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  1. I usually feel the same, but this government has demonstrated itself not to be trustworthy when it comes to matters of information security. Even if I trust them not to misuse the data, which thanks to Dutton I do not, I have zero confidence in them a) Securing the data on their servers such that it's kept confidential, or b.) Coding the app in a way that it doesn't introduce a security vulnerability to my phone or introduce a dramatic performance hit to my phone. I'm barely leaving the house anyway and the only people I'll be spending >15 mins around are doctors and related staff that would easily be identified by a tracing conversation, so there's not much potential gain from it anyway.
  2. I did ponder this as well, it's not implied by the editing but it's also not contradicted - it's a full cut to inside the command room close up on the hologram as he says "execute order 66". I think the biggest thing that makes it feel too fast is the clone that summons Rex for the briefing feels ominous, like he's already been given the order himself, and is setting up a trap when that's just my foreknowledge. At least that's what it was for me. You'll note I immediately dove into the same speculation on how to explain it so yeah I get it. I agree a delay on the Force doesn't make sense from a propagation perspective, but might from a "when the show you it" one.
  3. I think we just need to give some leeway for making entertaining TV, the force vision was significantly sped up compared to the actual events in ROTS I'm pretty sure? Anakin hesitates over the decision for a while as the Palps-Windu lightning circuit is going on, but the audio clips she hears are only around 10s. It doesn't take long for Palps to give Vader his name and send him to the temple, but it takes longer than the walk to the briefing room. If her entire vision happens slightly delayed as Palps is speaking to Anakin then it works and I'm happy enough with that. The Force has a short lag time, while the republic's comms systems are clearly instant so Rex gets the orders without any time lag. Or if we want to go with an in universe explanation - the Force gives her the vision at the time she needed to hear it to get the outcome that we got. If she'd heard it 30 seconds earlier she would have been in the room with Rex and the following fight would have been different, maybe he wouldn't have been able to give her the Fives info etc. The Force weaves as the Force wills and all.
  4. Thanks, I was going to post asking you to reconsider this yesterday but felt the conversation had moved on. While I actually agree with Kalbear on the need for us all to do due diligence in the articles we share, I also haven't trained that reflex in myself and can very easily see myself falling into the same oversight under the same circumstances as Simon was in. That particular example didn't strike me as evidence of bad faith. On the polls front I'm going to have a hard time having any confidence in any positive news they suggest, the last minute swing was the only time things fell in Trump's favour in 2016 and I'm not going to get burned by trusting that won't happen again. Especially when the media haven't fixed any of the ways they contributed to that.
  5. Yeah. Other than the ones that were killed by setting Maul free :p she avoided it wherever possible, but killed to save herself when needed.
  6. Was surprised at how freely she was deflecting blaster bolts back at the shooters. I guess fighting for her life didn't leave room for who they used to be.
  7. Insisting you don't have ambitions for the presidency is like announcing your colleague has your complete support.
  8. If you weren't suggesting that I was one of the people being entitled and were just talking about behavior you've seen from others then I misinterpreted your post, as that seems like a bit of a segue from what I was talking about. If that's the case then I apologise, I certainly was pissy and I don't need to put quotes around it to admit that, because it seemed like you were attacking me for holding basically the opposite position of what I'd just been saying.
  9. But I saw an interview with his brother where he reassured his brother several times that he had no intention of running for the presidency and seemed to suggest he didn't have high ambitions. Surely you aren't telling me that he'd be lying about such matters?? His brother seemed very convinced by the answer which is why he asked it 5+ times like he was intending to use the interview to win an argument at family Christmas.
  10. @Maithanet fair point on her support never actually being tested, I had forgotten the finding issue. And as I said - she's got plenty of time, staying in longer and getting nowhere could make her look like a loser in a way dropping out early does not.
  11. Maybe try reading my posts again because I'm not a Bernie supporter and that entire conversation with Dante started with being frustrated that he even ran. The only reason I mentioned Clinton having won the primary was part of acknowledging that she HAS gotten out of the way a lot more than Bernie, the guy who clearly hasn't done so at all. Given how many people you fight with you could try toning down the hostility. Neither Dante or I was even remotely heated or upset with each other.
  12. I think Harris could have been a more obvious pick if she'd maintained any level of traction into the primary voting actually taking place. I thought she'd have issues with support from certain groups, but I'm still shocked by how badly her support dropped off. That said she certainly would hope to have other opportunities and likely views the whole thing as an exercise in raising her profile, and from the tone of a video I saw from her yesterday she certainly didn't sound like she'd view working alongside him as a bad thing for her future. I want to say she'd be a better pick than Klobuchar but I clearly have no fucking clue what appeals to American voters lol. At this point I think I'm expecting one of the other, non-obvious women to get the nod. None of others who tried to run in the primary got enough support there to think they'd have much of a positive impact on the ticket.
