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  1. Another thing I've noticed is that Dagmer Cleffjaw doesn't have a 'Cleft jaw'. So him being a bastard in squid's clothing makes sense to me. Anyone think they miscast the roles of Asha (Yara) and Ygritte?
  2. Just finished watching the encore. At first, because I was kind of busy, I gave the episode an 8. I felt the scene with Sansa and Shae somewhat rushed and the extended scene of Loras and Renly sprinkled a little bit of Margaery a bit unknerving. Again, I'm no gay-basher but I just feel that an unkept secret is not fun and can be distracting. Upon second viewing, I changed my vote to a solid 9. I did that mostly becuase of the scenes of Pyke and the elaboration of the relationship between Theon and Baelon Greyjoy. It made me actually feel for Theon even though he's one of the few characters I'd like to kill off as fast as possible aside from Ramsay Snow. And props to Alfie Allen and Patrick Malahide for how they potrayed the pain and shame of their rather sticky relationship. It was something that wasn't really delve into in the books that I thought really needed it, IMHO. Aside from what I previously mentioned (because I hate repeating myself) I give it a solid 9.
  3. Truth be told, while I was reading, I was saying to myself he will never be able to stop washing those hands when he finds out this chick's his sister. She, however, has no excuse. That was so wrong.
  4. I just finished watching, thank the gods for the DVR. First and foremost, the changes: Bronn for watch commander, I'm not mad at. It keeps him in the show as opposed to Bywater who ends up a one-off. And let s be honest, Bronn for president after Obama. Casting: I don't have an issue with Saan being black. Someone once said they didn't like him being from Lyse and being black. Think about it, he's a pirate, all becasue he said that's where he's from doesn't me he is. Yara/Asha Im' not mad at either, who said she had to be a beauty queen? But the excessive finger play from Theon knowing the truth... I'd like to change the subject. *Extra content* With this I mean the stuff not in the book. Stannis and Mel getting frisky toghether was often guessed at and rumored in the book, but to see it done in such a high handed and fankly distrubing way will keep me from sleeping soundly at night. I really think it was gratuitous like Renly/Loras last season. Also I think the scene between Roz and Littlefinger was the showrunners way of handing him his balls back after Cercei girlified him last episode. Overall, I dug the episode. Everything from watching Yoren establish dominance to the gold cloak to the final confrentation between Cercei and Tyrion. It was a good time, no beer required.
  5. The name is Vernon, and I was born a hero. That's only half true. I'm a former US Marine and a third generation servicemen. I got into the whole Club Westros after watching two episodes of GoT and at a good friend's urging. It's hard for me to believe that I've dedicated so much of my non college studytime to reading thousand page books of fictional dysfuncional people in a middle age setting with hardly any black people. Fortunatly, the BWB has shown me that I am still crazy but not alone. If you want to talk about the books series, of which I've recently joined the growing club of Waiters, you don't have to worry about spoilers. Drop me a line any reasonable time and remember two important things: coffee and bacon prove that God loves us and TANSTAAFL.
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