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  1. I just take such a fundamentally different message away from the new shows. It's not saying we can't be better, it's saying that in order to be better we always need to be fighting as individuals to keep our society better. That collectively being individuals is the only way we get that better society. I guess if that "better society" you're seeing is one where we've won the fight permanently and don't need to fight for it as individuals anymore then I'm not seeing something different to you, I just like it and you don't. I see something in the Trek we're currently getting that I'm not seeing in other properties, so I guess that just makes me the audience for the new Trek.
  2. I'd always read it as the other way around. And a desire be was so convinced could never be realised it's repressed to the point he didn't realise he was putting it into the books, which is why it's often not even sexualized. I like this approach, neatly dodges centering Rand on their relationship as you said. It probably comes down to the actresses. You see them meet and have lightning between them on screen, like has happened in many cases where it wasn't even intended, then this could really work. If they don't have that kind of chemistry I think just go with the platonic approach. Just don't make straight men the judge of whether that chemistry is there and we're good :p
  3. I think the point about Rand wasn't that he's irrelevant in their relationship but that he's physically absent. They aren't building an active relationship with him at the time the relationship with each other develops. I also just don't get the issue with women being bisexual even if they are in a destined relationship with a man.
  4. Bolded - Yeah I think Rand and Nynaeve is probably the thing he handled the best in the books, its well and truly earned as it develops consistently over the books and is real and relatively unique as a type of relationship. Second part I want to say there has to be someone else but I'm drawing blanks. I think that might actually be it. Maybe Matt and Tuon? I don't love how it starts but it does develop well from there.
  5. I find it really frustrating how same sex relationships between women are treated like they only exist as fan service for male viewers. I'm a polyamorous queer woman and we exist in our own right. It's how you depict the relationship that can make it skeevy, nothing inherent to including it. Show the relationship, show the intimacy, put very little emphasis on sex and don't make it male gaze when you do. I don't actually disagree with any of the rest of your points, I don't think it was in the book, I'm not even close to demanding that this change would be made. I'm just saying that viewing depictions of female same sex relationships in that way is self fulfilling, and I would be very dramatically less skeeved out by 2 of the 3 women Rand is in a relationship with also being in a relationship with each other. It shifts the focus from being all about Rand getting this fantasy fulfillment to the relationships more generally. Maybe you're picturing it only being shown via threesomes which are still entirely focused on the fantasy fulfillment?
  6. I guess we just have hard lines on opposite sides - for me there is still room for a world of rewards available that falls under or at $999,999,999. You can live 100 lifetimes and never run out of money at that point, the scale of wealth for billionaires is so out of whack that it breaks the system. If they're being allowed to exist as they are, they are always going to have too much power to manipulate the rules to their own end and will do so. So I don't think we should allow individuals to wield that much power due to the negative impacts it has on society, not whether they "deserve it" or not. While on the other discussion I'd see "2x is wrong" as a discussion of what that multiplier should be, not if that limit should exist.
  7. Bolded - so was I! 2nd - yes, very very much so. I'm also Australian so not like I can answer to the bizarre American banking practices. You know cheques are still heavily used there? Its so weird. 3rd - OK we just disagree on this point then. Billionaires do not need to exist and should not. I was even conflating two different things though as I think the original ceiling discussion was of income not wealth and even with equal income different behaviour can result in differences in wealth down the line. I definitely wouldn't put a ceiling on income as low as 2x the floor, and I'd probably opt for punitively high taxation above the ceiling as the machanism to enforce it rather than an absolute hard cap. I'd probably also apply the ceiling at a more local scope - its relative within the company rather than across society, so if a CEO can make the company more successful and thus pay their employees more they can also pay themselves more. That way there is still the potential reward for the company performing well, its just shared by the workers.
  8. How are you meant to determine if you can trust a man without looking deep into his eyes as you judge the firmness of his handshake grip? That's the true measure of if someone is trustworthy! On the question of a ceiling and a floor on wealth, while I understand you don't see equality of outcome as desirable surely you agree that the below is closer to the right answer than the current scenario: Proposed: ceiling = floor x 2 Current: ceiling(soft limit, currently being expanded) = average wealth x 210 000 Bearing in mind that the average wealth is already a lot higher than the floor. I'd have taken almost literally any candidate that dropped out before the voting actually started I think. Who didn't get enough traction to even stay in so its not like that's a big endorsement of their chances, just bemoaning wtf is going on with the electorate
  9. Yeah there really is a lot of subjects that are now caught up in the all encompassing culture war (I mean even a fucking infectious disease and the wearing of masks in response to that is) where I think RJ pretty clearly wasn't on what I personally would call the bigot side of the equation, but he also wasn't interested in making a part of the themes of his story either. Which is completely OK and often better than trying to make it fit when you don't have the background necessary to do it justice anyway, I think your points in this post really do hit the center point of the rest of the earlier conversation as well - RJ clearly wasn't imagining a world that was entirely lily white. There was diversity across his entire world and racism for the most part isn't a thing that's happening, which meant he also wasn't exploring any themes around racism either. It's still a political position to acknowledge the world isn't homogeneous but a milder one that wasn't obvious enough to upset those inclined to that, but was there for those that wanted to see it. On Avi and Elayne - I didn't read it that way either, but I think the whole polyamorous thing is WAY more palatable if you put those two in a relationship as well. You could incorporate Min as well but that's a much larger deviation from the source. So I welcome this idea for a change. But on the whole I'm keen for changes that improve the story, but I don't think the books are sacrosanct so its unsurprising I'm more open to changes. I think RJ wrote a very compelling story but had some clear weaknesses in his writing style, some of which are an excellent fit for smoothing out in the process of adaptation. The above said, our recently joined associate was very concerned about any alteration to the pristine heterosexuality of the big six and I'm not sure if the above applies to that so he may be concerned about something else? If it was big five I'd assume it was Rand/Mat/Perrin/Egwene/Nynaeve as the core 5 from the TR. Elayne probably is the best guess to be the 6th but as the enormous sprawling story plays out there are plenty of others that have similar prominence in the story. Maybe it's Moiraine? She's there from the start after all. Of course you'd think if Moiraine made the big cut then Lan would as well. But Moiraine is actually one I'm pretty sure I did get a bisexual vibe from her past so that could fit - her and Siuan having been together when they're younger. Please dear concerned individual, confirm for us what it is you fear.
