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  1. I see that you attended the Stannis Baratheon school of grammar. I, Ser Snowflake of the Social Justice Warriors nominate you for post of the day.
  2. The thing with the Faceless Men is that they are VERY expensive. It's said in the books that the costs of hiring one faceless man is equal to the amount it would take to hire an army. Tywin would have to sacrifice a huge part of his wealth to kill one person. The Faceless Men are the elite assassins of Planetos and to hire one of them, one has to part with the greatest part of what they find valuable and most people aren't willing to do that. It's easier to hire cheaper, less talented assassins. Regarding Tywin......I forget about how it went down in the show, but in the books......Tywin didn't really believed the hype about the Dragon Queen beyond the Narrow Sea. Most people simply think she is a rumor, spread by drunken sailors.
  3. The Faceless Men are that good. If they had sent one of the Faceless Men after Dany she would have been as dead as Ned. What you are referring to in book 2, was when the Sorrowful Man failed to kill Dany with a Manticore. That is an entirely different order of assassin, based out of Qarth. The Faceless Men are based out of Braavos.
  4. Oasis's "Wonderwall" reminds me of Sam and Gilly, "...and all the roads that lead the way are winding, and all the lights that light the way are blinding, there are many things that I would like to say to you, but I don't know how, Because maybe, youre gonna be the one who saves me, And after all, youre my wonderwall..."
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