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  1. Ser Snowflake

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    Mission Accomplished
  2. Ser Snowflake

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    Renly would have been worse than Joffrey? How so? I have a suspicion that you may be a troll.
  3. Ser Snowflake

    Why did The Hound stop The Mountain from killing Loras?

    Most and Least Knightly Acts in ASOIAF. The title of the thread says it all. My most knightly act of the series is an ironic choice because the deed is done by Brienne of Tarth, who honored her vow to protect the weak, by defending the orphans from some of Westero's worst monsters. Compare her act to the Knight of Saltpans who sat in his castle, as "The Hound" ravages the town. Brienne is the definition of a knight. A close second is a minor, yet gallant act. During the wedding between Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister, Ser Garland is one of the few people who is actually nice to Sansa, and his dance with the terrified, young maid is the highlight of her night. Ser Garland is similarly kind to Tyrion, and goes so far to defend him in front of the Incest King. My least knightly act of the series, would probably be Ser Gregor's brutal campaign throughout the Riverlands, which featured such atrocities as rape, torture, and forced auto-cannibalism. Compare this with Ser Arthur's Dayne campaign throughout the Kingswood. I was tempted to list Ser Quincy Cox as least cowardly act, and while cowardice is generally a bad trait for a knight, sadism is much worse. One of my favorite themes in ASOIAF is how many of the characters who exhibit knightly qualities are not actually knights. Examples of this are Brienne of Tarth, Sandor Clegane, and "Ser" Duncan the Tall.
  4. Ser Snowflake

    Your favorite characters and what that means

    Quentyn Martell-- As a middle child and second son, I identify with Prince Quentyn the most. Most people consider him stupid because of how he went out, but I call it bravery. He was sent across the narrow sea by his father to wed the mother of dragons. Despite the fact that members of his fellowship died en route, and that Dany had already agreed to marry Hizadahr, Quentyn does not take any setbacks for defeat. Instead he contrives the bravest act of the series IMO, and tries to become a dragon rider to woo the Dragon Queen. The easy choice would have been to tuck his tail between his legs and crawl back to Dorne to face his father's shame and his sister's scorn. Heroes seldom make the easy choice, and I very much consider Quentyn a hero of sorts and I hope that the crackpot theory is correct and he survived his encounter with Rhaegal. If he surives, Quentyn would be the strongest contender to be TPTWP. My fingers are crossed. Jon Snow-- I never understood the hatred and scorn seems to get on this board. Of all of the characters, Jon behaves the most like me. I am honorable to a fault and take all oaths serious. Jon is one of the most empathetic characters in ASOIAF. How many people would have risked their lives and position to rescue some wildlings? Not many. Sandor Clegane-- He is one of the best written characters in the whole series. On the outside, he is fierce and so angry. The only emotions he shows is anger and contempt for the whole system (religion, politics, social norms). This is just a mask to disguise his fear of fire and his brother and his wanting to be accepted by society. He hates Sansa just as much as he loves her, and his scene with Sansa, after he fled the battle of Blackwater Bay is one of my favorites in the series. Arya-- How could anyone not root for Arya? Her story could be an allegory for childhood in general. Arya is helpless to a lot of the things that is happening to her. She stood by helpless as her sister's wolf was butchered to appease a madwoman and her equally mad, incest son. Arya watched helplessly as her father lost his head in a similar fashion. She was helpless on the road and in Harrenhal as people around her died. That's how I felt as a child. I grew up poor and shared my family's anxiety about finances. I remember my parents not being able to pay the electric bill and the lights going out and how my mother cried. I shared her grief, and felt like there wasn't anything I could do to change our financial situation. I truly hope that Arya makes it to the end of the series.
  5. Ser Snowflake

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Did you forget the part where LF sold Sansa to the Boltons? Did you forget where he killed Lysa Arryn? How about the part where he gave Lysa poison (tears of lys) to kill Jon Arryn? Or How about the part where he lied about Jon Arryn's murder to start the war between the Lions and the Wolves. Or how about when he lied to Catelyn about who tried to kill Bran. It was his dagger, but he pinned it on Tyrion in order to cause hostilities between Winterfell and Casterly Rock. LF purposely caused the WOFK, which led to the deaths of most of Sansa's family. LF got what he deserved.
  6. Ser Snowflake

    Euron's gift [Spoilers]

    This. In a story that includes wargs, three-eyed ravens, drgaons, dragon queens, warlocks, 8ft. knights, wights, ice zombies, manticores, assassins, direwolves, giants, mammoths, and dwarves; Euron is the strangest of the strange.
  7. Ser Snowflake

    Euron's gift [Spoilers]

