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  1. As the Unsullied lay dying on the beach, the ghost of Missendei appears and says to Grey Worm: "oh, did I forget to tell you about the butterflies?"
  2. I want Jon to have pretty, pretty babies with Val from the books.
  3. I can just picture the Iron Born on Pyk thinking, damn I just built you a whole fleet and you lost it the first time out of port
  4. This was what is was thinking when watching that scene.
  5. I wonder if Jon will retire north of the wall with Tormund and find himself a wildling lady?
  6. I understand sending him north but come on, say goodbye to him. I don't think Jon has even touched him this season
  7. I'm guess her burning the city down will make Jon go against her
  8. Has no one heard of recon first. How does Dany's ships always get ambush?
  9. I just want to see Tormund get a castle. All the crap he gives Jon about "Southern" lords and he ends up being one too.
  10. A Jon and Arya double teaming the NK scene would have been pretty cool to watch.
  11. Yeah me too. It would have been nice if they had a little fight scene. They have been facing off with each other for a couple of seasons now. Should have had them fight in that scene and then the NK realizes he might lose to Jon, he raises the dead to stop Jon and then the rise of the episode could have continued as it did.
  12. The prophecy states a leader will bring their people out of the darkness, not kill the big bad guy. Jon still fills the prophecy by bringing everyone together to fight the NK. If it wasn't for him, the North wouldn't have been united, they wouldn't have believed in the Army of the Dead, and Dany wouldn't have come to help fight them. Jon was a leader that lead them through the darkness. Arya was just a weapon.
  13. This is the problem I have with D&D sometimes. While I love the show, they seem to tell different stories in interviews then what they showed the viewers in their actual show.
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