  10. Came here to post this I'm getting my wish!
  11. If I'm following it right it would mean that if they're doing 20k tests for active virus and 80k for antibodies they are reporting their total tests as 100k even though 80% of those tests can't identify active cases. So their active infections number will be artificially suppressed while their recovered number would look higher.
  12. The issue that I've seen with ICAC was much more clear cut corruption - the manager of the team adjacent to mine was hiring contractors from his wifes contracting company and siphoning out a significant slice of cash.
  13. Most of the common scenarios for an inappropriate relationship wouldn't wind up at ICAC though, so if it were that it would need to connect in with something more. Which it very well may.
  14. Is "can't wrap my head around x" a phrase that's in use in the US? I discovered last week that a bunch of things I thought were coming pan-English phrases aren't even used all over Australia so it might just be that. I'm not actually looking to understand the logic (or lack thereof 0), I'm expressing exasperation with it. Essentially it's implying the same thing you're saying above. @Fez I'm hoping that will indeed be the case once things start getting worse, that once more people start being directly impacted they'll feel it more seriously. The assholes that have fallen for the AstroTurfing and conspiracy theories aren't going to change, but hopefully they're a small minority. Fair point on the collective mourning front, particularly in contrast to after terrorist bombings since those are single discrete events which immediately move on to the aftermath.
  15. Most people aren't making bank out of it though. I understand the motivation from those that will, even as I condemn it, just not all those they dupe.
  16. Yes, that's my fear. That the only thing which forced the hand of leaders was a mass public freak out, but the public interest wasn't even sustained long enough to bring the infections down, just level it out for a bit. I don't see how it could be remotely possible that there won't be a spike, and Trump very clearly won't want to lock down a second time. Granted much like the situation in Aus, the governor's have power over most of the lockdown related decisions so I guess it comes down to them. Good for some states, but bad for others and unless state borders wind up shut them that's bad for everyone.
  17. @Triskele I dunno, I'm scared of a worst case where it spikes basically but people have become bored of it as a news story and they just ignore all the people dying etc. I've seen people pointing out in the last week the lack of public mourning for the dead. After 9/11 or the Oklahoma bombing there were TV specials, people talking about those that were lost etc. These? Just loaded into freezer trucks and the family can't even have a proper funeral, no collective mourning to make up for that.
  18. Yeah, with the rate over the last couple of weeks and if you even out the weekend slumps in reporting you'd expect the 100k mark in 2 weeks. Which would also mean that it's basically locked in from the people who are already infected, even if you could prevent all future infections from today. Instead the rate is likely to increase as the easing of lock down runs through the system I can't get my head around pretending this is all fine
  19. Wohl is the douche that literally has a podium installed on his door step for airing bullshit accusations like this. He's the same guy that got a marine to claim Elizabeth Warren had been using him for sex to try smear her earlier in the primary process. He's the guy I was referring to when I said "accusations that are made from the podium on a douches doorstep are the only ones I'm comfortable completely dismissing the credibility of". ETA: He apparently also puts zero effort into making these actually believable and faces no consequences for paying people to make false accusations against people.
  20. I think this would be a disaster. You've already got 30-40% of the county, with a lot of guns, convinced the whole pandemic is a Dems/liberals conspiracy which simultaneously doesn't exist and was manufactured in China. Trump and Pence dying of it would be seen as assassinations and things would get even uglier. This is in no way tone policing your desire to see them get it though, 100% get the sentiment. Just scared of the outcome. ETA: Trump dosing himself with chloroquine and having an adverse reaction might go better though, possible thing to hope for
  21. Agreed with all that Pax. And I say that as someone that has utilised early access to super for a non emergency situation - I was very glad I was able to do that, but it's not how we should be getting through this. @Impmk2 not sure which uni you're at, but the big news out of Adelaide yesterday looked interesting. If you know what's going on then obviously you need to keep that confidential, but if you don't know and only have gossip then I'm interested lol. I've had a former colleague go through the ICAC rodeo and in that case I see quite happy to see him get caught.
  22. Yeah, I was a little thrown by that as well. Did we get a look at how old Caleb is on any of his profile screens? Are they just having Paul play a character older than he looks? He did look significantly younger in the flash back.
  23. Yeah I'd read that interview as well, it was what prompted my comment. I do believe that version of Dolores is almost certainly dead and that it's right to keep it that way, it just didn't confirm ERW will still be around and I hope she is. It does suggest she will though, just not confirms it.
  24. Just another point on the It's a particularly poor time to make that claim given the current pandemic which seems to have a large number of potential long term, probably very expensive, health complications for many people that survive moderate to severe cases of the virus. You're insulting the actuaries of the health insurance companies if you don't think they'd recognise that it's in their long term financial interests for a lot of these people to die sooner rather than having to pay for a lifetime of treatments. Which is one of the really worrisome issues with the US health system in a time like this.
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