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  1. I thought the LoganSystem said that it solved the problem of making humans work - it had been trying to be too complicated, the algorithm needed to be simple. It's perhaps not the full version of that human, but I took each book as a person that could be put into a control unit and animated in a host. The more complicated versions (which Delos was, William presumably is and Ford apparently took of himself) still have issues, but the simplified ones I'm picturing wouldn't think they are human - they'd know they're a host and be explicitly on that side of things. If we're assuming Bernard took a core, then ERW|Dolores took another of the cores as well - HostHale is still functional at the same time as ERW|Dolores after they wake Bernard back up. So if Angela is there as well that would leave only 1 core left.
  2. I could be (probably am) wrong, but I got the impression they'll be actively working together but opposing each other at the same time if that makes any sense? They both want to establish safety for their kind and a lot of the work that takes will be common between both approaches, Dolores just has (at this point) the goal of doing so by wiping humans out, Bernard wants to stop her from doing that particular thing and convince her that irrespective of whether they're hosts or humans, everyone is a person. So not too far off what you're saying, just with much higher level of interaction and joint operations and at least initially no public proclamations to differentiate them. @red snow I'm not sure if we'll actually get any view of host world from the inside. I think we'll continue to have perspectives inside the park from Stubbs, Felix and Sylvester, and the resurrected Maeve and her posse. Has there been any indication from Marsden if he's done on the show? I also can't decide who I think Dolores had the control units for, or even if they were blank but required to build new hosts (ie Bernard + Dolores already takes 2 of them) or if they already had people inside of them. Angela was the only one of Dolores group that ever felt like she was in her confidence and trusted, but her self sacrifice felt like she was scared and it was final and bringing her back undercuts that - at the very least she wasn't expecting resurrection. Clem was never even really a part of Dolores group - that was the lobotomised version of Clem, who then got pared down even further and turned into Death incarnate. Maeve has more reason to bring her back than Dolores. Abernathy feels like Teddy - she's left the best part of herself behind in them, bringing them back wouldn't be real to her. I'm actually wondering if she's taken some humans from the library? That actually makes more sense to me than any of the hosts we've seen.
  3. Yeah, I don't think that one is meant to be unclear - she is well and truly familiar with how the park works, she's been here a ton. As the daughter of the big boss she probably gets the same "give them everything they ask for" treatment for free that her dad gets. And I think a daughter doing what her Dad does a bunch, trying to understand what he's looking for before ultimately deciding he's looking for nothing and resenting it all is hard to understand.
  4. I think we're supposed to go with that idea - it's safe from humans for the immediate future as it's running on hardware in an unknown location. For all we know Ford had set up the hardware at a black site and told Dolores but no one else. That's not the only option, but it's an option I can see. As for why the big door etc? It's a metaphysical transcendence for the hosts that choose to do it. It's a step that they should be making of their own free will and of religious importance. Their back ups had been destroyed so the code that makes up them is running locally, and the 'door' is the field generated by the super size interface device of the exact same type Dolores and Bernard were using. So it fulfills both requirements - gets the code to the interface and possesses great symbolic importance to the hosts in question.
  5. I'm pretty chuffed that I had the 'powers' of Maeve and Dolores pegged pretty well. Maeve had power over others - I actually was early I'm thinking she had neural based access to other hosts but she developed it exactly how I expected it to work - through the mesh network that was introduced in the first episode of the season. She leveled up this power in the finale, thanks to Ford last week, with the ability to control other hosts bodies directly rather than just telling them what to do OR by being able to command other hosts back online after death and then give orders as per normal. It was a little unclear which happened. Dolores by contrast had power over herself, and I think her followers had it to some extent as well which is why they were able to defeat so many. By becoming aware of their true bodies, and the commands running through them, it let them ignore the sub routines that respond to physical trauma and keep functioning as per normal essentially transcending host death. It also left them able to ignore Maeves commands (I think). Not sure why it stopped working in the fight against ghost nation if the followers did have it though. Their powers are completely separate and only two parts of the puzzle.
