AH - but representing different characters in the two versions of that awakening.
  23. Bernard putting it together in a mirror of Dolores in season1 was just perfect. It was already one of my favourite sequences in the show and it was well done.
  24. I thought the LoganSystem said that it solved the problem of making humans work - it had been trying to be too complicated, the algorithm needed to be simple. It's perhaps not the full version of that human, but I took each book as a person that could be put into a control unit and animated in a host. The more complicated versions (which Delos was, William presumably is and Ford apparently took of himself) still have issues, but the simplified ones I'm picturing wouldn't think they are human - they'd know they're a host and be explicitly on that side of things. If we're assuming Bernard took a core, then ERW|Dolores took another of the cores as well - HostHale is still functional at the same time as ERW|Dolores after they wake Bernard back up. So if Angela is there as well that would leave only 1 core left.
  25. I could be (probably am) wrong, but I got the impression they'll be actively working together but opposing each other at the same time if that makes any sense? They both want to establish safety for their kind and a lot of the work that takes will be common between both approaches, Dolores just has (at this point) the goal of doing so by wiping humans out, Bernard wants to stop her from doing that particular thing and convince her that irrespective of whether they're hosts or humans, everyone is a person. So not too far off what you're saying, just with much higher level of interaction and joint operations and at least initially no public proclamations to differentiate them. @red snow I'm not sure if we'll actually get any view of host world from the inside. I think we'll continue to have perspectives inside the park from Stubbs, Felix and Sylvester, and the resurrected Maeve and her posse. Has there been any indication from Marsden if he's done on the show? I also can't decide who I think Dolores had the control units for, or even if they were blank but required to build new hosts (ie Bernard + Dolores already takes 2 of them) or if they already had people inside of them. Angela was the only one of Dolores group that ever felt like she was in her confidence and trusted, but her self sacrifice felt like she was scared and it was final and bringing her back undercuts that - at the very least she wasn't expecting resurrection. Clem was never even really a part of Dolores group - that was the lobotomised version of Clem, who then got pared down even further and turned into Death incarnate. Maeve has more reason to bring her back than Dolores. Abernathy feels like Teddy - she's left the best part of herself behind in them, bringing them back wouldn't be real to her. I'm actually wondering if she's taken some humans from the library? That actually makes more sense to me than any of the hosts we've seen.
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