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  1. Bran Snow

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    As the Unsullied lay dying on the beach, the ghost of Missendei appears and says to Grey Worm: "oh, did I forget to tell you about the butterflies?"
  2. Bran Snow

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I kind of hoped he would have died
  3. Bran Snow

    Theory: Varys slow poisoned Daenerys

    Leaving the rings behind was to symbolize that Varys knew that they were coming to execute him.
  4. Bran Snow

    Varys' Letters

    I think there were more than two letters. When he was writing the first letter, there were a few rolled up messages in a pile next to him. I like while find out next week that he sent them out all over Westeros.
  5. Bran Snow

    Arya and Sandor, perfect scenes

    Do you think its the first time someone one has said thank you to Sandor?
  6. Bran Snow

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    I want Jon to have pretty, pretty babies with Val from the books.
  7. Bran Snow

    Houses dying out

    Edmure, the new Prince of Dorne, and Sweet Robin will probably be in the last episode bending the knee to who ever wins the Iron Throne. That will probably be all we ever see of any of them.
  8. Bran Snow

    [Beware- SPOILERS] Regarding Jon Snow

    It should be noted that the costumes they are wearing are the ones that they were wearing in the first episode this season.
  9. Bran Snow

    Armies left on both sides

    While Sansa recommendation was valid and made sense, I can see wanting to push out imminently. If the soldiers where to sit around and rest, the support and favor she just received from just winning the battle would fade. Also its hard to call up the banners once the soldier are comfortable in their beds. If the northern soldiers were to stay for a bit, chances are they would never leave the north again. Whether she pushes out or rest, she is at a lost.
  10. Bran Snow

    Armies left on both sides

    If you look at the figure's feet, they look like they are facing the same direction as the Golden Company is moving. The hooded figure is being lead out with the Company. If it is the hound, then he has been caught already.
  11. Bran Snow

    About Bran

    When Maester Wolkan wheeled Bran away from the celebration dinner, he promptly put him in the broom closet and closed the door. He won't be seen again.
  12. I have always been a team Jon guy. Though I don't want him to sit on the Iron Throne. I would like to see Dany go back to Meereen and rule there. Jon go back north of the wall with the wildlings. The seven kingdoms broken down to be rule individually. Sansa can rule the North with the Vale and Riverland under her.
  13. Bran Snow

    Brienne possibly kill Jaime ?

    Now I wouldn't be so quick to say no. As of right now she isn't going south but D&D will probably have Sansa come in the last minute to save the battle with Ser Brienne leading an army of Riverland soldiers.
  14. Bran Snow

    So Jon's Toast, Right?

    This is what I hope for too. I know Val is only a book character but I always liked the idea of Jon and Val together.
  15. I can just picture the Iron Born on Pyk thinking, damn I just built you a whole fleet and you lost it the first time out of port