  6. Yeah, I'm going to need to do the same. She definitely whispered something to him, I thought we heard what it was but that could be my faulty memory. I guess it also depends on your read of the character, I read Hale as genuinely cold. Cruel when it will get her something, but not needlessly cruel when it won't. She's not a sadist, so wouldn't hurt Bernard for the hell of it, but doesn't give 2 shits about torturing him for info. Hmm, actually we don't hear the whisper do we? He replies, Floki flips out wanting to know what he said and Hale says she knows where to go or something like that? I guess she might be in control the whole time, but I think there's at least a layer of Hale personality with flavour rather than purely Dolores acting. Could well be wrong!
  7. I assumed the bit with the flattened bullet teddy used to kill himself blowing Williams hand off did legitimately happen at some point, but whether we saw that original time or one of the many many reenactments was unclear.
  8. Hmm, I'm thinking of when she found the room of Bernard hosts - I thought she was acting with in character levels of arrogance and hubris in all those interactions. Are you thinking of times she was more sympathetic to him or less cruel than she would otherwise be?
  9. I know others have answered Teddy already, but there was a separate nod to her leaving him behind in her speech to Bernard at the end - they had to leave parts of them, the better parts (camera cuts to Teddy in sublime) behind. Yeah, I'm very much on the same page with this and I think your previous guess will be close. The other option that I see is a Dolores/Hale amalgamation, with ERW being just Dolores. They'd obviously have a profile on Hale, since they do on everyone, and she's been 'Hale' in all the "present" scenes until Bernard started remembering at the end which seemed to trigger Dolores taking over the body - the character was entirely consistent with how human Hale was portrayed until then. So they're both in there, it's just a question of whether Dolores vacates or they merge. This ending to the solution is the only way I could see the robot rebellion progressing - it needs to be believed to have been put down. In the long run I still don't think Dolores is the villain of the story. Bernard and Maeve remain positioned as different types of heroes, and I expect she'll continue to play an antagonistic role for another season or two, but this episode emphasises the hosts can and do change. I think ultimately they'll all end up working together in some capacity. Jonah Nolan sure takes his stories through some dark places but I don't read him as actually misanthropic. Also I loved this finale. Amazing. Didn't see the Halores twist coming at all, and it was perfect. They also seemed to play her as combat advanced compared to normal hosts and humans. Doubly love that these actors I love are all clearly continuing on the show, apart from Elsie (maybe).
  10. Robin - Obviously I'm not intimately familiar with the two countries myself, but I do think a pertinent piece of information was highlighted in the recent Repeal the 8th campaign in Ireland. There is a really deep, really nasty strain of TERF that runs through much of 'respectable' or academic British feminism. Irish feminism by contrast wholeheartedly rejected this, and not because there are Trans women in the community that swayed them that way (there are, but it wasn't why), but simply because trans inclusivity follows naturally from their views of womanhood, of feminism and of power dynamics. Simply put they hold those views because they are right. And the response from these strains of British feminism I talked about? Campaigning against abortion access for Irish women because they'd chosen to ally themselves with trans women. Now I don't think this is indicative of wider British feminism, its a very particular flavour and its the sort that is invited to give talks at Universities and columns in the news papers, but they're not most women. Nor do I think it's particularly reflective of general UK society being any more transphobic than US or Aus. Quite the contrary, these views are in the process of being pushed out of UK Labour and I think their days are numbered, and I think you would probably be safe and happy there in the UK (economic conditions etc aside). And there are certainly a ton of wonderful people from the UK, some of them in this thread who I very much love! What I do think this shows though is that for all of its association with the Catholic Church, there is at least a large section of Irish society that are significantly better than what I consider the "baseline" for countries of the Anglosphere. There were some great twitter threads I saw around this a couple of months ago. I think both countries would be safe and secure for you, particularly given your preferences for stealth, I just think I'd feel more welcome in Ireland in 2018.