  13. What the fuck am I thinking I'm entitled to? I hope that people who aspire to lead a party and a country want to do the best for that party and country. I'm not sitting here and bitching her out, I gave her credit for mostly getting out of the way compared to him. I'm just wishing they'd somehow mended fences. Like seriously, how the fuck are you getting pissy at that statement?
  14. And it can linger so long as well. It's not like you're feeling crappy with some mild fever aches etc then bounce back to normal like you do with an equivalent level of severity from a cold.
  15. Of course, and there are the people that are completely asymptomatic. It's a balancing act between "get people to take it seriously" and "don't make people feel despair, even and especially if they've just contracted it". Most people who have it will be fine, but the number of people who will have it be a significant life event is substantial and a LOT higher than the sub 1%. It's just all treated as so black and white, and I feel the general attitude towards it manages to achieve the opposite of my above goals on both axis.
  16. I know I said it last night but I really really wish both Bernie and her had stepped back from the public stage pretty much entirely. Or at least done something to try draw a line under that conflict and smooth some of the divisions. I know Clinton did this a lot more than Bernie, but she was also the one that won the nomination and lost the election so there's more "get out of the way" pressure. It's just so clear the divisions really got wedged apart in 2016 and absolutely no progress has been made on changing that, and imo a lot of the bitterness and cynicism from Sanders supporters - particular with respect to lack of trust in the DNC - is still as much as reaction to 2016 as it is to anything that happened this time. The other half is just due to how jarring the high of "he's winning" turned into "... And it's over already with most states still to vote, wtf?". There was definitely a media narrative being driven in the few days between SC and SupTue, but I don't think the party itself did anything problematic in there. And I'm still shocked it worked, but I think I over value the media narrative and under value the consolidation of the moderate vote.
  17. After all the infighting of the last couple of threads (and more) can we all find some common ground in saying that picking Clinton for his running mate would be a fucking terrible idea and that he'd have to show substantially worse political judgement than he's shown so far to do something so ill advised? He'd deserve to have the nomination revoked due to incompetence if he did that so I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and treat any suggestion that he's considering it as bullshit disinformation.
  18. I get so annoyed when people act like the mortality rate being under 1% means it does nothing to the other 99%. Everything I see and hear about it paints it as an intensely unpleasant experience even at the (layman usage) mild to moderate level. The level of severity that can still be covered by a clinically mild case can be fucking horrifying, and that's going to leave a psychological impact on everyone that experiences it. We can try speculate on what long term physiological impacts it might have, but we can't know the breadth of that until we've actually had people live a long time after having had it. That all matters, it's ok to be scared of that and want to avoid it, and should be part of the consideration in the policy making, not just the bottom line number of deaths. I hope you start to get some relief from that soon Rippounet.
  19. Oh I assumed those facilities are all over the place now, I had the impression that the one William was in was either in greater LA or regional outer areas, not hundreds of km away in another country. The Mexican facility was where they developed the techniques and stored large numbers of them, once they perfected things it was moved into smaller local facilities. What else in this episode suggested multiple timelines? I didn't get that vibe at all but I'm not so great at spotting that particular trick. I guess Caleb being one of the first to go through the treatment while only being 40ish?
  20. I interpreted that as a lot of the "combat" he's seen was VR as we see him with the same goggles on as William did last week. I'm sure he's killed plenty of Americans though.
  21. This has all coincided with my health deteriorating more - started having pain across basically all my joints, if I'm going to identify a cause I think it's looking most like connective tissue issue - so moving to working from home all the time has made life easier for me and also given me more productivity time. The stress and anxiety from concern about the world and my family still weighs fairly heavily, i have a lot of old relatives to worry about. I try not to dwell in it, so it mostly just results in sleeping really poorly. The situation in Aus is about as good a anywhere though, so I definitely count myself lucky on that front. Brook and I have maybe had a couple of moments where we've been a little snappier, or at least I have, but I think even that has passed. We're pretty damn good together without high activity requirements. So the only real thing on the family front is missing her boys while they've had some extended time with their Dad, but we're finally getting them back soon.
  22. Caleb was talking to Solomon while looking at the equipment that was holding Seracs brother in suspension as though that were Solomon, but Solomon is the big sphere back where they came in right next to where Dolores sets off the EMP basically. Given the way Caleb was talking to it, I'm sure a lot of people thought the same thing - that Solomon was down there.
  23. I suspect it's a mix of her primary being cancelled and frustration with a system that lets the result be determined before over half the country has even had a chance to vote. The whole primary season seems such a bizarre approach from a foreign pov (talking for myself now).
  24. That comment was specifically about the language we use when talking about cases like this, and the people who have made allegations. Biden staying the nominee is far more complicated and can't be fixed by simply choosing our words more carefully and compassionately.
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