    Euron is mentioned in every book (I believe), but he didn't show up until AFOC. He should have showed up in Season 5, but the show decided to save him until Season 6. I think that show had too many characters and needed to kill off some bad guys to make room for Euron. Book Euron and Show Euron are completely different characters. Please excuse me if it seems that I'm pontificating, but it's hard for me to separate both of them. Show Euron is portrayed as a lackey of Cersei, and is only there to help bolster her chances against Dany. This is almost laughable to book readers because in the book, Euron is at war with all of Westeros. He doesn't make allies with Lords and Ladies from the Green Lands. Book Euron collects wizards, Septons, warlocks, priests, and anybody that has anything to do with magic. He tells Damphair in a rambling monologue that he aspires to become a God. I would be surprised if Euron doesn't know what's going on beyond the Wall. He knows more than most people in the 7 Kingdoms and that includes Littlefinger and Varys. He sees things when he drinks the Shade of the Evening, and those pet wizards that he collects keeps him up to date on all things regarding Magic and sorcery. I believe that Book Euron is either the Great Other or is in league with him. Book Euron sends his brother (Victarian) to find and bring back Dany, who he calls the most beautiful woman in the world. I think that Euron only wants her dragons, to use for some evil purpose. He claims to have in his possession, a dragonhorn that can bind dragons to his will. That is why he is a danger to Dany. In the show, I think that he will eventually betray Cersei. This would be awesome if it goes down like that. No one should trust him because he is not worthy of anyone's trust. Euron's ego is as big as the wall and he is not the type to play second fiddle to anyone.....and that includes Cersei and Dany.
  8. Ser Snowflake

    dragonstone to the wall in a day?

    I've watched every episode of GOT. The books have some issue with time as well.....but nothing like the show. (See Victarian's chapters from ADWD.) You seem to have an either or attitude regarding time in GOT. There is a middle ground between either having a "24" format regarding the show or having Jon teleport from DS to Eastwatch in one episode. Euron attacking Yara's fleet and then subsequently sailing to CR to ambush the fleet that transported Greyworm to CR is equally ridiculous. It was also stupid how Varys sailed from Mereen to Dorne and than back to Mereen, only to sail back to Westeros is stupid and nonsensical given the huge distance between the two places. I've had a problem with GOT every since the fifth season, after D&D ran out of source material. The quality of the show has declined drastically. Seasons 1-4 were classics. Seasons 5-7 have been underwhelming. I wonder if GRRM really gave D&D some sort of outline to how the rest of the series was supposed to go. It doesn't appear that D&D are following GRRM's blueprint.
  9. Ser Snowflake

    dragonstone to the wall in a day?

    They should have at least waited an episode or two before having Jon just pop up at the wall. I don't remember the show having this problem when they still had the books as source material. I know that this is a fantasy show with dragons and the walking dead.....but having Jon sail from DS to Eastwatch all within the same episode is ridiculous.
  10. Ser Snowflake

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    So Lord Tarly betrays his liege lord for the Lannisters but refuses to bend the knee to Dany because she is a foreign invader? Dany is of House Targaryen who ruled the 7K for over 300 years, until the Baratheons usurped the Iron Throne. In fact, House Targaryen raised the Tyrells to the position of Warden of the South and gave them Highgarden. If given the choice between serving Cersei, who murdered the Tyrells and destroyed the Faith of the Seven at the Sept of Baelor, or serving Dany, I would choose Dany. His liege lord was Olenna and she declared for the Targaryens. Lord Tarly reminded me of Tywin, when he was addressing Tyrion. I think that Tywin would have bent the knee to save his own hide.
  11. Ser Snowflake

    What will happen to Stannis in TWOW?

    Stannis and craven cannot exist in the same sentence.
  12. Ser Snowflake

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I forgot about Jorah the Explorah. He would be an excellent LC. There is no precedent for anyone from Essos, serving in the KG. In fact, besides Sandor Clegane, every member of KG have been a knight. That rules out dothraki, unsullied, and Daario. If Dany hooks up with Jon, I'm sure that he could round up a few northern knights who would serve. I know that the north typically do not have a tradition of knighthood, but there are some knights north of the neck. House Manderly, House Condon, House Mormont, and I believe House Ryswell have all produced knights. Dany's ancestor, Visenya is the one who introduced the concept of KG to Westeros. It would be foolish of her not to continue the tradition, or to change precedent in order to place Dothraki or Eunuchs in the order.
  13. Ser Snowflake

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    What happened to Cersei's Queensguard. Historically, they have served for life. Is Ser Gregor considered a member of the order? And what of the Lord Commander, Ser Kingslayer? He doesn't wear his white cloak anymore. I understand why Jon left the NW. His "death" and resurrection allowed him an out on a technicality. It seems to me that the show runners are just making it up as they go along. The KG paid a pivotal role in the first few seasons. It doesn't appear that Cersei has replaced Ser Merwyn after Arya etched him off of her list and what about Ser Loras? Forgive me if I'm missing something, but how was he to marry Cersei? Did the king absolve him of his vows? Even so, after he was murdered at the Sept of Baelor with the rest of his family, who replaced him on the KG? Is the only known member of the KG, Ser Gregor? I guess he's big enough to count for seven men. I think Dany needs her own Queensguard. For obvious reasons, she shouldn't use any Dothraki or Unsullied for that role. Tyrion should advise her to elevate knights from prominent houses to serve her in the capacity of QG.
  14. Ser Snowflake

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    I see that you attended the Stannis Baratheon school of grammar. I, Ser Snowflake of the Social Justice Warriors nominate you for post of the day.
  15. Ser Snowflake

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Ser Jorah Mormont of Bear Island is one of the few northern knights. The only major northern house with a strong tradition of knighthood is House Manderly of White Harbor. Jon should have sent an emissary to DS or showed up with a retinue of knights and supporters. I see House Stark is still making idiotic decisions. There is no way, I would have went to DS to meet with a Targaryen with dragons......especially after what happened Ned and Robb.