  11. Err. Yes. Yes I did. That was a misleading mistype lol.
  12. Yeah, for all the talk of Ford being a psychopath in this/the last thread, this really really hit me in the feels. I'm more invested in the show at this point than I think I have been at any point other than maybe the very start of this season, so I know my tastes in it aren't the norm given the dissatisfaction this season. I'm not sure it's strong enough to call it a prediction, but after this quoted speech from Ford to Maeve I think he's actually dying now. Last season I was convinced he intended to live on in his creation, which we saw was true, but I think this is most potent thematically if its him choosing to sacrifice himself to save his daughter just as she risked sacrificing herself for hers. I also think the loss of Teddy is going to be a turning point for Dolores. My interpretation of her arc this season is that she's been convinced she needs to lean into the Wyatt part of her persona to be strong enough to win safety for herself and her people, but that this was her trying to be someone that isn't truly her in contrast to William who lived his life pretending to be a good and compassionate man when he is anything but. Teddys sacrifice is going to make her remember who she really is - the cumulative experiences that led to who she is were almost entirely as Dolores, Wyatt was just some code layered over the top that she was using in her fear. Also from the teaser for the finale
  13. I tend to just think of it as "Firefly done right" since I'm in the minority of nerds that didn't love Firefly I do remember taking more than 4 episodes to get into it, episodic narrative generally isn't my thing. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with it, and it is absolutely the atmosphere but I'd also say its a character driven narrative which does generally work for me. There are some break downs of the technical skill exhibited by it that really enhance my appreciation of it as well, I love when you can pick it apart and have the mastery on display pointed out to you without knowing the craft yourself. I watched it around 2007-2008, so it wasn't nostalgia in my case, and by the time it finished I thought it was the best anime I'd seen (I'd still peg it there) and has one of the most perfect endings of anything ever. Re: Length of shonen - One Piece just cleared 900 chapters in the manga, the anime is up to 835 now. Its a ridiculously imposing thing to try and start, and the excessive recap times at the start of the episode etc don't help (they're one of the ways it does 'filler') - if you get in a groove of where you need to skip to at the start of each episode, cutting out the previously and the intro+credits gets it down to like 17 minutes per episode. I know there is a fan cut of it called One Pace which edits it to remove filler etc, but I think it only started a few arcs back - Punk Hazard. You'd still need to get that far on your own, or read the manga. The manga is fantastic though, Oda packs so much into his panels and normally a ton of panels per page - 1 chapter of bleach was the equivalent of like 2 pages of one piece.
  14. Utena is great but I can see it wouldn't be for everyone, I'd definitely give it a try but if you find aspects of it grating then I'd trust your gut response. Cowboy Bebop is the one that's one every "must watch" pretentious list but actually is that good. Technically, narratively and emotionally its superb. Kill la Kill is by the same guy that did Gurren Lagann and also escalates awful fast once you get further into it. Stein's Gate is hyped up and I'd say deservedly so. Baccano! is also great and these two are in the category that actually have good dubs as well if you want to watch something that doesn't require the attention that subtitles do. The latter is a Guy Ritchie style heist story filled with zany characters and a narrative that is unclear at first. Worth watching just the title sequence if you can't be bothered watching the whole thing. FMA: Brotherhood always comes up. I missed getting on the boat for this early as I watched and enjoyed the original one so just put off starting the adaptation, it disappeared off netflix just as I started it. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (along with Death Note) hit at the peak of the golden age of anime, its a mecha political thriller. I really liked it, and its a good time to get on it as there is an unexpected 3rd season on the way now. And yes, ATLA and Korra absolutely. Even if you have country of origin misgivings, give them a go anyway.
  15. Yeah, the Syd one was the one I hadn't watched yet - I have now! I had it in my head that it aired on a different night.
  16. At the start of this season the SK was still using her form. Apart from that time in the first episode of season 1 (when she was dead) we have only seen her being used by the SK at that point. After David meets with the SK and agrees to help him but he needs to cut the bs and behave, the SK takes his own form leaving the amalgam character loose in his mind. Oliver should definitely be there too and the fact we haven't seen him for a couple of episodes is not going to be an accident, we just don't know the reason yet (I'm an episode behind i think, so he may show up in the next and I should stop reading this thread)
  17. There was a real girl in the psych hospital with that appearance though, she's the one that was fused into a wall. She seems to have been fused with David's friend Lenny.
  18. Madoka Magica was amazing and beautiful and so crushing. If you appreciate dark narratives that also have moral complexity to them, then I'd put in a plug for Shinsekai Yori/From The New World from 2012. I really mean it on being dark though, its not immediately apparent but when it hits it hits very hard. I've been watching/reading One Piece for 15 years now and its my perpetual favourite. The stories do feel disconnected early on while its establishing the characters and the world, but everything that's canon is important. Details from those early arcs still come up - for example the most recent arc heavily drew on things set up in the Baratie arc. The long term story slowly emerges, and the length of the arcs grows as it goes on. The anime does suffer from filler being part of the adaptation rather than separate arcs, I primarily read the manga and do the anime in infrequent binges where you can skip through that stuff.
  19. The internet is full of straight men who think it is of the utmost importance that everyone be aware that they'd hit that. This is one of the ways that the internet mirrors real world speech quite closely. Its obviously #notallmen, just an annoying habit of some that is only intensified by the low standard of behaviour that has become the norm online. The closest equivalent I see in queer girls online is much more of a focus on the effect that a girls attractiveness is having on the viewer, ie "swoon" "I'm so ded" and "I'm so gay" rather than on seeming to size the person in question up like a dish or something or fantasising about what they'd do to them. I think male attracted women talking about men they find hot is sometimes closer to this dynamic, but from the type I've seen it tends to fixate much more on imagining what the hot person would do to them rather than what they'd do to the hot person. Had to catch myself at almost saying "straight women" but the best case of this I know is a bisexual woman (with terrible taste in men lol).
  20. I think Brook is dead on with the reason they're doing it, but yes this does sound like how men talk to other men about women at the same time. And you're also dead on with this: It really is down to gender 101 - generally speaking when discussing the physical attributes of someone they're attracted to, wlw talk about other women as subjects while men frequently talk about women as objects. Even when just focusing on the body, there is a element about the person inhabiting the body rather than that person being largely irrelevant.
  21. I'm pretty sure its this. Mikkel hangs himself because he remembers from his childhood that Michael had hung himself at that exact time.
  22. I think that in part comes down to the double usage of Envoys. Look at when he first wakes from the interrogation and tells them he's a CTAC officer and they shit themselves - that's the other kind of Envoy. It's not clear what happened to them, presumably the Protectorate government decided they were a liability and killed them off, but I took that side of things to be as much where the awe came from. The Quellist envoys got brought down by betrayal and a bio weapon - hard to do much about that.
  23. @Astromech the change from Jimi to Poe was necessary due to not getting the rights to use Hendrix's image, so I don't think its fair to hold that against the show. I really liked how Poe worked anyway though, so I wouldn't hold it against the show regardless. I love Bobo Del Rey so I was fine with this, but he definitely had the same vibe going. Wynonna Earp is one of my favourite current shows, I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned here before now.
  24. I don't see how they'd be keeping him on as Kovacs. Even if he's still in Bay City the sleeve will be inhabited by Ryker again and Kovacs would be someone new.
  25. I loved Ortega so mileage obviously varies on that one. What I couldn't remember from the book and wanted to check was BtV - there is some conflation of envoys going on in usage of the term in the show, but your complaint about Kovac's back story is at least partially addressed in the 7th episode.
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